31 Best Free Websites To Learn Chinese Language Online

Here is the list of websites to Learn Chinese onlineThese websites are rich with productive key-features, such as Flashcards, audio, video, games, quizzes, translation, transliteration, rich vocabulary, and grammar lessons.

There are numerous Websites and tools available over the internet to help you learn Chinese. So, I sorted out the best, most effective and free websites to learn Chinese language.

There are actually lot of good websites out there to learn Chinese, and the main reason for that is the popularity of the Chinese language:  Chinese is the mother tongue to 1.2 billion people (16% of world population), spoken and used as official language majorly in China, Taiwan & parts of Singapore. The first Chinese (Zhōngwén) written record can be marked back over 3,000 years!

So, I have tried to list only the best websites that follow a good approach to learn Chinese. You can use these to master basic Chinese phrases, or even become the master of the language.

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Here is the List Of 31 Best Free Websites To Learn Chinese Language.


Busuu.com is a wonderful website to learn languages online. You have to create a profile to learn Chinese. This website offers 5 courses in Chinese; one of them is Travel course.

Select your level and start learning. The Chinese courses are divided into different levels of lessons, and after completion you have to take a test. After completing a test, you can move on to the next lesson. You can always track your progress with the help of timeline. You can add Chinese friends and chat with them. The interactive approach makes learning Chinese a lot easier.


LiveMocha.com is a multi-language learning platform. You can sign-up here and take lessons in different languages. The Mandarin Chinese course has a total of 9 levels, and each level has different  lessons to study. The lessons are Video based. After completion of each lesson and chapter, you earn reward points, and these reward points are later used to unlock lessons. This Chinese language learning tool also has Flashcards which may help you to learn Chinese faster. You can create your profile, help others to learn a language and earn reward points.


Learnalanguage.com  can help you learn Chinese language online easily. Go to the homepage and select the Chinese language. You can find a Words section there, which has an extensive collection of Chinese words and their transliteration. The words are categorized, and with each category there is a flash player embedded which plays the Chinese translation of each word. You can use the Chinese dictionary, learn Chinese phrases, or take a planned course. There is a lot to learn about Chinese on this website.


At Loecsen.com  you can choose from 40 languages to learn, for free. Chinese is one of the languages that you can learn here. The Chinese course is based on conversations that may take place at different locations or situations. You can listen to the Chinese translation and view the transliteration of each conversation. Audio playback is present and every scene is described with the help of image rendering, which makes learning Chinese an easy job. Take quizzes to test your progress, or download  the PDF & MP3 to access the Chinese course anywhere.


DigitalDialects.com is a home to 80+ free language courses. The Chinese learning course has a list of modules which helps you learn Chinese words, phrases, numbers, colors, and much more. Almost all of the modules are audio supported. After completing each module, you can play games to put yourself to test. This is a good website to build your Chinese vocabulary.


L-Ceps offers free language course in Chinese (Mandarin). It has 10 lessons, each of them is related to a different situation. These lessons include Greetings, Foods, Numbers, Colors, etc. Each conversation or word has its  audio, translation in Chinese, and transliteration embedded. You can use the advance trainer provided by this website to learn Chinese, but its a paid service.


Memrise.com provides a variety of courses to learn from. To learn Chinese language, go to the Chinese section under Languages. You can select from a bunch of courses in Chinese. These courses are categorized for beginners, advanced learners, travelers, Chinese writing/reading course, etc. You will also find a list of frequently used Chinese words, grammar, history of Chinese, modern Chinese, and many other courses to learn Chinese language.

This is a wonderful website and has verticals open for both learners and teachers. You can create your own course for Chinese language for others to study. You can follow people and track your performance. It has few premium features, but the free features are enough to learn a language.

Languages, Arts, Science and History are among the topics from where you can choose a course.


FluentU.com is one of the most resourceful websites to learn a language. To learn Chinese, you have to sign in and set a level with which you want to start learning Chinese. Then you can begin with any course, such as Chinese language, common words, grammar, phrases, etc. You can also learn to read and write in Chinese. The course is video based and it makes learning Chinese simple.


Alison.com is aided by free and effective courses in multiple fields. There are 7 courses in Chinese language to select from. These courses help you with learning basic Chinese and cover topics like first contact with the language, Introducing self, using Transport, Hotels, etc. It also offers Basic diploma in Chinese language, which is embedded with audio-visual presentations. Alison.com is one of the best places to learn Chinese and it is totally free.


iLanguages.org is a home to more than 100 language courses. The Chinese learning course has a total of 5 modules. The first four modules are Chinese Vocabulary, Phrases, Grammar & Flash Cards. The first 3 modules are audio supported, where you get to learn the basics of Chinese language. Flash cards lets you memorize and strengthen Chinese vocabulary. The interactive quiz module tests your knowledge and let’s you track your progress with Chinese language.


On Speak you can learn basic Chinese easily. This is a good place for travelers to quickly get hold of Chinese. This online tool has different modules, these modules are dedicated for the places where tourists usually visit. These modules have general Chinese translated conversations that might take place at a location. Places like hotel, airport, restaurant, market & bank are used to build the course. You can also view the transcribed version of the conversations. The audio playback of Chinese words and visual rendering of places and objects is a very neat approach that has been used.


Learnchineseez.com is an audio aided website, where you can learn Chinese for free. This website has nothing but a list of words and phrases, translated to Chinese. The words and phrases are arranged in a manner which makes learning Chinese absolutely easy. For example, a lesson starts with the translation of “Hello” into Chinese, and then builds up  by translating other words, and using these words in different phrases, such as “Hello, how are you?”. There’s a lot that you can learn in Chinese, as the list of these phrases exceeds 200.


Learn Chinese on Chinese-tools.com, easily and quickly. This website is comprised of 31 Lessons in Chinese, divided into 4 sections. Learn how to write, read & speak Chinese with minimal efforts by the help of this website. All the lessons are in Audio, which will teach you Chinese words & Grammar. The Conversational model of explaining words & phrases have been used, which turns out to be very productive. There are dedicated lessons on Chinese characters & Phonetics, and almost all situations have been covered for a conversation to strike up.


ChineseLearner.com is another dedicated website where you can learn Chinese for free. The Chinese language course is divided into 6 modules. The modules are Chinese Pinyin, Writing, Speaking, Reading, Grammar & Song lyrics. These modules are sub-divided into various lessons. The course is neatly rendered and full audio support makes Chinese easy to learn. This website has substantial amount of resources to learn Chinese.


Chinaeducenter.com helps students from across the globe as a consultant to find an appropriate college across China. It also provides free Chinese language course to help overseas students. The course includes introduction to Chinese language & 32 lessons. These lessons will teach you basic Chinese pronunciations, words, phrases, sentence/phrase construction, vocabulary and Chinese translations of situation based conversations. The course stresses in teaching Pinyin, which helps a lot with accurately pronouncing Chinese.


Freechineselessons.com provides free Lessons to learn Chinese online. The basic lessons teach you to write and speak basic Chinese, while the beginner’s section has 4 lessons. These lessons teach you to introduce yourself, talk about your family, country, and profession. There are video lessons too, which can substantially enhance your Chinese speaking skills. You can also visit blogs related to Chinese language, which are linked to this website.


At Zhongwenred.com you can learn Chinese easily. The resources available on the website are absolutely free to use. The Chinese learning course consists of 120 lessons. Each lesson is Chinese vocabulary based, its built upon a phrase, and the phrase is translated and transliterated in Chinese. Using the same context as the phrase, new phrases are made with different words, and they are translated and transliterated too. Audio is available to easily understand pronunciations, and the whole course is available to download in PDF format. This website has links to different forums that will help you to learn Chinese faster.

There are 3 installments to Zhongwen website series, i.e. Red, Blue & Green. These are different websites and serve different purpose while learning Chinese.


Zhongwenblue.com is the second installment of Zhongwen website series. This website is primarily a resource to learn Chinese simultaneously while taking a traditional Chinese class or studying a Chinese textbook. There are 120 lessons in total, these lessons have simple phrases, and these phrases are translated & transliterated into Chinese. The phrases in a lesson are connected with related vocabulary, which makes Chinese language easy to understand.


Zhongwengreen.com is the third and last part of the  Zhongwen series of website. This website is best to use as an addition to other Chinese study material, or other online resource. The website has only 59 lessons; each lesson lets you learn Chinese translation of general conversations. The PDF and audio playback of the course is available for download as well.

MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware provides free online textbook on Foundation Course in Chinese (Mandarin). The course is divided into 4 parts. The lessons in Chinese language starts from introduction, Chinese alphabets, numbers, pronunciation & grammar. As you move further with the course, Chinese is explained deeply and clearly. For a better understanding the course is supported by audio. The lessons are available for download in PDF as well.


Clearchinese.com is a perfect place for beginners to start learning Chinese.

This website has 6 learning modules:

  • Learn Chinese
  • Chinese Dictionary
  • MP3 Chinese Lessons
  • Video Lessons
  • Chinese Name Lookup
  • Chinese Writing Lessons

You can start from the basics with the first module, which has audio support, take MP3 & Video lessons, or start learning to write in Chinese. The Audio lessons are categorized too, different lessons are available for newbies, elementary or intermediate levels. The videos to learn Chinese are interesting and educative as well.


Learnchineseeveryday.com is very interesting website. A Chinese alphabet is posted everyday on this website along with its pronunciation, script, and words that include that alphabet. You can come to this website and learn something new everyday about Chinese. Chinese alphabets are posted 5 days a week, on the remaining 2 days different contents are posted, such as Chinese grammar, articles, vocabulary, pinyin, numbers, exercises, etc. All the previously posted contents are archived and accessible.


Chinese-outpost.com provides free Chinese learning resources. The course is divided into 3 parts, i.e. Pronunciation, Characters & Grammar. Each part has various lessons to learn Chinese from. This course does not have audio support, still it manages to teach a good deal of Chinese language, as it focuses on the basics of the Chinese language. Apart from the lessons, this website has a Chinese language course for children, Chinese dictionary, &  few more Chinese learning resources.


cardbatch.com is another free website to learn Chinese language. Unlike most other similar websites, it provides flashcards to teach 500 common Chinese words to students. It has five different sets of flashcards containing the Chinese words and their pronunciation. By selecting a flashcard, users can view its meaning and listen to its pronunciation.


Coursera.org is a platform that partners with universities and organisations from across the globe and offers online courses to you, for free. This course in Chinese language is provided by Peking University. Its a video and quiz based Chinese learning course which you can complete at your own pace. This is an elementary course where you will learn to communicate in Chinese. The phrases used are day-to-day conversations, and the quizzes are extremely helpful for practicing Chinese language.


Chinese-ilab.com provides language lessons in Chinese for Beginner & Elementary level learners. Both courses have video slide and audio support. The module gives you lessons on Chinese tones and basic conversations. You can take Quizzes and play Games to test your Chinese and enhance your knowledge. There is a Vocabulary section available where you can learn new words.


Goethe-verlag.com is a content rich website for learning Chinese. The Chinese language course has 100 lessons to learn from. These lessons include vocabulary based conversations, numbers and grammar, both translated and transliterated in Chinese and supported by audio playback. These lessons are based on conversations that might take place in a given scenario. The audio is clear to understand and has double playback in both male & female voice.


Antosch-and-lin.com is a website for Elementary level learners of Chinese language. The Chinese language course is divided into 2 parts: Words, and Sentences. You can learn Chinese words and sentences in easy, medium, tough, or mixed modes. You can take tests, play games, or answer multiple choice questions to expand your knowledge in Chinese language. Separate modules are available to practice sentence formation as well, like Fill the gap.


Elanguageschool.net is a free resource to learn how to read, write and speak Chinese. The Chinese language course is divided into 5 modules, which educates you about  Chinese Words/Phrases, Characters,  tutorial videos, Chinese History, and Culture. There are 50 lessons under Words & Phrases, which introduce you to Chinese translations of Words & Phrases. 10 video tutorials are available as well for a detailed study of Chinese language. The History & Culture section takes you to a journey of China, its language and origin.


<p><strong>Mylanguages.org </strong>is a free multi-language learning website. The Chinese learning course is vocabulary based. The lessons are majorly collection of words, categorized according to group they belong to, and are audio playback supported. The lessons also include Chinese grammar, numbers, videos and transliterations. You can also listen to Chinese radio broadcast, take quizzes and tests to evaluate your progress with Chinese language.</p>


<p><strong>Linguanaut.com </strong>offers 10 free lessons in Chinese language, where you can learn Chinese characters, alphabets, phrases, vocabulary and grammar. In addition, you also get to use a virtual Chinese keyboard and translator. This course is not supported by audio playback, hence you have to be totally  dependent on transliteration.</p>

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