3 Best Free Cloud Based Presentation Software

Here is a list of Best Free Cloud Based Presentation Software. These are basically free presentation designer which are cloud based and you get them as Software as a Service (SaaS). You can create your presentations on cloud as well as save your creations on cloud. Although, all these software also provide download presentation and save them locally on your device. To save presentations, these software supports most widely used presentation formats including PPTX, ODP, PDF, and Images.

Talking about features, these software are similar to any standard featured presentation maker software. You can import a locally saved presentation file to edit, use a presentation template, select desired slide layout, apply various color themes to slides, and more. These presentation software also let you add a variety of content to your slides which include images, text art, audio, video, shapes, charts, tables, and more. You can also apply transition effects between slides as well as animate individual objects in your slides. Besides that, standard formatting tools, spellcheck tool, review options, and more features are available in them.

These software also provide tools to publish presentation to web, share your presentations with others, and broadcast your creations to a larger audience. Some software can also be used as live presentation software as they let you present your creations live to audience with question & answer session. All in all, these are quite feature rich cloud presentation software.

My Favorite Free Cloud Based Presentation Software:

Google Slides is my favorite from this list. It provides all essential presentation designing tools along with some additional and handy functions. It also lets you make your presentation live.

If you want to broadcast your presentations to multiple people at once, you can try Zoho Show.

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Google Slides

Google Slides is a well know cloud based presentation software. It is a part of Google Drive and saves your presentation data there. It provides quite a number of features that enable you create a stunning presentation. You can start creating a presentation or select a template to edit it and create your own presentation. It provides a library of a lot of beautiful presentation templates that you can consider to use for your own presentation. Using presentation template lessen your work and effort which you put in to design a presentation. Now, let’s check out its main features in detail.

Main features of Google Slides:

  • It lets you import an existing local presentation file or slides to your current presentation.
  • It contains an inbuilt template library of presentation templates like prototyping presentation, consulting proposal, case study, recipe book, portfolio, book report, science project, etc.
  • You can find a lot of color themes in it to apply to your presentation slides.
  • You can add new slides, duplicate slides, delete slides, change background, apply a slide layout, and do more.
  • It provides some transition effects like dissolve, fade, slide, cube, etc., that you can add between two slides.
  • You can also add various object animation effects (zoom, spin, disappear, fly, etc.) to individual elements of a slide.
  • It lets you add different types of content to your slides which may include text, image, audio, video, shape, table, diagram, chart, word art, etc.
  • A lot of formatting features like text formatting, align & indent, line spacing, bullets & numbering, borders & lines, etc., to adjust individual elements according to your requirement.
  • After creating a presentation, you can leave to the cloud or download it in formats including PPTX, ODP, PDF, JPG, SVG, PNG, and Plain Text formats.

Additional Features:

  • It lets you send created presentation to your friends and colleagues via Email attachment.
  • You can publish your presentation to the web and share URL with other people who can join presentation by clicking given URL.
  • It can be used as a live presentation software as it lets you present your creation live to an audience. You can have question & answer session with them, speak through your microphone, use pointer to highlight something, and do more.
  • Some handy tools like spellcheck, voice type speaker notes, script editor, and more are provided in it.


There is a business version of this cloud based presentation software that you can purchase if you want more presentation tools.


It is one of the best cloud based presentation software that provides you almost all standard features that you need to create personal and professional presentations.

Powerpoint Online

Powerpoint Online, as the name suggests, is the web version of popular presentation software called Microsoft PowerPoint. It is another cloud based presentation software on this list. It lets you create and save your presentations on Microsoft OneDrive. You just have to login with your Microsoft account to it and then you can start designing your presentations. Now, what are the features that you get in this service? Let us see.

Key features of Powerpoint Online:

  • In it, you get a lot of inbuilt presentation templates to create new presentations using them.
  • You can even import an existing PowerPoint presentation from your OneDrive to modify it.
  • It provides various slide layouts and slide themes to design your presentation.
  • It lets you add various kinds of content to your slides including images, tables, shapes, smart-art, icons, online video, etc.
  • You can also draw over slides using some basic drawing tools.
  • Basic formatting options like font, bold, italic, underline, align, arrange, etc., can be used to adjust and arrange content in your slides.
  • You can add various slide transitions and object animations in your slides.
  • It provides a handy tool to rehearse your presentation using mic.
  • When your presentation is done, you can download it as PPTX, PDF, ODP or JPEG images.

Additional Features:

  • It provides a Share feature that lets you share your presentations with other people to view or edit it. You can send presentation via Email or create its shareable link to send to others.
  • You can also embed created presentation to your blog or website.
  • It provides a Smart Lookup option which lets you search Google for any query while designing your presentation.


It is another good cloud based presentation software which you can use to create presentations, save them on cloud, and download them from cloud when required.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a popular cloud based presentation software. Using it, you can create new presentations as well as import a locally saved file to edit existing PowerPoint presentations. It’s GUI is quite clean and intuitive which makes the process of designing a presentation smooth. In terms of feature set, it provides a lot of good presentation design tools. Now, let me list down its key features for you.

Key features of Zoho Show:

  • It provides some stunning presentation templates to use to design your own presentation without putting in too much effort in theme selection and other design aspects.
  • You can import a locally saved  presentation in it to edit or enhance it,
  • You can simple text as well as images, charts, shapes, tables, and media files to your presentations.
  • It lets you formats slides and themes as per your requirement.
  • You can apply desired transition effects between slides and you can animate separate elements of slides using several entrance, emphasis, and exit animations.
  • It lets you download a presentation in PPTX, PPSX, PDF, and ODP formats.

Additional Features:

  • You can share your presentations with collaborators via Email with read/ write/ co-owner permissions.
  • It lets you Publish presentation to the web as well as get HTML code which you can embed into your blog or website.
  • You broadcast a presentation to your audience at once.


Some premium features in the free plan of Zoho Show are locked which you can unlock by paying for them.


It is a nice cloud based presentation software using which you can view, edit, and create presentations. You can also broadcast your presentations on the web.

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