3 Best Free Medical Manager Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free medical manager software for Windows. These free patient manager software let doctors and nurses keep a record of patient’s data. These software not only make managing records simple, but also eliminate your dependency on those traditional pen and paper methods.

You can create multiple patient profiles and add treatment information. Some of these free patient manager software let you add medical reports of patients, while in some EMR software, there is a separate section to upload images. You can prepare your own notes in some of these medical manager software. Besides this, some of these freeware also come with a feature of adding complete patient’s medical background, like allergies, smoking and alcohol addiction, medical history of patient’s family, etc.

On exploring the list, you will also find a medical management software for Dentists. Besides adding patient’s personal information the database, this free EMR software also lets dentists add the type of dental problem, the type of oral treatment, and the location of teeth to be treated. Dentists can also upload Pre-Operative, Post-Operative, and X-ray images of a patient.

My favorite Medical Manager Software for Windows:

Patient Tracker and Patient Manager Software are my favorite medical manager software for Windows.

Patient Manager Starter: Patient Manager Starter is a powerful medical manager software in this list. In this software, doctors can keep record of prescriptions, treatment, etc. Doctors can also upload medical reports of patients and prepare their own notes. The communication section of this free healthcare software lets you communicate with your patients. You can plan campaigns and send them via SMS or email to patients.

Patient Tracker: This is a Windows 10 app and offers many good features. You can not only add multiple patient profiles in this free electronic medical record software, but also add complete treatment details to each patient’s profile. Some of the medical information that you can add to this software includes: diagnosis details, prescriptions, medical background of a patient, lab reports, etc. You can not only create lab reports of patients, but also upload a copy of medical report.

Go through the list and download these free patient management software.

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Patient Manager Starter

Patient Manager Starter is a free medical manager software for Windows. This free EHR Software provides a feature to Physicians and Nurses to keep track of medical records of all patients. This is a very powerful free EMR software in which doctors can keep record of consultations, treatment, drug prescriptions, etc. separately for easy access. It also lets you attach reports and other related documents of patients.

This free medical practice management software comes with many features. Let’s understand its features:

  • Home Screen: On the home screen of this freeware, you can search for any patient by typing his name. Its home screen displays all of your planned events, your tasks, recent patients list, and encountered patient list.
  • Activities: All medical activities are managed here. This section is helpful to keep a record of consultations, diagnoses, treatments, drug and prescriptions. Besides this, you can also search for documents and images. You can also search for records by entering date and time. Besides this, it also displays records that lie within a date range, like today, yesterday, this month, last month, last 7 days, last 90 days, last 120 days, etc.
  • Contacts: As its name implies, you can save contact information of patients in this section of this free patient management software. You can include patient’s address, contact number, email address etc.
  • Documents: All the saved documents, like medical test reports can be saved and viewed in this section.
  • Notes: You can prepare new notes and save them here.
  • Communication: You can communicate with your patients via this section. It lets you create campaigns and send them to your patients either via SMS or an Email. For this, you have to add an SMS or an Email account to this free healthcare software.

Apart from these features, this free medical manager software comes with many other features, like calendars (in which you can add reminders), print feature (which lets you take a printout of your patient’s data), etc.

Electronic medical record software like Patient Manager Starter not only saves time but also make managing patient’ database simple.

Patient Tracker

Patient Tracker is a powerful medical manager software for Windows. This Windows 10 app provides you the features to create electronic health records of multiple patients. Now, you can keep all medical records of patients safe. Say good-bye to traditional pen n paper method.

The home screen of this free electronic medical record software displays the list of all recently added patients, pending appointments, and record of patients accessed in last 30 days. Just below the recent patient list, there is a search tab, which lets you search for any patient by typing his/her name.

Let’s see what can we do with this free EMR software:

To add a patient to the database, click + icon displayed in recent patient section. The patient’s details are categorized into three sections: Personal details, Contact details, and physical details:

  • Personal Details: Details regarding patient’s personal information should be added here. This includes: patient’s first name, last name, date of birth, admission date, etc.
  • Contact Details: Add patient’s contact information here, like address, email, contact number, etc.
  • Physical Details: Add patient’s complaints, time spent in examining him, and comments (if any) in this section.

You can also upload patient’s photograph to his profile.

After adding a patient, you can add the following information to his profile:

  • Diagnosis Details: Patient’s name, his diagnosis report, date of treatment, and the name of the physician who has taken out his treatment are added in this section.
  • Prescriptions: You can schedule the dosage of medicine along with its name in this section.
  • Medical background: You can add complete medical history of a patient here. It includes: past dental problems, past allergies, smoking and alcohol addiction, family medical background, etc.
  • Lab Reports: You can prepare lab report here. Besides this, it also lets you upload patient’s medical report in popular image formats: JPG, JPEG, and PNG. You can also upload the images of patient’s infected body part.
  • Vital Signs Assessment Details: Here you can prepare notes. This section also has the feature of adding data related to patient’s physical fitness, like Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, etc., but this feature is available in its paid version.

Appointments: As the name implies, you can schedule appointments in this section.

A lot of advanced features are available in its free version.

Patients Records Lite

Patients Records Lite is another free medical manager software in this list. This is a free Windows 10 EHR app which lets you prepare electronic medical records of patients. With the help of this free EMR software, doctors can manage their clinic easily. You can add multiple patients to the database, upload photographs of different body parts, add and view appointments, and do a lot more with this freeware.

Patients: The patients section of this free healthcare software lets you add multiple patients to the directory. Adding patients to the list is a little bit different. This section displays alphabets from A to Z. To add a patient, click the corresponding letter, which is the first letter of his last name.

You can create a complete profile of patients, which include: first name, last name, contact number, email, and address. You can also upload a photograph of a patient to his profile. It supports multiple image formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. Moreover, you can upload patient’s history records created by you in the form of image. It also lets you upload an image of the patient’s impacted body part. For-example, if there is a patient whose right leg is fractured, I can upload his X-Ray image to the software as an image.

Daily Appointments: You can add and view patient appointments in this section.

This is a good medical manager software, which lets you create electronic medical records easily.

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