34 Best Free Websites To Learn Korean Online

Here is a list of best free websites to learn Korean Online. These websites have rich, and extensive language learning content to help you learn Korean language online. Various language learning tools can be found on these websites, such as quizzes, flashcards, matching games, translators, audio and video playback, etc. With the help of these websites, you can start learning Korean language from scratch.

Korean is spoken by almost 80 million people all over the World. It is the official language of both South Korea, and North Korea. It is also spoken in some parts of China, Japan, and Russia.

My Favorite website to learn Korean online:

AnnyeongKorean.com is a great website where you can easily learn Korean online. You can either learn as a beginner, intermediate learner, or as a traveler. It has a variety of lessons, all with interactive, and audio support. Learn the Korean script, vowels, consonants, conversational phrases, vocabulary, etc on this website.

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Here are the Best Free Websites to Learn Korean Online:


Livemocha.com offers language course in Korean. The course is audio and video supported, and is easy to get along with. Start with learning Korean language from Level 1. Learn Korean alphabets, numbers, and vocabulary. Move on to higher levels as you progress, which include Korean Grammar, phrases, sentence formation, etc. Unlock lessons from the coins provided at the time of signup. You can also collect coins as you proceed with the course.


Learnalanguage.com is a website where you can learn Korean online for free. The study material to learn Korean Language starts with a list of common words with their Korean translation, and pronunciation. The list of words is followed by a list of Korean Phrases. These phrases are translated and pronounced in Korean as well. You can also find a list of Korean verbs, and an article on Korean Culture. This article tells you about the Korean culture, and its history. This is a supplementary course.


Loecsen.com is a perfect place where you can learn to speak Korean language. The Korean language learning course is based on conversations, and phrases. These phrases are divided into different sections. These sections are based on the situations you may come across while visiting a place where Korean is spoken. The conversational phrases are translated into Korean language, and supported by audio playback. The image rendering of the situation helps you to understand the use of phrase more aptly. This Korean language learning course is absolutely free.


Learn Korean online efficiently with the help of DigitalDialects.com. The resource to learn Korean language is divided into different modules. These modules will teach you Korean numbers, vocabulary, days, months, etc. Few of the modules are audio supported. Different language games are also available on this website to help you strengthen your Korean language skills.


To learn Korean language for free, you can use this multi-language learning platform. Annyeongkorean.com offers Korean language learning courses for beginners, intermediates, and travelers. These courses are made up of various lessons. These lessons include Korean alphabets, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, phrases, and other necessary tools which will help you to learn Korean easily. You can also play language games, and improve your Korean language skills. Sign-up to save, and track your progress.


L-ceps.com offers free basic resource to learn Korean language online. The course has 10 lessons with translation of various common words, and phrases. These lessons include introduction, colors, food, numbers, clothes, family, etc. The website is totally supported by audio playback, which makes Korean language very easy to learn.


Learn Korean language for free at Memrise.com. This website has a wide collection of lessons. These lessons will teach you basics of Korean language like: alphabets, vocabulary, pronunciation, number system, etc. You can also learn advanced Korean like grammar, phrases, sentence formation, etc. The available lessons are rated by different users, which let you decide which lesson to choose and study. Each lesson shows the amount of time required for completion. These lessons are created by different users. You can also create a lesson, and upload it on this website for your native language.


ilanguages.org has a broad collection of vocabulary and phrases, all translated, and transliterated to Korean language. You also get to learn various Korean grammar rules and structures. Practice your Korean vocabulary with the help of Flash cards. Take the quiz, and polish your Korean language skills.


Goethe-verlag.com offers 100 free lessons in Korean language. The lessons are totally based on different phrases, divided under different situations and conditions. Start learning with basic phrases related to meeting, family, numbers, date and time, activities, colors, etc. Later you can learn from the lessons based on grammar. These lessons are translation and pronunciation supported with audio playback.


Wespeke is a place where you can learn Korean online from native speakers, or learners of Korean language. To learn Korean language online, go to the website, and set your language preference. You will be provided with a list of people who know, or are learning Korean language. You can choose any person and start chatting with them to learn Korean language. You can also teach the people who want to learn a language that  you know.


Antosch-and-lin.com is a good place to learn basics of Korean for free. You can choose a difficulty level and the topic you want to learn. Games, like Flashcards, make it easy to learn Korean language. You get to learn new words along with their pronunciation. You can also learn Korean alphabets on this free website.


You get to read a brief  introduction of Korean language on the homepage of eLanguageSchool. The Korean language learning course is divided into two sections: Words and phrases, and Videos. The Words and Phrases section will teach you Korean vocabulary which includes numbers, family, colors, days, months, occupation, animals, body, calligraphy, etc. The video section has educational videos, where you will learn Korean vocabulary, and phrases with their pronunciation. This is one of the best places to learn basic Korean language.


MyLanguages.org has more than 20 lessons in Korean language. These lessons include Korean alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, phrases, grammar, etc. You can also access various language tools on this website, such as Korean keyboard, dictionary, radio, transliteration, translation, and reading. View Korean language learning videos, and listen to audios available on the website.


Learn Korean alphabets, numbers, daily used Phrases, and Words at Linguanaut. You will also find a list of Korean adjectives with examples, and a list of Korean survival terms. This website provides you a Korean keyboard which can let you type in Korean language virtually. Look for the Korean translator which can translate English to Korean. Overall its a good website to learn Korean language.


101languages.net is an impressive platform to learn Korean language for free. You will find Korean vocabulary, phrases, flashcards, vowels, consonants, and diphthongs on this website, all supported by audio. There is a long list of Korean vocabulary, divided into various categories. You can use various other Korean language tools for free, such as: Korean radio, keyboard, news, translator, etc.

Lets Learn Korean

Lets Learn Korean has a good resource where you can learn basic, as well as intermediate Korean language. This Korean language learning course has two modules. Each module is divided into different parts, and later into various lessons. You can start learning with the basics of Korean language such as Korean vowels and consonants, grammar, and phrases. These lessons are totally supported by audio playback. The 2nd module includes some advanced phrases and sentence formation lessons. Apart from English, you can learn Korean in 9 other languages as well.


Learn-korean.net is a dedicated website for learning Korean language for free. The website has 15 lessons which will teach you basics of Korean language. Begin to learn Korean with the alphabets, vowels, consonants, numbers, etc. Later you can learn Korean grammar, sentence formation, advanced grammar, etc.


LearnKoreanLanguage is a Korean language learning platform for beginners. You can find the study material under the “Beginner Korean” section. There are 12 lessons in Korean language on this website. The course begins with Korean alphabets, pronunciation, grammar, etc. Later you get to study Korean vocabulary based on different categories. This is a totally study material based Korean language course. You can also study about Korean culture, wars, news, and tourism in Korea.


Langintro.com is a basic website to learn Korean language. There are various topics available on the Korean language homepage. These topics include Korean alphabets, conversational phrases, vocabulary, numbers, grammar, etc. Most of these topics are supported by audio playback. The study material is pretty easy, and clear to understand.


Zkorean is a dedicated platform which teaches Korean language for free. There are various sections on the homepage: alphabets, dictionary, study tools, reference, and all about Korean. The alphabet section teaches you about the Korean alphabets and their pronunciation. The study tools section has tools like romanizer, translator, and flash cards. The reference section has grammar lessons and lists of Korean vocabulary.


TalkToMeInKorean is an interactive website to learn Korean language. This resourceful website has more than 9 levels, and each level consists of various lessons. The course starts with learning to introduce yourself, greet people, and other basic conversational phrases with examples and explanations. You can also download the audio and PDF of the course for offline study.


HowToStudyKorean has a very rich, and extensive content to learn Korean language online. This website has more than 100 lessons in Korean language. These lessons start from basics of Korean language. The first few lessons will teach you about the Korean alphabets, vocabulary, phrases, and their pronunciation. The later lessons teach you Korean grammar, sentence formation, and other advanced topics. This is one of the best places to learn Korean language.


WeeklyKorean is a website which posts Korean language learning material every week. The website posts materials like song lyrics, vocabulary lists, Korean language learning tips, educational videos, podcasts, grammar posts, language learning tips and much more. The website is very informative and can be really helpful for learning Korean language. Every post on this website is archived, so you can always access previously posted materials.


GenkiKorean provides resource to learn to speak in Korean language for free. It has lists of Korean alphabets, numbers, and conversational phrases. The contents of these lists are translated, and transliterated into Korean language; you can also listen to the Korean translation of these contents. The presence of audio playback makes it really easy to learn Korean language on this website.


Learnerstv.com is a place to learn Korean language totally based on videos. These videos will teach you university level Korean, absolutely free. Begin with lesson one, and learn Korean alphabets, numbers, phrases, etc. The later lessons will teach you basic, and advanced Korean grammar.

Learn Korean Online Free

Learn Korean Online Free is a blog with basic Korean language learning resources. It has various lessons. These lessons are based on conversations that may occur under various circumstances. These conversations are translated and transliterated in Korean language. This course is apt for learners who know how to read Korean language, or intermediate learners.


Learnkorean.com has pretty decent content to start learning Korean language. It has more than 30 lessons in Korean language. you can learn about Korean alphabets, numbers, and words along with their pronunciation. It also has various lessons to teach you Korean grammar. There are lists of Korean vocabulary with audio pronunciations. It is overall a good place to learn Korean language online.


FreeLanguage is a free online magazine for language learners. You can find various Korean language learning resources on this website. It has various basic, as well as advanced contents to learn Korean language online. Korean alphabets, numbers, list of words, conversations, phrases, flashcards, podcasts, etc are the type of contents that can be found here.


LearnKoreanLP is focused on teaching you Korean grammar. You can start the course with Korean alphabets. Later you can advance to Korean Grammar to learn noun, verbs, tenses, etc. These sections are explained in a detailed way. At the end of course you will find various phrases, and learn how to use them in sentences properly.


Korean.go.kr is a perfect place to start learning Korean alphabets. This Korean Hanguel learning website teaches you the composition of Hanguel, consonants, vowels, and romanization of Korean. This places teaches you about the origin of the alphabets. If you want to learn how to read and write Korean, this is a perfect place for you.


Infocobuild.com has a video tutorial based Korean language learning course. The website has 60 videos that will teach you to speak Korean easily. The course starts with basic introduction, and conversational phrases. As you advance, the course builds up on intermediate, and advanced levels of conversations.


BusyAtom is another good website to learn Korean language. The course has 2 modules: Korean alphabets, and Korean lessons for beginners. The first module teaches you to read, write, and speak Korean vowels, and consonants. The second module has 20 lessons. These lessons will teach you to form sentence patterns, sentence examples, listening/speaking practice, writing, grammar, quiz, etc. Most of these lessons are based on videos.


LearnLangs.com specializes in teaching Korean script. The Korean Script learning course has 6 lessons. The first lesson starts with basic information on the letters. Later you can learn word formation, gain in-depth knowledge of vowels and consonants, along with double letters, and diphthongs.

Hangul Forest

Hangul Forest is another online resource where you can learn to read, write, and speak Korean language. The course begins with lessons on Korean alphabets. Then comes the Grammar section, where you learn to form sentences, interrogation, idioms, etc. Learn Korean Phrases and vocabulary in the following lessons.

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