24 Best Free Websites To Learn Turkish Language

Here is a list of websites to Learn Turkish Language online. Learning Turkish language on your own can be a really tough task. So it is important that you choose the best websites and tools to learn Turkish language. With the help of a good resource, learning Turkish language can turn out to be very simple. These Turkish language learning websites have the best language learning features, such as: flash cards, quizzes, language games, video tutorials, audio playback, PDF handouts, etc.

Turkish is spoken primarily in Turkey. It is  also spoken slightly in Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Northern Cyprus, Greece, The Caucasus, and few other European and Central Asian regions. Turkish language has about 70–75 million native speakers worldwide.

My favorite website to learn Turkish Language:

Duolingo is one of the best places to learn Turkish language. No matter if you are a beginner or an advance learner, this is a place for all. You get to take a placement test, and then you are allotted a level to begin the Turkish language learning course. The course builds up on translation of basic words, and then phrases, and so forth.

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Here is the List Of 24 Best Websites to Learn Turkish Language:



Busuu.com is a common platform to learn different languages online. To learn Turkish online, register on the website to create a free profile. Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Travel Course are the 5 courses that are offered by the website to learn Turkish language. Start with the basics of Turkish language, and move on to advanced levels. Audio support makes Turkish language an easy language to learn. Track your performance as you advance through the course with the help of timeline function. Add members as friends, chat with them to learn and understand Turkish language even better.

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Duolingo.com offers free language course to learn Turkish language. This amazing website has course designed for beginners, and amateurs as well. The module starts with translation of basic words and phrases. Turkish translation and pronunciation of the words and phrases are provided in audio format. You can also interact with the Turkish language learning tool, by pronouncing words via microphone. As you move along, the sentence structure gets complex. You can save, and track your progress. This is a learn at your own pace Turkish course.

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Start learning Turkish language at Livemocha.com. Use the coins provided at the time of sign up to unlock lessons. Begin with level 1 lessons, such as Turkish alphabets, numbers, phrases, etc. These lessons are audio-video playback enabled, and are very easy to understand. Advance to lessons of further levels as you learn Turkish language. These lessons will teach you Turkish grammar, sentence formation, and complex vocabulary.

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The Turkish language learning material at Learnalanguage.com is absolutely free to use. This website can be used as a potential supplement to regular Turkish language learning course. This website has lists of words, phrases, and verbs, which we use generally on a day-to-day basis. These lists are translated and transliterated in Turkish language.
Learn more about Turkish language, culture, and history in the “Turkish Culture” module.

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Loecsen.com offers a free conversation based course in Turkish language. Common Turkish phrases have been used in this course, which you may use in random conversations. These phrases are categorized based on different situations. Look at the picture illustration, and hear the translation for each Turkish phrase. There’s a downloadable version to this course as well, which is free of cost.

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DigitalDialects.com provides free resources for Turkish language learning. The Turkish language learning course is divided into 15 modules. You can learn Turkish numbers, vocabulary, phrases, grammar, etc with the help of this online Turkish language learning course. You can also play free language games, embedded with modules, to brush up your Turkish language skills.

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At ilanguages.org learn Turkish language for free. The Turkish language course has 5 modules to it: Vocabulary, Phrases, Grammar, Flash Card, and Quiz. You will find a list of common yet diverse words and phrases, supported by audio playback. Go to Flashcard and Quiz section to learn and practice new Turkish words and their translation. This website is a very good resource to learn Turkish online.

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Goethe-verlag.com is a decent place to start learning Turkish language for free. The course is built up on a huge collection of phrases. There are 100 lessons available on this website to learn Turkish language. First few lessons are based upon phrases and conversations that may be used under different circumstances. Later comes the lessons based on Turkish Grammar. You can listen to Turkish translation of each phrase. This is a learn at your own pace course.

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ielanguages.com has more than 35 lessons in Turkish language. Begin to learn Turkish language with translation of basic phrases, vocabulary, and numbers. Turkish grammar is also explained pretty smartly on this website. The lack of audio playback is an offset for this Turkish language learning course.

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Wespeke.com is a common language learning chat portal for language learners from all over the World. Set your interests and  language preference to Turkish language. You will start viewing users with matching language preference. Strike up a chat with any member, and start to learn Turkish language, and you can simultaneously teach them your native language. Add the members to your list for regular interactive sessions of language learning.

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Homepage for Turkish language at Elanguageschool.net welcomes you with a brief  introduction to Turkish. The introduction is followed by the history of Turkish language. The video module, available on the homepage, takes you to a list of videos. These videos will teach you Turkish numbers, alphabets, vocabulary, and phrases. Learn to introduce yourself in Turkish language, and basic Turkish grammar. This website is primarily based on Turkish language tutorial videos.

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Learn basic and advanced Turkish online, for free at Mylanguages.org. The Turkish language learning course on this website has 40 lessons. The lessons will teach you Turkish language from the basics, which includes Turkish alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, phrases, etc. This website has a huge collection of vocabulary and phrases. While you advance with the course, you will get to learn Turkish grammar, sentence formation, pronunciation, and much more.

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101languages.net is a place where you can learn multiple languages for free. The homepage for Turkish language starts with a small introduction to Turkish language. Learn Turkish alphabets, vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation, grammar, etc at your own pace. The platform also has multiple language learning tools, which can be really helpful with learning Turkish language. These tools include:

  • Turkish Radio
  • Vocabulary Lessons
  • Turkish Keyboard
  • Turkish News
  • Verb Conjugator
  • Turkish Basic Course
  • Most Common Words
  • Turkish Word of the Day
  • Quick Translator
  • Turkish Newspapers
  • Flashcards
  • Watch Turkish TV
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Turkishclass.com provides elementary resource to learn Turkish language. Build up your base in Turkish language by learning Turkish vocabulary, pronunciation, phrases, etc. Learn Turkish translation of English words with the help of Turkish dictionary. Turkish language learning course is available for beginners and intermediate learners as well. You can also take a look at Turkish stories and poetry to learn Turkish language better.

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Turkishbasics.com is a free resource to learn basic Turkish language. The course offers 7 modules: Grammar, Verbs, Phrases, Vocabulary, Additional, Information, and Resources. These modules are further divided into different lessons. The lessons are supported by images and audio playback. The Turkish language learning course is aimed at beginners and travelers.

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Totally-turkish.com is another exclusive website where you can learn Turkish language online. You can begin from the basics of Turkish language, such as Turkish alphabets, vocabulary, and phrases. A separate module for Turkish grammar is available on this website as well. You can also learn Turkish numbers, days, months, and Turkish slang here.

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Learn advanced Turkish language, right from basics at Turkish.pgeorgalas.gr. The Turkish language learning resource has a collection of educational audio and video. You can start to learn with Turkish vocabulary and phrases, along with how to tell time and dates in Turkish. Learn Turkish grammar step by step, and practice it with the help of exercises and puzzles. Know more about Turkish culture in the Culture section on the website.

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Easy-turkish.com is an exclusive and unique website to learn Turkish language. It has more than 25 lessons in Turkish language. Learn Turkish alphabets and grammar with this course. Participate in the exercises to practice Turkish language. Take a look at the Turkish language  learning tips, which will help you to understand Turkish even faster. The course is supported by audio playback.

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Turkishlanguage.co.uk primarily offers grammar focused study material to learn Turkish language. You begin learning Turkish language with Turkish alphabets and then Grammar lessons, such as Noun, Articles, Verbs, Suffix, Moods, etc. The lessons have been explained extensively for a better understanding of Turkish language.

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Handsonturkish.com is a flash player based Turkish language learning course. The resource is available for free to access. This Turkish course revolves around conversations which may occur during different situations. These conversations are translated and transliterated into English language. You can also listen to audio of the conversations to learn Turkish pronunciation.

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Freelanguage.org is an online language magazine for learners and teachers of Turkish language. The resource on this website are vast and easy to understand. It features contents, like Turkish alphabets, vocabulary, writing system, Turkish language learning tips, phrasebooks, advanced grammar, links to Turkish language learning apps & software, etc. There is also a link to Turkish translator, and other important Turkish language learning tools.

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Livelingua.com is a PDF and audio based Turkish language learning course. You need to download the PDF from the website to start learning Turkish language. Along with the PDF you will be provided audio recordings. These recordings are in sync with the PDF material, and explains every topic. The recordings are divided lesson wise. All of this is accessible for free.

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Turkish2learn.com hosts decent content which can help you to learn Turkish language for free. Start with watching the videos available on homepage. These videos will introduce you to basic of Turkish language. Look through the modules to find different lessons on Turkish grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and conversations. You can also access Turkish songs with translated lyrics here.

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Learnturkishnow.co.uk also provides free language learning material for Turkish language in PDF format. Go through the basic introduction to Turkish language in the first few lessons. As you advance, you will need to download the PDF study material to proceed with the lessons. The study material is on the website; however the exercise handouts can be downloaded as PDF. These lessons extensively explains Turkish grammar, sentence formation, writing method, etc.

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