3 Best Free Animated Graph Maker Websites

Here is a list of the best free animated graph maker websites. An animated graph briefly visualizes the process of plotting the graph. In a bar graph, you can animate the bars growing from nothing to big. In a pie chart, you can animate the process of division of pie. Similarly, you can add animation to almost every type of graph. The animation can make a graph stand out compared to an otherwise ordinary still graph.

In this post, I’m covering three websites where you can make animated graphs for free. Two of these websites can make various types of animated graphs. You can pick the type of graph you want to make and insert your data. After that, you can customize the visual aspects of the graph along with animation effect and duration. The last website is specifically for bar charts only. You can go through the post to check them out. Then maybe you can give them a try and see how each of them works.

My Favorite Animated Graph Maker

LiveGap Charts is my favorite animated graph maker website on this list. This website can make various types of popular charts. It has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface for anyone to follow. The process is similar to creating a regular chart if not easier. In case you can not find your chart listed on this website then try Flourish Studio, you might find a template there.

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LiveGap Charts

LiveGap Charts is a free animated graph maker website. This website can help you make various types of charts with animation. You can simply pick the type of chart you want to make and then add your data. It has a spreadsheet where you can insert your data to map it in the chart. Alternatively, it lets you import data from a CSV file as well. You can also export the chart data to CSV if needed. As you add data, it instantly gets represented on the chart. Then you can customize the various aspects of the chart including title, subtitles, legend, color, segment, annotation, and animation. In the end, you can save the chart as a WEBM video. While doing so, you get to pick the duration of the animation.

How to make an animated chart with LiveGap Charts?

  • Head over to the LiveGap Charts website using the link below and select Make your Chart.
  • On the next screen, pick the type of chart that you want to make.
  • Then add your data to the sheet or import CSV from the Data section.
  • Use the Settings on the right to customize the chart text, color, naming, etc.
  • In the end, click on the save icon below the chart, pick the Video option, and set the duration to save the video.


  • Type of graphs: Line Graph, Area Chart, Bar Chart, Horizontal Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Stacked Horizontal Chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart, Polar Area Chart, Step Chart, and Radar Chart.
  • Comes with a wide gallery of customizable templates.
  • Import and Export graph data to CSV.
  • Options to customize every aspect of the graph.
  • Options export as an image (still graph) and as a video (animated graph).
  • HTML export is paid feature.

Flourish Studio

Flourish Studio is a website where you can turn your data into interactive stories. On this website, you can create a wide variety of graphs, heatmaps, pictograms, Scatter charts, 3D maps, Hierarchy, and more. You can pick what you want to create and it opens that graph in an editor. It shows you a preview of that with random data. You can add your data to that manually or import from CSV, Excel, TSV, JSON, or GeoJSON files. Coming to the graph, you get a set of options to change the appearances by changing text, color, filters, background, etc. You can also add popup panels, layout, header, footer, annotation as well. Along with that, you get animation options where you configure animation and set its duration. This website does not let you download the chart in the free plan. You have to publish the chart and then it gives you a URL to the chart along with embed code. The process of creation is private and you do have to add attribution with the chart. Apart from that, this website has a story feature. This lets you add background audio to your chart in order to create interactive stories.

How to make an animated chart with Flourish Studio?

  • Go to the Flourish Studio website and sign up for a free account.
  • When you are on the My Projects page, select the New visualization option to create a new chart.
  • On the next screen, select the type of graph you want to make.
  • It loads a preview of the graph, go to the Data tab from the top and add your data.
  • Then customize the charts from the Preview tab as per your needs.
  • In the end, publish the graph from the top right corner to get a URL to it.


  • Type of graphs: Line, Bar & Pie Charts, Projection Map, Scatter, 3D Map, Hierarchy, Line Chart race, Heatmap, Radar Chart, Pictogram, Table, Bubble Chart, Parliament Chart, and much more.
  • Import data from CSV, Spreadsheet, JSON, GeoJSON, and TSV.
  • Options to customize every aspect of the graph.
  • Create a story with graphs and audio.
  • Offers only URL and embed link upon publishing the chart (privately); no download.
  • HTML export is paid feature.

BarChar Trace

As the name suggests, BarChar Trace is a free online tool to generate racer bar charts. In such a chart, the bar graphs move to visualize the change in the values over time or other data set. So this is a tool to create that type of bar chart specifically. It takes data from a CSV file. In order to make this work, the data in the CSV have to be in a certain format (mentioned on the website). In the end, this tool visualizes the chart on the screen with animation. There is no option to download or share the chart. That’s because this is tool represents how this tool works. If you want to add a racer chart on your website or somewhere, you can get the code of this tool from GitHub, replace the datasets with your CSV file(s) and add it to the website.

How to make an animated chart with BarChar Trace?

  • Use the link given below to open this tool in your browser.
  • Upload your CSV data file with the supported data format.
  • Set the animation duration and number of bars to display along with the title.
  • Then click on the GENERATE BAR CHART RACE button to get the animated chart.


  • Type of graphs: Bar Chart only.
  • Imports data from a CSV file.
  • Visualize charts online with no option to share or download.
  • Open-source code that you can use to build racer charts into your website.
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