8 Best Free Kundli Maker Software For Windows

Here is the list of best free Kundli maker software for Windows. These software will help you make Kundli in very easy way. Plus, most of these software also have inbuilt interpreter, using which you can self-educate or help yourself while interpreting kundli.

A Kundli (also referred to as Natal Chart or Horoscope) is a diagrammatic representation of planets’ position at the time when you were born. It has different houses and planets positioned as per the information of a person provided. A Kundli or Birth Chart is helps astrologers to make predictions. If you want to make Kundli at home, without a visit to an astrologer, then you can use these free kundli maker software to create Kundli yourself.

Go through the list of these best free Kundli maker software for Windows to know more about them and also know how to make kundli on computer with these software.

My Favorite Kundli Software

My pick is Maitraeya. It generates a nice-looking and informative kundli, with many different background options to choose from. Also, you can pick from many different kundli styles, including South, East, and North Indian styles. It lets you view different representations of the data provided, such as Multiple Vargas, Sarvatobhadra, Dasa, Transit, and Solar views.

However, if you also want to learn predictions and interpretations in written form along with kundli, you can go for Astro-vision Life Sign Mini.

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Maiterya is a small and useful free kundli software, which can make birth chart in both Vedic and Western traditions. It shows kundli with multiple skins and graphic styles including South, North, and East Indian style. It can not only be used for creating Kundli, but can be used for applying astrological techniques for predictions, such as: Multiple Vargas, Dasa view, Transit view, Yoga view, and Solar view. You can also see Western tradition Kundli for the same input data and compare it with the Vedic interpretations.

You can enable/disable different objects from kundli, like planets and stars. It also has an animate feature to speed up the movement of planets. It is available in many different languages like English, French, Italian, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

Maiterya lets you save a Kundli or even print your Kundli.

Astro-vision Life Sign Mini

Astro-vision Life Sign Mini is one of the most popular and comprehensive kundli software. It creates Kundlis and gives detailed interpretations related to a person’s information provided, where you have to enter a person’s name, date of birth, and place of birth.

After it generates horoscope, you can view its Kundli, Sudarshana Chakra, and Bhava Chakra. Also, you can read out interpretations, such as Panchanga Predictions, Dasa Predictions, Transit Forecast, Favourable Periods, Ashtavarga Prediction, and many other related predictions. It also generates a summary of all the calculations made. You can generate your kundli in different languages including English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, etc.

This Kundli maker allows you to Export the complete horoscope as PDF and you can also take a printout.

Jagannatha Hora

Jagannatha Hora is a great and one of the most popular Kundali software. It can be a bit complex to use, but this comprehensive software has a lot to offer. Press Ctrl + D and provide a person’s info, like person’s Name, Date of Birth, and Place of Birth. It will display the basic as well as complete astrological information about the person. This includes modes like Chakras, Strenghts, Dasas, Tranists, Tajaka, etc. It lets you create kundli in English as well as various Indian languages.

You can choose from different kundli (chart) styles like South Indian (regular and irregular), North Indian (diamond), and East Indian. Best thing about this Kundli software is dual chart style support; this means, you can generate two different Kundlis in different style.

Junior Jyotish

Junior Jyotish is a popular and lightweight Kundli Software which you can use to quickly generate Kundli in North and South Indian style. As the name suggests, it is not really a comprehensive software, so it doesn’t provides detailed interpretations.

You are required to enter chart data which includes Name, Date of Birth, and Place of Birth. After providing these info, it will draw a basic Kundli (or birth chart) along with astrological information. Also, it allows you to see Pratyantar Dashas, Divisional Charts including Hora, Dasamas, Dwadasmsa, Ephemeris, and SA Analysis & Transits.

With this kundli freeware, you can save a horoscope or take a printout.

KP StarOne

KP StarOne is another popular kundli software for Windows. It has a simplistic interface, but a little less user-friendly. It comes with almost all the features to showcase astrological calculations along with creating kundli. It allows to view kundli in North and East Styles, with and without Significators. It lets you make kundli in English as well as Hindi languages.

Different Charts (kundli) include Rasi, Navamsa, and Bhav Chalit and can be seen either in North or East Indian style. Along with basic kundli, it shows different horoscopic info, like Transit chart, Planets and cusps, Significators, Dasa navigator, etc.

You can save kundli illustration to this software’s database or save kundli as PDF file.

MB Janam Kundali

MB Janam Kundali is another free and lightweight Kundli software for Windows. It generates Kundli in North, South, and East Indian style. You are required to enter person’s Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and some additional info in order to have the Kundli generated.

This Kundli software does more than generating kundli in different styles. It has an Interpretation tab; on clicking this tab, it displays various calculations made using the person’s data. It shows person’s Career and Finance, Love and Compatibility, Physique and LooksHealth, and Nature .

You can save a generated Kundli either in text or as image (JPG) file.

MB Astrology Kundali Match

MB Astrology Kundali Match is a free Kundali matching software for Windows. It cannot create kundli; however, it displays all details related to the compatibility between two persons. After entering the information related to both the person’s names, dates of birth, and places of birth, you can match their kundli in relation to Birth Details, Guna Milan, and Interpretations. Also, you can check out Rashi and Nakshtras of both persons.

You cannot save horoscope information until you are registered with MysticBorad, the publisher of this software. The registration is free.


Jotiz is a really small Kundli software for Windows. It creates kundli in South, East, and North kundli style. Also, you can plot different aspects or planetary position on the chart.

It has a clear interface and is very easy to use. This kundli software requires internet connection to fetch algorithms to interpret the data entered and create kundli. Save file option is provided to save illustrated kundli on your PC.

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