8 Best Free Online Anxiety Screening Test Websites

Here is a list of the best free online Anxiety Screening Test websites. Anxiety is a common health condition that affects millions of people around the world. Anxiety can interface with life in many ways including feeling worry, fear, unease, etc. It is important to seek help when one is experiencing anxiety. An online anxiety screening test is a good start. It is quick and can help you assess mental health.

This post covers 8 websites where you can take a free anxiety test. These are simple and easy containing 7, 10, 22, and even 42 questions. These questions ask about your health, behavior, feelings, etc.  All the questions come with multiple choices where you have to pick the option that best represents your condition. Based on that, you get an anxiety score that represents your anxiety level.

My Favorite Online Anxiety Screening Test Website

All these anxiety tests are more or less the same. These tests cover mostly identical questions and give an anxiety score based on that. You can go with any of these websites to test screen anxiety.

Do note that these tests are not a diagnosis for anxiety. But a test can help you get to know your mental situation. It can also help assess whether you should consult with mental health professionals.

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Comparison Table:

Sensa.health17Anxiety Level
MHANational.org21Anxiety Level
Talkspace.com7Anxiety Level
PsychologyToday.com42Anxiety Level
Aetna.com7Anxiety State
PsychCentral.com22Anxiety Level & Advice
BeautifulMindsMedical.com7Anxiety Level
Clinical-Partners.co.uk10Anxiety Level


PsychCentral.com provides information and resources related to mental health and wellness. This website offers a wide range of content on mental well-being covering articles, news, forums, and quizzes, and tests. There is an Anxiety Test on this website that you can take to know your anxiety level. The test covers 22 questions asking about your health, behavior, mood, and mental state. When you complete the test, it gives you an anxiety score. Along with that, you get advice on what you can do next based on your anxiety score.

Additional Stuff:

PsychCentral offers a variety of free mental health apps that can be useful for managing and tracking mental health and wellness. Additionally, the website provides a list of online support groups for individuals with bipolar disorder.


Sensa.health is a mental health app that offers online therapy and educational content. It has a mood track journal and also offers various screening tests. You can take the Stress/Anxiety test online on the website. The test start by asking about the gender identity and age of the person. Then it asks 15 other multi-choice questions asking about mood, behavior, and physical symptoms. In the end, it takes a few seconds to calculate your results. The results show your anxiety level. Along with that, it pitches a Sensa plan for you that can help you tackle anxiety.

Additional Stuff:

This website also ADHD, Procrastination, Burnout, Self-esteem, Fatigue/Exhaustion, Social Anxiety, and PTSD tests that you can take online.


MHANational.org (Mental Health America) is a community-based nonprofit organization. The website has a screening section that covers multiple tests related to mental health and well-being. You can find the Anxiety Test there. The test has a three-step process. The first step covers 7 questions asking about how often have you been bothered by the following problems in the last 2 weeks. The second step asks for Demographic Information. This step is optional, it is your choice to answer or not answer those questions. After that, you can move to the third step which shows the test results. It shows the score and shows what level of anxiety you have. From that page, you can also email the results to yourself.

Additional Stuff:

MHA Screening has a collection of other online free screening tools that are confidential and anonymous. It has screening tests for depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), postpartum depression, alcohol and substance use, and early psychosis.


Talkspace.com is an online therapy platform designed to connect individuals with therapists. It has multiple online screening tests that you can access. The anxiety test is short here and can help you learn whether you may be living with anxiety. This test asks you to answer how often you have been bothered by listed problems over the last 2 weeks. Based on your answers, it accesses your test. After that, you have to provide your email address to view the result. The result shows your anxiety level on the screen. Along with that, it includes a link to learn more about Talkspace therapy.

Additional Stuff:

This website also offers additional mental well-being tests that you can take online. Based on the test results, it also can provide further connections for paid therapy.


PsychologyToday.com is a mental health and behavioral science platform. The website has dedicated sections for psychiatry and therapy. It also has a collection of self-tests that anyone can take online. The anxiety test here is 10 minutes long. It conducts a thorough examination of your mental state and behavior with 42 questions. When you finish the test, it shows a snapshot of the report with a summary. It shows your anxiety level graph on the screen. If you want to know more, you can purchase the full results for $6.95

Additional Stuff:

This website has sections dedicated to psychiatry and therapy, which provide information about different types of therapy and the differences between psychiatrists and psychologists along with other seld-tests.


Aetna.com is a healthcare company that provides healthcare insurance and related services, such as medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and behavioral health. There is a free online anxiety screening test on this website. This test has 7 questions and asks you an option that is closest to how you feel. Instead of giving you an anxiety score, this test responds with a paragraph based on your anxiety level.

Additional Stuff:

As I said, this website provides healthcare insurance and related services for individuals. You can find doctors and medication on this website.


BeautifulMindsMedical.com is mental health care provider where you can specialized health care. There is an online Anxiety Screening Test that you can take for free. The test consists of 7 multiple-choice questions. The questions are regarding the common symptoms of anxiety. Based on your responses to the questions, it gives you a score and tells your anxiety level based on that.

Additional Stuff:

This website has other online self-screening tests for mental health. It also provides outpatient psychiatry, counseling, and intensive outpatient programs.


Clinical-Partners.co.uk is another mental health care provider that offers evidence-based treatments for various mental health conditions. You can take their online anxiety test on the website. It is a free test that covers 10 questions. The questions are based on an evidence-based screening tool. You simply have to pick an option that is more closely to your condition. You have to do this for all 10 questions. After the last question, it shows your anxiety score. Along with that, it also provides some advice on what should you do next.

Additional Stuff:

Clinical-Partners.co.uk offers online therapy and telepsychiatry services. You can also take other tests related to mental health and well-being on this website.

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