5 Best Free Brochure Maker Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free brochure maker software for Windows. Using these software, you can create a brochure with product information, company logos, product images, and custom designs.

A brochure is basically a kind of print advertisements containing information about a product or service. It is in the form of a book or magazine. There are various types of brochures such as Tri-Fold Brochure, Leaflets or Flyers, Bi-Fold Brochure, Z-Fold Brochure, etc. You can design your own brochure in a custom paper size such as A4, A5, Letter, etc.

In most of these software, you can create a brochure using a template. A template can be modified as per your requirements to create a brand new brochure. You can even start creating a brochure from scratch by specifying document properties such as page layout, number of pages, resolution and aspect ratio, color format, color profile, margins, bleed, etc. After that, you can import images to add to the brochure. You can also add product and brand information in customized font and style to the brochure. Other than that, you also get additional paint tools to draw over the brochure design, such as pen, pencil, paintbrush, shapes, fill, color palette, etc.

Some of these software also provide internal icons’ library to add to some icons to the brochure. Besides aforementioned features and tools, you get formatting options like transform, image effects, arrangement and alignment options, etc. For precise adjustment to each added element of the brochure design, these software provide layers panel. You also get some more additional tools which help you create a brochure, such as Font Manager, Resource Manager, Spellcheck, Word Count, Thesaurus, etc.

These software let you directly print the created brochure document. Additionally, you also get the flexibility to save the brochure as a local file. Most commonly supported formats in these software are PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, SVG, etc.

These brochure creator software can be used by the small to medium sized organization, to create a brochure to raise awareness about the product and services.

My Favorite Free Brochure Maker Software for Windows:

Scribus is my favorite software to create a brochure. It provides some inbuilt brochure templates to easily create a printable brochure. You can design a brochure from scratch too using various image and text related features. It also supports various export formats such as PDF, SVG, JPG, BMP, ICO, PNG, TIFF, etc.

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Scribus is a free open source brochure maker software for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. It is primarily a desktop publishing software which can be used to create various kinds of documents and creative designs. You can create brochures as well as business cards, menu card, newsletters, book cover, PDF presentations, etc. To do so, it provides various inbuilt templates. You can download some more brochure templates from here. Also, you can start creating a brochure from scratch by specifying document properties and using various tools and features.

How to create a brochure in Scribus:

To create a brochure using templates, go to its File menu > New from Template option > Brochure section. Here, you can find some brochure related templates. Select any of these and modify them according to your requirements. For creating a brochure from scratch, you can simply create a new document and specify document properties like document layout, margin guides, bleeds, size, orientation, number of pages, etc.

For designing purpose, it provides various essential and advanced tools. You can import scalar & vector images related to your product or services to add to your brochure. It lets you format images using options like arrange, align, image effects (blur, grayscale, posterize, brightness, colorize, etc.), and more. To add information to the brochure, you can add texts in custom font and style. Other than that, you can also add a table if needed. It provides some drawing tools to insert line, polygon, shape, bezier curve, and freehand line and make some custom designs. Additionally, you can add barcodes of different formats in your brochure document.

Each added item can be edited and managed using various options from Item menu, such as duplicate, multiple duplicate, lock item, transform, send to layer, etc. Other than that, you can manage individual layer from respective window. It also contains some handy tools to manage images of brochure, use color wheel in designing, short words, execute scripts, etc. You can load external patterns and color palette to design a brochure. Also, it lets you use a master page manager and style manager.

When you are done creating a brochure, you can export it to various files such as PDF, SVG, PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP, ICO, etc. If you want, you can also directly print the brochure.

All in all, it is one of the best free brochure creator software on this list.

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher is another brochure maker software for Windows. Basically, it is a desktop publishing software which can be used to create brochures, restaurant menu, posters, banners, letterheads, etc.

On the launch of this software, it displays a dialog window where you can see a View Sample section. On clicking this section, you will be able to see Affinity Brochure which you can download and use as a template. If you want to create a brochure from scratch, create a new document by specifying its type (print, photo, web, devices, etc.), number of pages, resolution and aspect ratio, layout (page width, page height, DPI, etc.), color format, color profile, bleed, margins, etc. You can start the brochure designing process later on.

You can import images and place them anywhere in the brochure. It also lets you format images using editing options like rotate, flip, arrange, alignment, rasterize, etc. Also, you can insert text frames to add information in brochure. Besides that, you can add table and draw a design over brochure using tools like pencil, pen, rectangle, fill, color palette, color picker, etc. It comes with several inbuilt icons based on different categories such as Food & Drink, Cafe, Avatar, Heart, Maps, Alerts, Messages, Keyboards, Popovers, etc. You can add these icons to the brochure from the Assets tab.

It provides a layer section from where you can arrange, edit, and manage different layers of brochure design. You can also find some layer effects to apply to selected layers such as Gaussian Blur, 3D, Bevel/Emboss, Outer Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, etc. There are more tools which help you in brochure creation, such as Section Manager, Font Manager, Resource Manager, etc.

To save created brochure, it supports a lot of formats which include PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, PDF, SVG, WMF, EPS, EXR, and HDR. While exporting brochure to any of these files, you can adjust some output parameters like resample method, quality, size, etc. You can even directly print the brochure document on paper.

Note: This software is in Beta development phase right now. Hence, there are some features which don’t work.


Inkscape is another free open source brochure maker software for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. You can create a brochure from scratch or by downloading and importing external brochure templates. In order to download brochure templates, go to this webpage. You can import downloaded brochure template and modify it accordingly.

You can add various images to the brochure and arrange them as per your requirement. It lets you add information to the brochure using text tool and format the added text with desired font and style. You get a lot of painting tools in this software like 2D shapesfreehand drawing, curves and straight lines 3D boxes, spray objects by sculpting, calligraphic, gradients, fill color, etc. Additionally, you get a lot of filters to apply to the document page, image, or other added elements, such as bevels, blur, bumps, overlay, pixel tools, texture, shadow and glow, etc.

When done with making a brochure, you can simply export it to a local file. For this, it supports EMF, WMF, PNG, SVG, HTML, PS, PDF, POV, DXF, and more formats. Additionally, a print feature is available for you to directly print the brochure document.

It can be used to create drawings, letterheads, flyers, banners, posters, and more designs.


LibreOffice is a free open source office software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can also be used as a brochure maker software. You can create a new brochure by specifying brochure document properties and page layout such as size, width, height, margins, orientation, background, etc. If you want to design a brochure using an existing template, you can import it and then modify it as per your requirements. To download some brochure templates, visit this link.

It supports a variety of objects to insert into the brochure. You can add images, logos, formatted text, chart, table, date, time, etc. Additionally, it also lets you draw on the brochure using shapes, arrows, line, flowchart symbols, etc. It also comes with a Fontwork gallery and an icons gallery to add to your brochure. Each added object in a brochure can be modified and formatted using options like effects, transformation, font effects, borders, transparency, and more. Tools like spellcheck, word count, autocorrect, bibliography databases, etc., are also available in it.

The designed brochure can be saved locally in various formats like PDF, PNG, JPEG, ODT, DOC, DOCX, RTF, XML, HTML, etc. You can directly print it too if you want.

WPS Office

WPS Office is another free office suite with applications to create documents, presentation, and spreadsheets. Using it, you can also create a brochure document. It provides various free brochure templates which you can access and use by logging into this software with registered account. After downloading a brochure template, you can import and modify it with available features. You can also create a brochure from scratch by defining document properties and page layout as per your requirements.

You can add local pictures, logos, charts, etc. to the brochure. It also lets you insert text boxes and word arts to add information to the brochure. Other than that, you can add watermark, page numbers, and more to the brochure. You also get some drawing tools to further enhance brochure design such as fill, outline, shapes, text highlighter, etc. Additionally, it lets you add table of content to the brochure.

You can format an added object with options like effects, fill & line options, etc. Besides that, some handy tools like Word Count, Spellcheck, Thesaurus, etc., are also provided in it. You can also find Shadow Effects, Shadow Color, etc. options in it.

It lets you save created brochure as a document file (DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, etc.) or PDF. It also provides an option to export the brochure to image files but in free version, the output image contains a watermark. To export brochure to images without watermark, you need to purchase the premium version. Other than that, a print feature is also available to directly print the brochure on paper.

This software can also be used to create resumes, CVs, creative designs, letterheads, cards, etc.

Note: The free version of WPS Office is adware. There is a premium version of this office suite which can be downloaded from official website.

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