7 Best Free Acoustic Analysis Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free acoustic analysis software for Windows. These software let you perform acoustic analysis of sound and speech. You can import various audio files in these software and view respective graphs. These graphs include Raw Waveform, Intensity, Spectrogram, Snapshot, Zero Crossing, Spectrum, Melogram, Staff, Pitch, Formant Charts, etc. You can find several other tools related to the acoustic analysis of audio files, such as Level Meter, FFT Analyzer, Phase Correlation Meter, RTA, Room Simulator, etc. These software also provide some more tools including signal generator, equalizer, etc.

To input a sound file, most of these support WAV, MP3, AIFF, OGG, etc. audio formats. Also, in many of these, you can save analysis data in text, CSV, etc. files. The graphs can also be exported as images.

My Favorite Acoustic Analysis Software for Windows:

Room EQ Wizard is my favorite acoustic analysis software as it is a complete package which helps you perform acoustic analysis of sound and also, analyze room and loudspeaker responses.

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Room EQ Wizard

Room EQ Wizard (REW) is a Java-based acoustic analysis software for Windows. It is specially designed to measure and analyze room and loudspeaker responses. You can find a lot of tools in this software. Some of its primary tools are as follows:

  • It provides an SPL Meter which basically shows sound pressure level, equivalent sound level, or sound exposure level on the basis of RMS level of the input channel. You can also view SPL Logger graph here.
  • Using its Signal Generator tool, you can generate signals of various types including Sine Waves, Square Waves, Dual Tone, CEA-2010 Tone Burst, Pink Noise, Pink & White Periodic Noise, and Sine Sweeps.
  • Level Meters tool is provided to analyze output level with regard to peak, peak hold, and RMS values.
  • An EQ tool is provided to determine which EQ filters to apply to a response and to visualize their effect on frequency and time domain behavior.
  • RTA (Real Time Analyzer) is the tool to plot spectrum as the input signal is analyzed.
  • Room Simulator generates frequency responses for multiple sources at multiple locations in a room.

Using these tools, you can easily perform various acoustic analyses for sounds. In it, you can also find tools to calculate Thiele-Small parameters and to determine frequencies and decay times of modal resonances.

It is a nice acoustic analysis software. You can also import frequency response, impulse response, impedance measurement, and also export various analysis data in different formats.

Speech Analyzer

Speech Analyzer is another free acoustic analysis software for Windows. It is specially designed for acoustic analysis of speech sounds. It contains various graphical representation tools to show analysis of speech and music recordings. For the analysis, you can record a new audio from a microphone or an external recording device. Or, you can also import audio from a WAV, MP3, or WMA file. It also lets you import notes from SFM file. It displays phonetic and music graphs.

Some of its features which are worth mentioning:

  • You can view various types of graphs in it including Raw Waveform, Intensity, Spectrogram, Snapshot, Zero Crossing, Spectrum, Melogram, Staff, Pitch (Raw Pitch, Custom Pitch, Smoothed Pitch, Auto Pitch), Formant Charts, etc.
  • You can customize graph view by selecting a desired configuration, such as “Position View, Melogram, Tonal Weighting Chart, Magnitude, Staff”, “Raw Waveform, Melogram, Tonal Weighting Chart, Magnitude, Staff”, Raw Waveform, etc.
  • You can also select graph parameters such as dynamic calculation, display range, calculation range, etc.
  • It also lets you customize transcription bar, legend, time scale, segment boundaries, etc.
  • There is a Tools menu which is provided to adjust waveform, generate a new waveform, configure signal-processing tasks, etc.
  • You can export analysis data in SFM, SFT, or XML file formats. It lets you capture screenshot of the graphs too.


Acoustica is another acoustic analysis software for Windows. It provides a basic edition which can be used for free. In it, you can record sound using your microphone or import an audio from various files like MP3, WAV, AIF, WMA, AVI, OGG, FLAC, RAW, etc. It also lets you connect stereo equipment to it and produce sound. You can play sound as it supports audio playback.

You can use the following analyzer to perform acoustic analysis:

  • Level Meter: Using this analyzer, you can analyze the output level with regard to peak, peak hold and RMS values.
  • FFT Analyzer: It displays the frequency content of short analysis time frames.
  • Phase Correlation Meter: It displays the phase relationship between the left and the right audio channel in a stereo recording. It is an essential tool for mastering stereo recordings.
  • Big Time Display: It basically displays the current playback position in a separate window.

It lets you add some effects to a selected part of sound including Echo, Convolution Reverb, and Reverse. You can also apply phono filter and remove DC offset.


SPEAR, stands for Sinusoidal Partial Editing Analysis and Resynthesis, is another free acoustic analysis software for Windows and Mac. In it, you can input an audio file and perform sinusoidal partials analysis or phase vocoder analysis on it. It supports WAV, AIFF, SND, and CAF file formats for this. To perform any of these analyses, you have the following controls:

  • You can enable time reassignment transient sharpening for performing sinusoidal partials analysis.
  • It lets you specify frequency resolution, start time, end time, minimum amplitude threshold, and amplitude threshold under peak for analysis.

It displays frequency vs time graph on the interface. You can study this graph using various tools like time region selection, frequency region, rectangular, lasso selection, move, time offset, time stretch, draw partials, etc. It provides a lot of transform options including transpose, change amplitude, time stretch, time offset, fade in, fade out, etc. You can also play the sound using various control options including speed, pitch, volume, and noise. On hovering cursor at any point of the graph, you can view respective time, frequency, key number, and note.

The analysis data can be exported in Text and SDIF (Resampled Frames, Partials) formats.


SoundRuler is a free open source acoustic analysis software for Windows. It provides a lot of tools for acoustic analysis, graphing, and teaching. These include bandpass filter, tuning curve filter, amplitude calibration, etc. Oscillograph, Amplitude Spectrum, and FFT Spectrogram graphs are shown on the interface. It provides features including sound recognition in terms of amplitude, duration, frequency, and interval and recognition and measurement of calls and pulses. You can also perform Cross Correlation Analysis.

It lets you import sound files of WAV format. You can save analysis data as CSV, save figure as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, EPS, etc. formats, and export Oscillograph and Spectrogram graphs.


FaroSon is the next acoustic analysis software for Windows. It basically analyzes real time sound and converts it to a graph with the representations of loudness, pitch, and timbre. A colored graph is shown on the interface which can be studied by the analyzer. As its official website says, it displays a psychological picture of the sound rather than physical analysis of the sound. You can simply start the analysis and view waveform on the interface. It lets you customize screen refresh rate and undersampling ratio.


Spek is the next free acoustic analysis software for Windows. It lets you open an audio file and then displays respective spectrogram for you to analyze. You can save the graph as a PNG image.

It is a basic acoustic analysis which supports multiple languages including English, such as French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, etc.

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