5 Best Free XML to CSV Converter Software

Here is the List Of  Best Free XML to CSV Converter Software. Convert XML to CSV format with the help of these software. These software for windows are very simple to use. All you need to do is, select an XML file with tabular data, and process it for accurate output result as CSV file, without any error. With few of these software, certain tweaks in the advanced settings can be made for a custom CSV output. If you do not want commas to be used in your CSV file, and use other characters, it is achievable on some of these free XML to CSV conversion tools. Few of them provide option to choose a designated output folder to save the output CSV files.

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language that establishes parameters to encode a document in both Human & Machine readable format. XML is frequently used in interchange of information in various fields, such as science, technology, research, IT, etc. An XML file can easily carry tabular data within itself, and helps with efficient transportation of data in a program. CSV (Comma/Character Separated Values) files stock tabular information, like texts & numbers. These data are partitioned by commas, or characters. As it assists to carry tabular data among programs, it has vast utility among different technical fields.

In simple words, by converting an XML file to CSV file, we are extracting out tabular data from the XML. If we want to feed the tabular data back into XML, we need to perform a CSV to XML conversion. Apart from XML, a CSV file can be converted into other document markup languages as well.

Tools to convert XML to CSV are abundantly available on the internet, but most of them are premium, and you need to pay to use them; however I have listed these 5 best XML to CSV converters, which are absolutely free to use. These software are very light, and occupies very less space on your device.

The one tool that I would recommend is Developed by Google, open source community, Open Refine is the best tool to carry out XML to CSV conversion. You can use this tool to get a customized CSV output, and save the output file to a desired location on your system. This tool can execute many other tasks as well, such as conversion of other formats, and data refining. Its quick and really easy to use.

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Here is the List Of 5 Best XML to CSV Converter Software:

Moor XML to CSV Converter

Moor XML to CSV Converter is an XML to CSV converter hosted by Codeplex. This Application Program Interface was developed as a project, and is available for free. Download the ZIP file, unzip it, and install the XML to SCV converter by running the .exe file. To convert XML to CSV file, select the XML file, select the type of encoding you require, and hit the “Convert to CSV” button. A window will appear to select a location where you want to save the CSV file. The output is generated pretty easily and accurately.
Know more about this software XML to CSV Converter (operation, how to use, conclusion, etc.)XML to CSV Converter tool

Open Refine

Open Refine (formerly Google Refine) is a free to use software which can be used for refining and conversion of multi-format data.  Convert XML to CSV file with the help of this tool. After you download the software, install the setup. The software creates a local host to run the software on your browser. Select an XML file, and begin the conversion. You can also export the file to your device in CSV format. Conversion can be executed for other formats as well, such as HTML table, EXCEL, ODF, MQL, etc. You will find an option for custom conversion as well. Apart from conversion, Google Refine carries out other jobs too, which include cleaning data, extending data with web services, and linking data to databases. Its a really extensive tool, which can work in multiple horizons.

XML2CSV Spreadsheet Converter

XML2CSV Spreadsheet Converter is an Excel based free tool, which is capable of converting XML to CSV format. To convert CSV to XML, click on the ” Convert CCD XML to CSV”, select the XML file which needs to be converted. The tool automatically converts the XML to CSV, and saves in on the root folder of the program. It can not carry out other conversion other than XML to CSV. This tool works very fast and efficiently, and without any error. One thing that you have to take care of is that, while opening this application in Microsoft Excel, you will have to enable Macros, or it will not work.

XML To CSV Converter Software

XML To CSV Converter Software lets you convert XML to CSV file in two simple steps. Add an XML file to the software, and click on “Start Converting” option. You can also decide the paramenters for your CSV file, as in if you want to use comma/semicolon/tab/other character as the separator in your CSV file. You can also select the folder where you want to save the CSV file on your computer. The conversion carried out is clean and error less. This is a demo version, and it can batch convert only 2 files at a time. To process more than two files at a time, registration/purchase is required.


NXML2CSV is a standalone software which serves the purpose of converting XML files to CSV format. The user interface is very simple and neat. Click on “Get XML file” to select a XML file which needs conversion. Press “Process” to begin the conversion. After the conversion is complete, the CSV file gets automatically saved to the folder which contains the XML file.  If there’s any error with the uploaded file, the software displays “error” on the UI. The conversion is carried out neatly and accurately. Apart from XML to CSV conversion, this software can not perform any other task. It is open source and free to use. It is one of the best and simplest tool to convert XML to CSV format.

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