22 Best Free Online Whiteboard Websites With Real-Time Collaboration

Here are some of the best online whiteboard websites with real-time collaboration features. These websites will help you for tutoring, presentations, meetings, etc. Draw sketches with vast range of tools and share them with others. These online Whiteboard tools also let you easily collaborate with others in a discussion or sketch, by simply inviting them on the Whiteboard. After testing tons of such websites, here I have compiled the list of best free online Whiteboards. All whiteboards have basic tools, but some exhibit distinctive features, such as scribbling, laser-pointing, text/audio/video chat, etc.

My favorite Online Whiteboard Websites are:

  1. Awwapp: It is a simple Whiteboard, that is easy to use. The interface lets you focus more on the whiteboard.
  2. Realtimeboard: You can set visibility, as public or private for your boards. Different templates are available for presentations. It lets you have chat with others.

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Here are the 23 Best Free Online Whiteboard Websites:


Awwapp is one of the best web-based whiteboard application available with collaboration feature. It lets you draw sketches and collaborate with others on your whiteboard, using your PC, tablet or Smartphone. It lets you focus more on the sketch or discussion. It is effective with its limited features such as color of pencil (you can choose 8 different colors), size of pencil (you can use 5 different sizes), a text tool and an eraser. It has an option for inserting images into the whiteboard. You can download, share the sketch or discussion, and it also has an option for inviting others to join the board. It does not allow you to save boards, or do voice chat in the free version, but you can come over this limitation by a membership. No registration is required for using this online whiteboard.


Realtimeboard is another free online whiteboard application, where you can collaborate and share ideas. After creating a board, you can set visibility as public or private. Invite others by sending email or sharing the URL, to work together in real-time. It allows you to upload images and PDF files. Draw using different colors and sizes in freehand mode. You can also add text, shapes, comments, sticky notes, etc to the board. You can connect to Google Drive and share documents. It also has an option for text chat with participants. There are various templates available for the board: whiteboard, prototyping, weekly planner, production plan and business model. Your board’s gets auto saved, and can be exported as image, PDF and embedded code. You have to sign up, or you can use Facebook and Google credentials to login.


Webwhiteboard is one of the simplest, online collaborative whiteboard applications. Invite others by sharing the URL, and draw together in real-time. You can also add text, sticky notes into the whiteboard. It has basic tools for drawing: an eraser, a pencil and brush with different colors. You can create multiple boards, or join existing boards by providing the board ID. As it is a beta version, some other features: password protection, email sharing, etc will be added soon, as per the developers.


Scribblar is another real-time multi-user whiteboard, which lets you easily collaborate with others. You can use it for tutoring, sketches, discussions, etc. It allows you to text chat and audio chat with others. Hence, it provides simple and effective collaboration. It comes with basic, and many distinctive features: shared pointer, freehand drawing, highlighting, coloring, etc. You can easily add shapes, lines, text, stamps, etc to the board. It lets you change background, with different colors and grids. You can upload an image, or use a website snapshot, or you can use Flickr image search too. You can create 1 room with 2 participants using Scribblar free domain. Upgrade your account, to overcome this limitation, and also to use other features: wolfram alpha, equation editor, etc.


CoSketch is another free online multi-user whiteboard with collaboration feature. It lets you create and share your ideas, as images in real-time. You can invite others to join your session, by sharing the URL. It lets you import images (JPG or PNG formats with maximum size=2 MB). It has a unique option, which lets you use Google Maps as backgrounds. So you can easily draw and navigate on Google Maps. It comes with inbuilt chat option, which can be used by collaborators. It lets you resize your canvas, as per your need. Various hotkeys are available for faster navigation: p-pen, l-line, a-arrow, etc. You can use embedded image to save your session online, or you can save it to your PC as a PNG file.


Twiddla is one of the best web-based Whiteboard applications, which enables you to collaborate in real-time. It is easy to use for online brainstorming with others. It has some interactive features such as insert text, add pictures or shapes, draw freehand, etc. You can use a blank background, or you can use grid lines or any website you want to discuss. It also lets you text chat with other users. You can upload and share images or documents from your PC. No registration/sign up required, thus you can start using it easily. For some additional features such as audio chat and saving snapshot, you can try 30 days trial version.


Use Spacedeck to create and share ideas remotely, with real-time collaboration. Invite others to participate in a brainstorming session, by sharing the URL or through email. It lets you create folders and spaces, and you can share them through email. Your sessions get saved online, and you can export them, as a PDF or ZIP file. You can drag and drop any item, directly to the board. It provides you a huge canvas to draw on. You can draw, add text, images and shapes in the board. During a session, you can present it as a slideshow. All the elements of the session get synced in real-time. You can make your spaces public or private. It also has an option, for text chat between participants. As a free user you can have 5 active spaces at a time.


FlockDraw is one of the best online collaborative Whiteboard applications. You can start a session by creating a room, and invite others to work together. Unlimited users can join a room, but 10 can draw at once. You can invite others by sharing the link, or they can join by entering the room name. The interface is quite simple, and there are various features available for sketching: colors, text, shapes, eraser, etc. It has a live chat box, which can be used by collaborators to discuss in real-time. It has a gallery option where you can publish your drawings, so that other users can give their feedback. You can also save the sessions online. No registration is required for using this whiteboard.


Tutorsbox is an online tutoring whiteboard, with collaboration feature in real-time. It lets you schedule a class, by defining its date, time and duration. For every class, you will have a new whiteboard. Invite others to the class, by sharing the unique link. It has an option, which lets you text, audio and video chat with participants. You can simply draw, or add symbols, shapes, text and images to the board directly. It consists of distinct interactive whiteboard tools: Wolfram alpha integration (an online service to answer factual queries), LateX equation editor (for mathematical problems). You can save your boards online, and also can import/export board sessions. It comes with clients for web, desktop, iOS and Android.


Ziteboard is a free online Whiteboard with real-time collaboration or brainstorming feature. You can draw on your board, or you can also invite your friends to work together on it. In freehand mode, it has limited features: a pen (three different colors for the pen can be used), an eraser, movement cursor, undo and redo. It has a unique feature of auto line smoothing, but it also has a drawback, that width of the pen cannot be adjusted. In setting section it has options like toggle full screen, zoom snapping, shape recognition, etc. To save, load and share your boards, you need to sign up or you can use your Facebook, Google or Twitter account to login. You can export boards as a PNG or SVG file. You can import images (of size 500KB or less) of any format, by simply dragging it to the whiteboard. The free account supports only 3 whiteboards with a limit of 2 collaborators. Your boards get stored in the cloud as well as on your browser (as a cookie). For instant access, you can get extension of Ziteboard for different browsers.


Idroo is an online multi-user whiteboard with instant collaboration feature. You can create a room, and invite others by sharing the URL. Unlimited users can join your room remotely. It lets you create, share ideas or sketches with others in real-time. It has useful tools for a whiteboard: freehand strokes, endless canvas, shapes, etc. You can simply edit, move, scale and rotate your sketch. It lets you insert text, images, PDF files, etc to the board. Using the text chat option, you can start a chat with other collaborators. The boards are saved online automatically. You can sign up, or use your Facebook, Google or Microsoft credentials to login. It also comes with clients for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.


Stoodle is another virtual Whiteboard, with real-time collaboration. Invite others using the URL, and start drawing on a vast canvas. It comes with text chat and voice conferencing options. You can upload files from your PC, or from different cloud clients: Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. It allows you to insert images, from Google search, Flickr, etc. It lets you draw, and add text simultaneously. You can share your board to Facebook, Twitter, and emails. Each board gets saved online for later access.


Notebookcast is a real-time collaborative online Whiteboard. It supports up to 10 simultaneous users, to share your board. It enhances smooth synchronization while collaborating. You can invite others by sharing the assigned code. You can also join others’ board by entering their codes. You can chat with other participants working on your board. It has basic tools: a pencil, an eraser, and you can also add text, shapes, images, etc. You can change color and size of the pencil. The background comes with plain and grid options. It has a unique feature: a laser pointer, which helps to explain better. It doesn’t require any registration, but you can create an account, in order to save your boards online. It comes with clients for web, Windows, iOS and Android.


Megascopes is an online real-time collaborative whiteboard. It lets you join a public whiteboard, or you can request a private board to collaborate. You can invite multiple participants, by sharing the link for private session. It has an option for text chat with collaborators while drawing. You can customize your name for the session. It comes with basic tools: an eraser and a pencil (whose color and size can be adjusted). It has a simple and easy to use interface. So simply create a private board, and start collaborating with others. You can also submit your sketches to public gallery.


Deekit is another online whiteboard with real-time collaboration. It can be used to study and discuss ideas with others remotely. It comes with unlimited canvas, effective and simple way to collaborate with others to create new ideas, concepts. It enables you to explain or share your ideas, and get feedback on them from others simultaneously. You can create a separate organization to manage teams and boards in details. It has basic tools for drawing, and you can also add images to the board. It has multiple templates, which can be used to explain your business plans, mapping, workflow, etc. You can use your Facebook, Google, Microsoft or LinkedIn credentials to login. It can be used in different devices such as your PC, tablet and Smartphone.


Limnu is another free online whiteboard website with real-time collaboration. On this whiteboard, you can create designs and share them with others. It also lets you add multiple collaborators which can edit designs on the whiteboard with you in real-time. To add collaborators, users just need to send a simple invite. To further enhance the collaboration, it also lets members talk with one another using inbuilt video and audio chat features. After creating a project or drawing over the clipboard, you can export it in PNG image format.


StormBoard is a free online brainstorming application, which lets you collaborate in real-time. Basically it is an online Whiteboard, in which users can attach their sketches (as virtual sticky notes) in real-time. Apart from sticky notes, you can also add images and videos (YouTube or Vimeo videos) for better whiteboard sessions. It also has an option for group chat. It comes with a dashboard, where you can create, join or filter storms. After completion of the session, you can export and share the session with others. In free version you can create unlimited storms with maximum 5 collaborators. You can upgrade to paid version, in order to increase the number of collaborators, and to use other features like stack, report, etc.


WhiteboardFox is another online whiteboard with collaboration feature. It is a web-based application, which lets you share a virtual whiteboard in real-time. You can use 7 different colors to draw in freehand mode. You can add text and insert multiple images in your drawing. It also has other tools such as an eraser, undo, redo, etc. Your each session gets auto saved in the cloud. You can ask others to join the board by sharing the URL. If you wish to simply share the work, then you can use the snapshot option. It doesn’t require any sign up to use the whiteboard. However, you can log in with your Facebook account. If you do so, your drawings will be saved to your dashboard.


Board800 is a free online Whiteboard application with real-time collaboration feature. It lets you work on a session with others simultaneously. You can invite others by providing them, the session URL and collaborate together. It lets you use basic whiteboard tools: rich text editing, shapes, freehand drawing, etc. You can upload or share images using the URL. It doesn’t require any registration. You can directly use it by creating your own session (unique session). The session created by you will remain active for 90 days, and then your session will be deleted automatically. But you can save your work as a PNG file to your PC.


Drawonthe is an online collaborative whiteboard application, which lets you collaborate with others in real-time. It lets you draw on different platforms: whiteboard, blackboard, world map and on any URL of a website. It has a simple interface with a pencil (whose size and color can be adjusted). You can save your drawings online, and also send them to others through email. It has an option for sharing your drawings on Facebook and Twitter. It is quite easy to use and collaborate.


Warbench is a web-based whiteboard, which lets you collaborate in real-time. You can create and share benches with others for collaboration or brainstorming. You can create 1 bench with 2 participants at once. In a bench, you can add multiple notes, boards, etc. It lets you add different files: images, document, etc., from your PC or Dropbox account. With different useful tools, you can create and share your ideas. Your bench gets saved online, and can be accessed anytime you prefer. In order to get other advantages: more benches and participants, you can upgrade your account. So with a quick sign up, you can start using the application.


Groupboard is a multi-user and single-user online application, with shared whiteboard and real-time collaboration. You can invite other users, through email or sharing the URL. It comes with basic tools: an eraser and a pencil (with different size and colors). You can also add text and shapes to the board. You can start a chat with other participants, using chat box. You can use the embedded code of the board, and customize the interface. The contents remains online after you have left the board. As a free user, you can invite maximum of 5 users to a board. You can save 20 images, and can use 4 background images. This limitation can be removed by upgrading the account. It comes with clients for web, iOS and Android.

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