39 Best Free Websites To Learn German Language

Presenting you a list of websites to Learn German onlineThese websites house numerous language learning tools, such as Flashcards, audio, video, games, quizzes, flash cards, matching games, rich vocabulary, and grammar lessons.

You can easily find websites where you can learn German language. Most of them are not free, or they do not have enough resource to teach you German language. That is why, I have filtered out free and the best websites where you can learn German language efficiently. Use these websites to master your skills in reading, writing, and speaking German language.

About German (Deutsh): It is the most widely spoken language in Europe. It is a native language to more than 130 million people, and 38 countries including  Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Belgium. German language has mainly two divisions: High German, and Low German. The difference is only due to high and low accents. German language contributes a lot worldwide in various fields such as business, culture, history, science, technology, etc. German language is also the second most used scientific language.

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One of the best websites to learn German language is Busuu.com. Create a profile on the website, and begin to learn German language for free. It offers five different levels of courses to start learning with: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Travel Course. After completion of each level, you have to take a test. The timeline function lets you keep a track of your progress with learning German language. You can browse through a list of members, and chat with them to further enhance your skills in German language.


Duolingo.com provides free course to learn German language for free. The course is responsive, and also requires audio interaction from your side. Start learning from the basics, if this is your first hand experience with German language. If you have a little knowledge of German language, you can take a placement test, which will place you at an appropriate level of the course. You can learn German words and phrases, take tests, and track your progress easily.


Learn German language at Livemocha.com for free. You can select from a list of lessons in German language. Each lesson can be unlocked by coins; you get these coins at the time of sign-up, and you can also earn them while taking a lesson. You can begin with German alphabets, vocabulary, and flash cards. Learn sentence formation, pronunciation, and grammar after you complete basic German language lessons. The video, and audio support makes learning German very easy.


Learn German language on Learnalanguage.com, absolutely for free. The German learning course is categorized into modules such as, words, grammar, phrases, German Dictionary, and German language learning blog. These modules are further sub-categorized into different parts. All the lessons are audio playback supported, which play the German translation of words and phrases. You can also play language games, and learn German by using Flash cards. These games let you keep track of your progress. Learn about the German culture, and the history of German language in the German Culture section of the course.

BBC-language learning

Learn German with the help of study material available at BBC. This website provides audio supported lessons, where you can learn German alphabets, and phrases. The website is rich with contents. Learn various phrases used in different scenarios. There are modules available for elementary, amateur, and advanced level German learners. Grammar, sentence formation, and writing modules, altogether makes this an amazing place to learn German language.


Learn German language for free at Loecsen.com. This phrase, and conversation based resource to learn German, provides you with audio playback of each phrase. Also, illustrations help you to understand the scenario in a better way to use the phrase. The phrases and conversations are listed, based on the category of situations they fall into. PDF & MP3 of the course are available for download as well.


German language learning course is available for free at DigitalDialects.com. Go through the modules to learn German alphabets, numbers, phrases, vocabulary, grammar, etc. These modules are audio supported, and image illustration has been used to teach German language efficiently. You can also play language games to enhance your skills in German language. This website holds one of the best resource to learn German language online.

Wie Geht's German

Learn German language for free at this amazing website. Wiegehtsgerman.com offers a variety of course in German language. Either you are a beginner, or an intermediate, or an advanced learner, this website has course for all. If you are visiting Germany for travel, medical, or business purpose, this website has courses for you as well. Lessons are allocated under these courses. These lessons take care of topics like German numbers, phrases, vocabulary, sentence formation, etc. Each lesson has language games attached to it, which will help you to enhance your German language skills. You can also sign in to save, and track your progress.


L-ceps.com is an audio supported, German language learning website. The resource to learn german language has 10 lessons to learn from. Each lesson consists of words/phrases, and they are translated into German language. The lessons are categorized as greetings, numbers, food, family, months, etc. You can build a strong base in German language with the help of this website.


You can learn German language for free at Vocabulix.com. The online German language learning course offered by this website has 5 modules: Vocabulary (multiple choice), Vocabulary (spelling). Verb, Grammar, and Reading. You can start learning with the first module, i.e. Vocabulary (multiple choice). Once you complete a module, you can move on to another one. These modules have different lessons which are based on different situations. These lessons are supported by audio playback, which makes learning German language quite easy.


Memrise.com is an extensive website where you can learn German language for free. It has a never ending list of lessons which include topics like: German vocabulary, verbs, grammar, alphabets, pronunciation, and much more. You can start from basics of German language, and move on to next lessons. Choose these lessons based on the ratings on them. These lessons are created by different users, and are rich with quality content. You can also create a course, if you know a language very well.
Add users as friend with same language interests, and start interacting with them to keep learning more.


Learn basics of German language, and learn how to talk in German at thegermanproject.com. The German language course on this website has 15 lessons. Here you can learn German alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, and pronunciation. This website also has various other content to enhance your conversation skills in German language, including puzzles, games, and exercises. The content on this website is very rich and informative. Apart from the course, you will also find German stories, exams, etc.


FluentU.com provides free resource to learn German language. You can begin learning German language as a newbie, elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate, or advanced native learner. Each module has different lessons where you can learn German numbering, vocabulary, pronunciation, phrases, grammar, etc. The course is supported by audio playback for a better learning experience.


Alison.com is a center to learn different topics online. You can also learn German language for free on this website.  The German language learning course has 2 modules: The content, and the assessment. This is a “learn at your own pace” course, where you get to learn German alphabets, numbers, grammar, words, etc.


iLanguages.com is designed to teach you German language through vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards. The learning resource is supported by audio playback. Learn from a list of common German words and phrases, and start speaking German.


Speak offers German language learning resource with the help of conversations. These conversations are based on different scenarios any tourist can face first hand while travelling to Germany. The modules include conversations that may take place white at airport, hotel, shopping, market, bank, introduction, etc. This material to learn German language is best suited for travelers.


Goethe-verlag.com houses 100 free lessons to teach you German language. These lessons are categorized vastly based on conversations, phrases, and grammar. The phrases are supported by audio playback, which will teach you German pronunciation. Grammar has been explained very neatly as well.


ielanguages.com has a hundred lessons in German language that you can learn from. These lessons have audio support, and are really easy to understand. You can learn basic phrases, conversations, grammar, pronunciation, advanced grammar, and much more. This is one of the best free resource to learn German language from.


Speakgerman.co.uk provides excellent resource to learn German language. You can learn German language from a list of audio supported common phrases, and vocabulary. You can also browse through a list of members who know German language, and start a chat with them to learn German in an interactive way.


ToLearnFree.com provides a long list of lessons to teach you German language, and this website is completely free to access. You can take a placement test to know where should you start learning from. The German language learning course has three levels: Beginners, intermediates, and advanced. These levels consists of various lessons, such as German alphabets, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, phrases, sentence formation, etc. Take tests to mark your progress. Most of the lessons are audio supported.


WeSpeke.com is an online network, where you can learn a new language and practice it. To learn German language, set your preferences, along with your native language. The website will let you browse through a list of people with matching preference. You can then start to chat with them, and learn German language. Add them, keep in touch to learn German on a regular basis.


Antosch-and-lin.com is a website for Elementary level German language learning. Learn German words and phrases on this website for free. Easy, medium, and tough modes let you choose the difficulty level of the course. The availability of games, and exercises makes it easier for you to learn German language. This website is supported by audio playback as well.


Learn basic and advanced German language for free at Elanguageschool.net. Begin learning German language with German alphabets, words, and phrases. Advance to German grammar when you have learned the basics. All the content have been explained very briefly and neatly. You can also listen to the Mp3 of the course to understand examples and pronunciation. The website also hosts few videos, which makes it really easier to understand German language.


Mylanguages.org has a vast list of lessons in German language, and all of them of free. These lessons include German alphabets, vocabulary, numbers, grammar, sentence formation, pronunciation, etc. You can also take help from the available German dictionary. These lessons are supported by MP3 playback, and picture renderings. You will also find few quiz, and games.


Linguanaut.com has a collection of extensive study material for you to learn German language. You can begin learning right from the basics of German language, and advance further to phrases, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. Important sections are supported by audio playback. A German translator and keyboard has been provided as well. You can watch video tutorials on German language, and you can take tests to know your progress.


Speak7.com is a resourceful website to learn German language. The language learning course on this website is divided into 6 modules: Grammar, Vocabulary, Audio course, How to (phrases), Dialects, and History & culture. These modules are divided into different lessons. Start learning with German alphabets, numbers, phrases, etc. Move on to other sections, to learn more. The Audio course has different words, and phrases, translated into German language with audio support. You will also find quizzes on this website, take them to enhance your language skills in German language.


Hellomylo.com has two courses in German language, for beginners, and for advanced learners. Each course has more than 10 modules. These modules are based on games and quizzes. Match the phrases/words to the translation, hear the translation, and learn German language while you do it. These modules include common phrases that may be used during different occasions. This website offers a good and simple approach to learn German language.


Deutsch-lernen.com is a website for people traveling to Germany for different reasons including jobs and studies. It contains resources to teach you German language. It begins with general introduction to the German language, and advances to beginner, and then advanced levels. It also includes exercises for you to polish your German language skills. You can also take test to check your knowledge in German language.


German.about.com is a versatile website which offers language learning course in German. It has a vast collection of content on German language. You can learn German vocabulary, grammar, writing, pronunciation, and much more. It also has link to various blogs which can turn out to be very useful. The modules are further divided into various lessons, and the content is very easy to understand. This website is a must try for all the learners of German language.


Easy-online-german.com provides free content to learn German language online. You can start learning German on this website as a beginner. It will teach you German alphabets, vocabulary, grammar, and much more. The course is supported by audio playback, which helps you with learning German pronunciation, and talk better in German language. The list of German vocabulary is vast, and informative. It also provides video training for a better knowledge of the German language.

Learn German Easily

Learn German Easily is a portal to learn German language for free. The basic German language course has 24 lessons. These lessons cover topics like German, alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, phrases, etc. Each section has exercise at the end of the lesson which helps you to learn German language faster. This website also has audio support to their content.


Resource to learn basic German language is available at Europa-pages.co.uk. You can learn common German words and phrases easily on this website. This website also provides contents which will help you to learn German numbers, pronunciation, greetings, colors, etc. Fully supported by audio playback, you will also find educational videos under each module which works as an aid in learning German language.


101languages.net is a multi language learning platform, where you can easily learn German language. It primarily hosts PDF of German language learning course, to be read while listening to audio for each lesson. The PDF can be either downloaded, or viewed on the website. The audio files are downloadable as well.
Few more options that this website has to offer:

  • German Radio
  • Vocabulary Lessons
  • German Keyboard
  • Most Common Words
  • German Word of the Day
  •  Quick Translator
  • German Newspapers
  •  Useful Phrases
  • Word List
  • Flashcards


Populearn.com is an interactive German language learning course. It lets you practice translation of German words and phrases. Listen to the word/phrase, type the word/phrase in a given box correctly, and move on to another word/phrase. The course is totally available for free, and offers lessons in German grammar, tense, etc. You have to enter the word correctly in the provided space, else you can not move further.


The German language learning program on Deutsched.com is divided into 3 modules. These modules are German pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Under each module you can find lessons divided into different categories. The pronunciation module is fully supported by audio playback, and helps to learn German pronunciation very efficiently. The vocabulary section is very vast where pictures have been used to explain words, and German grammar has been explained very neatly as well.


Yesgerman.com offers 22 lessons in German language, and all of it for free. It begins with basic introduction to the German language, then vocabulary, basic grammar, and conversations. After finishing basics, you can move on to other lessons to learn advanced grammar, and sentence formation, etc. Each lesson has been explained very clearly. If you have any doubt regarding any topic, you can also leave a comment under the lesson, and discuss it with other learners.


Internetpolyglot.com is a website where you can learn multiple languages for free. It primarily has list of words/phrases translated from English to German language. It also has a collection of different interactive language games, which can turn out to be very helpful in learning German language. It has games like, slide show, typing game. guessing game, and matching game. Go through free German grammar lessons, and master German language.


German-grammar.de is a free source where you can learn German language. It has a total of 35 chapters in German grammar. These chapters are further divided into different sections. You get to learn German language in depth on this website. Few sections are also supported by multimedia so that you can learn to pronounce and speak German. Overall its a versatile website with very useful resource to learn German language.


Softschools.com is an online educational portal for kids, where you can learn a variety of things. It has a German language module as well, where you will find different Flashcards, and matching games to learn German language. The games are divided into several categories. Its primarily a place you can learn German vocabulary at large. It has more than 30 modules to learn German language from. This website is best suited for school going kids.

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