3 Best Free eBook Editor Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free eBook editor software for Windows. These are the free software which let you edit eBooks of different formats such as EPUB, AZ3, Mobipocket, HTML, TXT, etc. In these software, you can easily import an eBook and then modify its content using available tools. You can edit a lot of aspects of an eBook which include editing textual content, adding new text, inserting images, formatting eBook content, etc. In all of these software, you can edit the Table of Content (TOC) and also use it to edit any specific section or page of an eBook.

Many of these software also let you edit metadata of an eBook, like title, author, publisher, date, tags, cover, comments, etc. In some of these software, you can generate a report of an eBook to view and analyze individual files and elements of an eBook. Besides that, you can also find spellcheck, formatting tools, search options, Validate Stylesheets With W3C, and more features which further help you edit eBook.

Most of these software can also be used for reading eBooks, converting them, or just to organize and manage all your eBooks. In general, these are capable yet user friendly eBook editor which anyone can use without much hassle. I have highlighted all the main features of each software so that you can easily pick one for yourself.

My favorite Free eBook Editor Software for Windows:

calibre is one of my favorite free eBook editor software on this list as it is a complete software which can be used for a lot more tasks than just editing eBooks. For example, you can convert eBooks, read eBooks, edit eBook metadata, etc.

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calibre is a free open source eBook editor software for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is a complete eBook management software using which you can view, edit, and manage your eBooks in one place. In order to edit eBooks, it provides a dedicated button on its interface which opens up an editing window where you can find tools to modify existing an eBook.

In terms of editing, here is a curated list of the features provided in it.

Editing Features of calibre:

  • It supports AZ3 and EPUB eBook formats for editing purpose.
  • It shows a Table of Content which contains a list of pages and sections of an eBook. So, you can easily navigate to a specific section and edit its content.
  • While it shows book content in both HTML code view and text preview modes, you can edit content in HTML view only.
  • It lets you copy and paste content to eBook, manually write content, insert special characters, create checkpoint, etc.
  • From its Tools menu, you can find multiple features to edit and manage different elements of an eBook. These options include Table of Content, Manage Fonts, Fix HTML, Add Cover, Transform Styles, Check Spelling, Reports (to view all elements of an eBook), etc.

Additional Features:

  • It provides a feature to compare two EPUB eBooks.
  • You can create new eBooks by importing content from external files.
  • You can edit metadata of eBooks in bulk using it.
  • It provides a dedicated viewer using which you can read various eBooks.
  • It supports a wide number of eBook formats to view and manage books, such as LIT, PDF, HTML, Comics, Mobi, PRC, etc.


calibre is one of the best free eBook editor software. It also provides a lot more features which come in handy to organize your eBooks in one software.


Sigil is another free open source eBook editor software for Window, Mac, and Linux. Using this software, you can edit EPUB books as well as books in the formats of HTML and plain text. But, as output, it only supports EPUB eBook format. You can even create an EPUB book from scratch using it. Besides that, it works well as an eBook reader too.

It provides a number of features to edit eBook. Let’s checkout the main features which you can find in it.

Main Editing Features of Sigil:

  • It displays the Table of Content of an eBook using which you can easily navigate to a particular section of eBook and edit it.
  • You get a Book Browser too which lets you easily view, edit, and manage different elements of an eBook like Text, Style, Images, Fonts, etc.
  • Besides adding or editing text of eBook, it lets you insert new items to eBook, such as ID, Link, Special Characters, File (image, sound, video), etc.
  • A Format menu is provided in it which lets you format content of the input eBook as per requirements. It contains options like bold, italic, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, bulleted list, numbered list, etc.
  • Apart from editing actual content, you can also modify Table of Content, Index, eBook Metadata, Clip Editor, etc.
  • It provides a handy feature to add a new cover to your eBook.

Additional Features:

  • You can add content using various text and multimedia files and create a new eBook.
  • To view an eBook, it provides Book View, Code View, Zoom in/ out options, etc.
  • It lets you directly print an EPUB eBook.
  • You get some more useful tools in it which help you edit or create eBooks, such as Spellcheck, Search options, Validate Stylesheets With W3C, Report (containing eBook files and elements), etc.


Sigil is quite a popular eBook editor using which you can edit ePUB eBooks plus read them as well.


eCub is yet another free eBook editor software for Windows. It is basically an eBook creation software using which you can create an eBook in the formats of EPUB and Mobipocket. You can also edit eBooks in the same formats using it.

As it is a little different to edit existing eBooks using it, here are the exact steps for novice users to edit eBooks in it:

How to edit eBook using eCub:

  • First, create a new project and enter eBook metadata such as book title, author, publisher, etc.
  • Now, specify output file name and output folder and set an output format from EPUB and Mobipocket.
  • Next, choose respective import method and import an EPUB or Mobipocket file. You can also import a LIT eBook, but you can only export the edited version in EPUB or Mobipocket format.
  • After that, you can edit eBook cover using its inbuilt templates or custom design.
  • You can now view the content of eBook which you can manually edit and then save the edited eBook.

Editing Features:

  • It displays all sections of an eBook which you can use to move to a particular chapter of an eBook to edit.
  • You can edit content of eBook in HTML or text view mode.
  • It also lets you edit information of individual section of an eBook.


eCub is a nice eBook creation software using which you can create new eBooks as well as edit existing ones. In terms of editing existing eBooks, it is just about decent.

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