44 Best Online Meme Generators

Memes have been on the internet for long. It all started on image hosting websites and now Memes are all over the internet. Why do we love memes? Because they are relatable and funny at the same time. At first we used Picture Editors to add caption to memes, but things have evolved to a next level. Now we have Meme Generators, where every resource can be found to create a perfect meme in no time; you just have to be ready with the perfect caption.
So we sorted out a list of Best Online Meme Generators where you can easily make your own meme for free. Go ahead, explore the longest list of Online Meme Generators and find out which one is good enough for you.

You may not get time to make a meme while using internet, so here’s the List of Meme Generator Software For Windows where you can generate memes offline. You can also check out the List Of MPP Viewer Software & List Of Best Free P2P File Sharing Software.

Here’s the list of 45 Best Online Meme Generators :


Memegenrator.net is an online meme generator. There’s an enormous collection of meme templates to choose from on this website. A click on the desired template will redirect you to a page which describes the meme. This page also accommodates an extensive gallery of the memes created on that template which can be sorted as most popular or newest. Either select an existing meme or go ahead with creating a new one. Add the Top & Bottom Text and hit “Generate”. Download the meme or directly upload it to Imgur via the website.


MemeCenter is another famous meme generator. This website is also capable of creating GIF memes. You can either use a preloaded template or you can upload your own picture to create a meme. To create a meme go to Create> Quick meme/ Upload , on the home screen. Explore the template collection to select a meme, click on it to add text. Save it to your device or upload to MemeCenter (requires login).


This online tool lets you make your own meme. Troll.me has numerous meme templates to select from. Click on “Create Meme” on home page, select your meme from the bucket. A new page opens up with the image and a gallery of previously created and popular memes. Click on “Generate new caption” to add troll to your meme. Then save it to your device or post it on Troll.me.


Diylol.com is a good online meme generator. The homepage is composed of meme templates sorted according to their popularity. You have to click on a meme to create your own meme. It redirects you to a new page with existing memes. Click on any picture to edit the text and add yours. You can always add your own image to create a new meme.


Quickmeme.com trends popular and new memes on its homepage. You can login to the website with your facebook credentials. Its also linked to twitter and google+. To create a meme follow the “caption a meme” link, which leads you to a collection on best meme templates. Select a picture to add caption and start trolling.


RageGenerator.com is originally a rage comic creator. As Rage comic characters also belong to meme category, we have counted this website in. This tool can be used to create single picture memes as well. It shows popular & new memes on homepage. To create one, click on “ Create Rage Comic”. A new window opens up with a work space. The workspace has some preloaded meme faces. You can upload a picture from your device or paste the link of a picture from web to load it directly. Objects can be easily scaled or transformed including texts. This is one fun to work with online tool.


MemeCrunch.com homepage shows trending memes. This free online tool can be used to create a meme. Go to the “Create a meme” option on the home page. Select a desired meme template to add caption. You can view memes according to popularity, new or add a custom image. The work space is really easy to use. This website is also optimized with Facebook, Twitter & google+.


Imgur hosts the most viral images on internet. Impressed by the popularity of Memes, Imgur has come up with its own Meme Generator. Users can create their own meme by selecting a template or upload a picture to add caption. After adding the text the picture can be downloaded or uploaded to imgur. It has a simple layout and is user friendly.



Livememe.com is a pretty straight forward and innovative meme generator. The homepage has a bucket of meme templates to select from. Simply select one of the templates. A pop-up opens where you can add caption and you can select from different avatars of the meme; most of them have different avatars. Go ahead and try it for yourself.


Memedad.com has a huge collection of meme templates. The homepage rocks numerous memes to choose from. Selecting a meme will lead you to another page where you can easily add caption to the image. Apart from already available templates you can always upload and use your picture. You can also submit the meme to the website.


Imgflip.com is a meme & GIF sharing website. You can make your own meme and share on this website. Select the: Make a Meme option on the homepage, and you will land on the meme generator page. There you can select from an array of templates to add caption or you can upload your own picture to add caption. You can also create your own GIFs or funny Pie Charts.


MemeBase is another image hosting website. This website also hosts videos and GIFs. You can caption any kind of image on this website in any form, such as text clouds, fake breaking news, posters, charts, rage comics, etc. Use a meme or any picture, or just upload your own picture. After creating the meme, you can either save it, post it or email it to anyone. This online tool is actually creative and has plenty of features to play around with.


Weknowmemes.com is an image hosting website which is linked with Facebook and Pinterest. This website also hosts funny GIFs, comics & Videos. This website has its own meme generator where you can make a meme. Click on “Meme Generator”, you will land on a page with most popular memes. You can either click on a meme to edit the caption or go to “Create Meme” option on the screen to choose another template. The next screen lets you upload your own picture to add caption or browse all template files.


Memegen.com lets you choose your meme template from a full fledged gallery on its homescreen. The gallery can be sorted out on the basis of global/local popularity. Select a meme and let it speak up by adding a caption to it. This is one of the simplest and best online meme generator.


Another simple yet resourceful meme generator. Makeameme.com’s home page is full of meme templates to select from. You can upload and use your own picture as well. Click on a template to add caption to it. Preview the meme before saving it and posting it on the website.


MemeCreator.com is a Facebook optimized online meme generating website. It features popular memes on its homepage. Go to “Create a meme!” to make a meme. Select a meme and add a caption to it. You can post it to Facebook or save it on your device.



Memes.com trends famous images and memes on its homepage. Click “Create meme” icon to select a meme template. Simply add text to the picture. You can also change text color, outline width, font size, etc. under advance options. The website is linked directly to reditt. After you create a meme it gets posted on reditt, but there is a private only option too where only you can view the image.


The famous Keep Calm poster creator website KeepCalm-o-matic is now equipped with Meme Generator. Apart from creating customised Keep Calm posters you can create your favourite meme on this website as well. Click on “Meme Generator” to select a template and type in a caption to create a meme. You can also upload a picture, or download directly from Facebook or Instagram to make your own meme.


Memebetter.com lets you visually select a template or search using a keyword. You can always upload your own photo to create a meme. Just add caption and save it to your device and enjoy trolling.


Hotmemes.net hosts popular and new memes on its homepage and has an option to add caption to existing memes on homepage. You can also go to the Meme generator tab to make your own meme. The option to upload and caption a picture is also made available. GIF maker is another feature on this website.


MemeMaker.net is a free online meme trending website. Trending meme’s templates can be used to add caption directly from the home page. You can create a meme by finding one from a list of templates or uploading an image. Add a caption and save it to your device.


Whatdoumeme.com is another website where memes can be created. New memes are posted on its homepage. Create a meme via templates or use your own image. Add a caption and save it. This webpage is linked to Facebook too.


piZap is an amazing online picture editor. It has a dedicated meme generator. Go to the meme generator and select the canvas shape. Add the template by uploading one from your device and then click on Meme option on the top panel. It lets you add caption and you can also add rage comics character to your meme. Additionally the Keep Calm caption can be inserted to an image. This online tool has many image editing tools such as filters, stickers, frames, brushes, etc. It is also a collage maker.


Memeful.com hosts funny GIFs & memes. Clicking on the meme generator on the homepage will take you to a gallery of meme templates. Upload a template or select from the gallery. Type in the caption and you are good to go. Save it on your PC or upload to memeful.com to share it.

Tickld Meme Generator

Tickld trends GIF and Memes on its homepage under different categories. The collection of meme templates on the generator is vast and adding caption to it is easy. Each template is tagged with its name/description. Click on the template to add caption. Once finished with adding the caption, save the image to your device or you can sign-in to Tickld if you want to upload your meme to the website.


Memegene.net is dedicated WWE Meme hosting website. It has WWE players as its Meme templates and lets you create funny memes with them. Click on “Create a Wresling Meme” on the homepage, which takes you to a screen where you can select a template. Click on the template to add caption to it. Save it or post it on the website for the world to see.


Memegenerator.eu is an English/Spanish meme hosting webpage. It trends both English and Spanish memes based on their popularity. Click on “Create a new Image” on the homepage to get redirected to the Meme Generator. You can scroll through the horizontal window to select a meme template. Add caption to the image, save your meme or post it to the webpage.


DropMeme.com lets you select from an extensive collection of meme templates. Browse through the template collection or drag and drop your favorite one to the meme generator from your device. Add the Top & Bottom caption and hit “create” button to save your meme. This is one of the simplest Meme Generator. The templates are tagged with their names, making it easier to make a selection.



Memegenerator.eu is a meme hosting website which trends English and German memes based on their popularity. Click on “Create a new Image” on the homepage. You will get redirected to the Meme Generator where you can scroll through the horizontal window to select a meme template. Add caption to the image, save your meme or post it to the webpage for everyone to see.


ImageChef is an online image editing tool with numerous templates, textures and text options. The meme generator is pretty basic. Go to “Create> Meme Maker” on the homescreen to create a meme. Select a meme template from the gallery, upload your own picture or capture a snapshot. Add top & bottom caption. You can also drag the text freely across the picture. Save the meme or directly share it to Facebook, Twitter & Reddit.


Frabz.com is an image hosting website which trends funny pictures and memes. The Meme tab on the homepage lets you select from an array of Meme templates and add caption to them. The templates are tagged with their descriptive names which makes it easier to select one. Click on a template and a webpage opens with popular memes made out of it. To add text, click on “Caption” and make your own meme. You can also upload your own picture to create a meme.


Wigflip offers a number of tools to create memes, posters, tags, stickers and GIFs. To make a meme click on “Roflbot-Meme Generator” on the homescreen. You get to use the option of using a random picture as a meme template. You can paste the URL of a meme template or upload one from your device. Add text to your meme. Text can be dragged and dropped anywhere across the meme template.


kapwing.com is a free online meme generator website. Using this website, users can create custom memes as well as edit existing meme templates to make new memes. To create custom memes users can upload their photos as well as record their screens. Besides this, useful features like add text, elements, videos, etc., over meme canvas are also present in it. Although, the free version of this website adds its watermark over the generated memes.


JoyReactor is another funny image hosting website which trends most popular and newest Memes, GIFs and Rage comics. Create your Meme under the DIY tab on the homepage. It lets you select an existing template or upload a new image. Add caption and share it with the world. You can also download the existing memes to your device.


Memegasms.com lets you go through a collection of funny memes on its homepage. It has a Meme Generator as well. Click on the create meme option. Select a template to work with or upload your template. Add the upper and lower captions. Save the picture to your PC or upload it to the website and get upvotes.


Memepix.com have one of the best collection of memes. The homepage has a live feed of memes. To make your meme, click on Meme Generator. Meme templates, tagged with descriptive names appear on the webpage. Select a template and click to add caption to it. After adding caption upload it to memepix.com or download it to your device.


RageMaker is one of the oldest players in the game. This online tool lets you create your own Rage comics and Memes. There are few templates preloaded with the tool. You can add a template to the workspace pretty easily by pasting the image URL or uploading one. You can also use Rage characters on the template to make it even more funny. Adding text is not a problem. Click on the Text tool, select the font, size and color and drag it anywhere across the template. Once finished with it, save it to your device.


Scumbagsteve.com is a dedicated meme hosting website for ScumbsgSteve memes. It trends new and popular memes in that category and viewers can rate the memes. To create a new meme go to “Build Your Own Meme” on homepage. Add the top & bottom caption and create your meme. The meme gets posted on the webpage and if you are lucky your meme might get up-votes.


OMGepic.com hosts funny video compilations. This webpage has their own Meme Generator, known as “Epic Meme Generator”. You can select meme templates either from Favorite or Random section. A template can be uploaded as well. More than two text lines can be added to a template and placed anywhere across the workspace. Download it or upload to the website for hosting.


Fedgno.com is an online forum where random topics are discussed. It has a Meme Generator which posts Memes under Random, Famous and New category. Click on a meme to add text to it. You can also view and download pre-existing memes. This website also provides a comment section for each meme. Fedgeno.com is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Pixmeme.com welcomes you with an introduction to the website. It is a meme generator and lets you generate memes in multiple panels and different size. Once you select the number of panels for your meme, you can select from a list of memes or upload an image from your device. Add caption and drag the generated caption to place at an appropriate place. This generator also lets you add overlays directly from your device or from the internet. When done with adding caption, save your meme to device.


Mememaker.us is another exclusive online Meme Generator, available for free. The homepage rocks a gallery full of meme templates. Click on the template you want to add caption to. You will be taken to another page where you will be required to add top & bottom captions along with a meme caption. Create the meme, download it or upload it to the webpage for display. Mememaker.us is integrated with almost all social media websites.


Dogr.io is a Doge meme creator. It has just one pre-loaded template of Doge. Type in the captions in Doge language and hit “Wow”. The generator will automatically create word captions over the template. This is one of the simplest meme website and its fun to use. A must try for all the Doge fans.


Memeshappen.com trends popular memes. It also lets you rate a meme if you find it funny. To make a meme, click on Meme Generator. Select a template and enter the captions. You can also create a new meme character by uploading a picture and naming it. After adding the caption post it on the webpage or download it to share with your friends.

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