5 Best Free Online XML to Excel Converters

Looking for best free Online XML to Excel converters? You are at the right place. This list of free online tools will let you convert XML to Excel format. All these converters support both XML to XLS, as well as XML to XLSX conversion. Most of these converters let you upload XML file from your PC, or specify URL of XML file, or even paste the text of XML file; while one of these software lets you batch convert XML to Excel. Some of these provide some advanced options for a custom output as well. Carry out the conversion and save the Excel file to your PC.

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a document markup language which can be read by humans and machines as well. Its use include efficient and swift data transportation.

My Favorite XML to Excel converter:

I have tested all the converters that I have included in this list, and each of these work pretty nicely. However, the one that I like most is Luxonsoftware.com XML to CSV converter. The conversion speed was really fast, and the spreadsheet data was neat. Of course, I encourage you to check other converters as well, as they might have a specific feature that might be missing in this one (like, batch convert XML to XLS).

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Luxonsoftware.com is a free online converter tool to convert an XML to Excel file. Click on the browse button to select an XML file from your device. Select the file to upload, and start the conversion. After the conversion is complete, a dialogue box appears, which will ask you to download the file to your system. The downloaded Excel file is in ZIP format. Unzip the file to view the Excel file. An error less conversion can be achieved with the help of this online XML to Excel converter. You can also access advanced conversion options for the conversion. In Advanced options, it lets you choose a DTD file. So, if you have a XML file that has a corresponding DTD (Document Type Definition) file, then you can upload both of them together and convert to Excel. Apart from XML to Excel conversion, you can also carry out XML to CSV, XML to JSON, CSV to XML, and XML to XSD conversion on this website. The free version only allows a maximum file upload size of 4 MB.

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Xmlgrid.net lets you convert an XML file to Excel format pretty easily. Upload the XML file to the converter. You can either directly paste the XML script in the input box, or upload the XML file. This XML to XLS converter even lets you provide the URL of the XML file. It shows you the data source, and the conversion status. Hit the convert button, and the converted file appears in the output box. Full screen mode lets you view the Excel file on the whole screen. Save the Excel file to any desired location on your device, once you have inspected the output. This online tool not only lets you convert XML to Excel format, but you can also convert XML To Text, XSD To XML, CSV To XML, XML To XSD, and Excel To XML, absolutely free.

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Daemonservices.com provides free online web and document conversion services. To convert XML to Excel, you will have to browse and select an XML file from your system. After the upload is complete, click on the Convert button, which is right below the browse option. A status bar shows the status of conversion. After the conversion is successful, download the Excel file to your computer in any desired folder. HTML Page to PDF, HTML Table to CSV, Excel (XLS) to PDF, Excel (XLS) to HTML, Excel (XLS) to CSV, OpenOffice Calc (ODS) to CSV, Image to PDF, CSV to XML, and PDF to TEXT are other converters available on this website. The above mentioned tools are free to use.
The maximum file upload size is 150 MB. 

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Office Converter

Office Converter is another good online document converter. Convert your XML 2 Excel with the help of this free online tool. You can convert a single file or batch convert XML to Excel format. Upload one or more XML files from your PC, or enter the URL of the XML file. You have to start the conversion separately for each XML file. A status bar shows if the conversion is complete for each file. Download the Excel file once the XML 2 Excel conversion is complete. This website is capable of conversion to the following document formats: PDF, Word,  Doc, PowerPoint(PPT and PPTX), Flash,  OpenOffice, HTML, ODF RTF, TXT, and XML. Apart from document conversion, this website also lets you perform multimedia conversion, Ebook conversion, and Archive conversion.

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Json-xls.com offers free online document conversion. To convert an XML to XLS or XLSX format, you can upload the XML file to the browser, or paste the XML text, or directly provide the URL of the file. You can also select if you want the conversion in XLS, or XLSX format. After passing the human verification, hit the submit option. The conversion starts and the download initiates automatically. Save the converted Excel file to a desired folder. This online converter also lets you convert JSON to XLS, and CSV to XLS format. The conversion is pretty swift and error free.

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