8 Best Free Color Mixer Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free color mixer software for Windows. These software let you mix two or more colors to view what the final color will look like. In some of these, you can select a color and customize RGB values to get the resulting color. Most of these let you view color codes of respective colors too, such as RGB, Hexa, Long VB, HTML, CMY, CMYK, etc. color codes. One of these even lets you mix colors subtractively. In one of these, you can also load a picture and determine colors present in that picture. Some additional features of these software include creating color schemes, color palettes, etc.

All are these are extremely lightweight and easy to use software. Some of these are even portable, hence you can use them on the go without installation.

My Favorite Color Mixer Software For Windows:

Color Schemes is one of my favorite because it displays color code of colors too and lets you create various color schemes. ColourBlender is another favorite of mine as apart from mixing colors, it lets you create color palettes and lets you load an image to find its colors. It is a color mixer app for Windows 10.

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Color Schemes

Color Schemes is a free color mixer software for Windows. As its name suggests, you can create up to 28 custom color schemes using this software. Each color scheme can contain up to three colors. You can specify the use of colors in created color schemes in respective boxes too.

This software provides an option to blend two colors and know what will be the final color after mixing them. On its main interface, you can view three color boxes; two on lower side and one on upper side. Select left box to choose 1st color and select right box to choose 2nd color. After that, click on Blend L/R button (as highlighted in above screenshot) to view resulting color in the top box. You can view color code of the resulting color as well as colors used in the mixing process. It also lets you vary RBG values for resulting color and mixed colors. It also displays the hexadecimal color codes of each color.

It is one of the simplest yet effective color mixing software in this list.


ColourBlender is a free color mixer app for Windows 10 which lets you mix two colors and view the final color.

In this app, you can view a default color palette with some colors on the main interface. You can add more custom colors to this default color palette using the Add button. After that, click on Choose A button and select your first color. Next, click on Choose B button and select your second color. Now, enter the number of segments to blend between 1 to 100 and hit the Blend button. You will be able to see final color with respect to colors you chose to mix. You can add this final color to your color palette database. In the Blend Blender tab, you can customize blended color by varying its RGB values.

Apart from mixing colors, it provides some additional features too. From its Select Palette tab, you can add a custom color palette with multiple colors of your choice. It shows the hexadecimal code of colors too. In addition, it lets you open an image file (JPEG, PNG) to view the colors and code of colors contained in the image. You can also add colors from imported images to your personal color palettes.

All in all, it is one of the best color mixer app for Windows 10.

Different Color Mixer

Different Color Mixer is a nice free color mixer software for Windows. In this software, you can mix two colors with maximum three parts of each color. It provides two results which are ideal resulting color and true resulting color.

How to use this free software to mix colors:

From the Color Mixer window, select Color 1 and Color 2 using the color palette provided in it. After selecting colors, you need to specify number of parts of each color to use for mixing colors. After that, hit the Click to Mix Colors button. You will be able to view resulting colors at the bottom of this window.

This is an easy to use software to mix colors. You can blend virtually any two colors in this software and know what will be the resulting color.

Alpha Color Mixer

Alpha Color Mixer is another color mixer app for Windows 10. It is basically a transparency color mixer app. You can choose a background or foreground color from the given color list. As you select a color, you can view its color code on its main interface. You can then customize transparency and RGB values, Hue, saturation, and Brightness for the selected color. You can view the real time preview of final color when you customize these parameters. It also displays color code and color name of the final color.

KML Color converter

KML Color converter is yet another free color mixing software in this list. In this software, you can basically select a color and then vary its RGB values to get the resulting color. Here is the simplified process to use this software as color mixer:

  • First, select a color using the provided color palette. As you do that, you can view RGB, Hexa, Long VB, HTML, CMY, CMYK, HSL, and KML code of chosen color.
  • Now, you can adjust RGB parameters to mix colors and see the final color. It also lets you adjust the transparency of color.
  • You can view all above mentioned color codes of resulting color as well.

It provides a color picker tool too.

Subtractive Color Mixing

Subtractive Color Mixing is another portable color mixer software and as its name suggests, it is used in mixing colors subtractively. To do so, you can choose a blank or RGB colorfield canvas and then select any of basic colors (Red, Green, Blue) to paint it with. As you draw selected color on another color in the given color palette on canvas, you can view final color. It also lets you set color transparency. You can move cursor over a color and view its RGB values.

There is also an Additive Color Mixing software (see full screenshot) provided by the same developers. It basically mixes color additively. It provides the same features as Subtractive Color Mixing software.


ColorMix is the simplest color mixer software in this list. Its interface is compact where you can select two colors to mix and view the final color. It displays different shades of resulting color too. That’s it. It doesn’t contain any other feature.

RGB Color Mix

RGB Color Mix is a free, portable color mixer software for Windows. It lets you blend basic colors which are Red, Green, and Blue. You can vary the intensity of each color and view resulting color. It also displays the HTML color code of final color at the bottom of the interface. If you want, you can enable grayscale mode to mix colors and get the final color and its code.

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