6 Best Free Online Call Sign Generator Websites

Here is a list of the best free online Call Sign Generator websites. A call sign serves as a unique identifier for a transmitter or station. It is used in broadcasting and radio communications. Call signs are used in aviation as well. If you ever watched “Top Gun, you might have noticed that every fighter pilot and radio commutator has a call sign. Call signs are based on the pilot’s personality, or some memorable event that occurred during their training or career.

This post covers 6 websites that can help you generate call signs. These websites take the first name and last name as input and generate a random call sign for the name. Some websites generate one call sign at a time whereas some generate a list of call signs to choose from. This gives you many options to pick from. With that said, let’s explore the post and check these tools in detail.

My Favorite Online Call Sign Generator

CallSignGenerator.com is my favorite website on this list to generate call signs online. This call sign generator generates call signs in the set of 12. With a click, you can refresh the output and get 12 fresh call signs. This is useful to quickly explore multiple call signs and find a good one to use.

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Comparison Table:

NameNo. of ResultsInputDownloadable
CallSignGenerator.com12+First/Last Namex
TopAces.com1First/Last Namex
TopGunDay.com1First/Last Namex
CalculatorWise.comUp to 10First/Last Namex
CallMeBoo.com1First/Last Namex


CallSignGenerator.com is a free website that lets you generate unique call signs for specific needs. It can generate call signs for pilots, radio operators, gamers, and anybody who needs a call sign. The website is easy to use and generates multiple call signs per request. To generate a call sign, all you have to do is enter the First and/or Last name into the website. Then you can simply run it to generate call signs. The website then gives you 12 call signs based on the input name. It shows the call sign in plain text with a cameo background. At the top right corner, you get a button to generate more call signs. This button replaces the current 12 call signs on the screen with 12 new call signs. You can keep using this button to get a fresh set of 12 call signs every time you click on it. The call signs are just plain text that you can select and copy. Apart from that, there is no option to save the generated call signs (like an image).


  • This website generates call signs in sets of 12.
  • The call signs are in plain text with a cameo background.

Additional Features:

Apart from the regular “Call Sign Generator”, this website also has “Top Gun Call Sign Generator” and “Military Call Sign Generator”. Both these tools work very similarly generating distinguished call signs.


TopAces.com is the website of a Montreal-based defense contractor that provides contracted airborne training services to the Canadian and German armed forces. The website features a call sign generator where anyone can generate a call sign. The tool asks for the first name and the last name as input. Then you can submit that input to generate the call sign. The tool generates one call sign per run. It shows the call sign in plain text in between the provided first and last names. It uses a top ace badge photo as the background and shows the generated call sign over it. There is no option to download the call sign with the top ace badge. But you can copy the call sign just like any text.


  • This website generates 1 call sign at a time.
  • The call sign is in plain text over a top ace badge.

Additional Features:

Top Aces is a privately owned company that provides advanced airborne training. You can check out their fleets on the website where you can get insightful information about various jets.


TopGunDay.com is a free website dedicated to the celebration of Top Gun Day. Top Gun Day is the celebration of the 1986 American action drama film Top Gun. It is annually celebrated on May 13th. This website provides information about the Top Gun Day celebration and merchandise related to the movie. It also has a call sign generator that you can use to generate a call sign instantly. The call sign generator here is simple and has two input sections; First Name and Last Name. You just have to enter the names and run the tool to get a call sign. It shows one call sign per run. The call sign is written on top of the Top Gun badge. Below that, there are options to share the call sign you generated on Facebook and Twitter.


  • This call sign generator generates 1 call sign per run.
  • It has options to quickly share the generated call sign on social media.

Additional Features:

This website tracks the celebration of Top Gun Day and also lists related merchandise that you can buy. Apart from that, you can find popular videos, images, and quotes on this website from the movie Top Gun.


CalculatorWise.com is a free website with a wide collection of online generators and calculators. Among all that, it offers a free online call sign generator. This is a simple tool where you can get your own call sign in seconds. You simply have to provide the first name and the last name in the tool. Then you can select how many call signs you want the tool to generate. You can pick between 1 to 10. Based on your selection, the tool gets you that many call signs. It shows the call signs on the screen. The output only has the call sign and not the first/last name.


  • This call sign generator can generate up to 10 call signs per run.
  • It only shows the call sign in the result without first and second names.

Additional Features:

CalculatorWise offers many other online generators for names, passwords, sports, time, and other fun activities. You can explore and use those tools as well for free.


CallMeBoo.com is another website with a free online call sign generator. This tool features a Top Gun movie poster in the background and uses the matching text font. It has two sections at the top asking to enter First Name and Last Name. Below that, you get a button to run the tool. All you have to do is enter the names and run the tool to get the call sign. The tool shows the generated call sign in between first and last names. The call sign is displayed over a “Top Gun” style badge that looks good. You can screenshot if you like or just get the call sign.


  • This call sign generator generates 1 call sign per run.
  • It shows the call sign name on top of a “Top Gun” style badge.

Additional Features:

CallMeBoo is a website by Christian “Boo” Boucousis who is an inspirational keynote speaker who shares his secrets to creating disruptive and sustainable high performance. You can explore keynotes and other related resources on this website.


NerdBurglars.net is a free website for games that covers a variety of video game guides, info, and more. The website also features a Fighter Pilot Call Sign Generator tool. This is a simple tool that generates 7 call signs at a time. To generate the call signs you just have to click a button. There is no need to enter first name or last name. When you click the “Generate Names” buttons, it almost instantly shows 7 call signs on the screen. You can press the button again to get the other 7 new call signs. This way, you can use this tool to generate and find cool call signs.


  • This tool generates 7 call signs at a time.
  • It shows only the call sign in the output.

Additional Features:

NerdBurglars.net offers a variety of resources for gamers. The website provides game reviews, walkthroughs, cheats, and guides for popular video games. It also has a forum where users can discuss games, ask for help, and connect with other gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A vanity call sign is selected by the FCC from a list of call signs requested by the station licensee or the club station license trustee.

Pilot callsigns typically stem from within a pilot's squadron, and creating one's own callsign is generally regarded as inappropriate.

Most current callsigns are still based on the same sources as in the early days of aviation – a derivative of a last name, physical features, personalities or pop culture.

Although it's possible for multiple pilots to share a call sign, being renamed is infrequent.

General aviation call signs are spoken by each individual letter and number using the ICAO phonetic alphabet.

Yes, the military, including the army, uses call signs as a way to identify units, personnel, and vehicles for communication and operational purposes.

Pilots choose call signs based on personal traits or experiences, while some are assigned by colleagues or superiors. Call signs need to be distinct and memorable for effective communication.

Yes, airline pilots typically use call signs during flights for identification. These call signs are often based on the airline's name or code, followed by the flight number.

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