5 Best Free Online Coronavirus Simulation Tools

Here is a list of Best Free Online Coronavirus Simulation Tools. As coronavirus is continuing to spread all over the world, these online tools help you simulate coronavirus behavior and outspread in various conditions. Students, researcher, analysts, or any individual with general interest can use these tools for analyzing how coronavirus is spreading all over the world in different situations. Some tools even help you in decision making in this crucial time of Covid-19 pandemic.

To perform coronavirus simulation, you can vary various parameters that include population size,initial sick agents, mortality rate, transmission chances, number of hospital beds, symptoms to recovery, social isolation level, and many more. As you change these parameters, you will see change in coronavirus outspread. These tools also show you estimated numbers of infected, recovered, sick, and dead people as per chosen parameters. Additionally, various graphs are also shown in these tools which further help you analyze outspread of Covid-19. One of these is a dedicated tool that shows you effect of coronavirus with and without social distancing.

Some of these tools let you export simulation results in a spreadsheet file. You can also save simulation video in one of these. All in all, these are featured online tools to simulate coronavirus outspread.

My Favorite Free Online Coronavirus Simulation Tools:

CovidSIM is one of my favorites as it lets you adjust a variety of disease and intervention parameters for coronavirus simulation and analysis. You can also export the results in CSV format.

Simdemic is another good one. It is a web extension available for Google Chrome browser.

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CovidSIM is a featured coronavirus simulation tool. It is a basically a planning tool which enables health departments, government, enterprises, and others to visualize and simulate spread of Covid-19 disease among the population and make decisions accordingly. It is based on differential equations and you can vary a variety of parameters to measure impact of coronavirus. You can view the results in the form of various graphs.

How to simulate coronavirus outspread using CovidSIM:

First, you need to set up various configurations and parameters to perform coronavirus simulation. These parameters include:

  • Disease Parameters: Population (population size, initial infections, infection from outside of the population per day), Durations (simulation days, latency days, prodromal period, early infective period, late infective period, hospitalization days, ICU admission, number of Erlang stages), Severity (infection which will lead to sickness, sick patients seek medical help, sick patients are hospitalized, hospitalized cases need intensive care, sick patients die from disease), Contagiousness (annual average of the basic reproduction number, amplitude of seasonal fluctuation, relative contagiousness in the prodromal period, relative contagiousness in the late infective period, etc.), and Detection parameters.
  • Interventions: Case Isolation (probability that sick person is isolated, maximum capacity of isolation wards, contact reduction for cases in home isolation, begin of case isolation measures, duration of case isolation measures), General Contact Reduction, and Triggered General Contact Reduction.

As you set up all these parameters, you will be able to view different simulation graphs including Infection and Immunity Status, Infection and Disease, and Cumulative Events. The graphs represent change in values of different numbers including susceptible, infected, recovered, dead, detection probability, and contact reduction.

Additional Feature:

  • Export: You can export the coronavirus simulation results and values in CSV file format.


It is one of the best coronavirus simulation tools which you can use to analyze impact and spread of coronavirus.


covid19sim.org is a free online Coronavirus Simulation Tool. Using this online tool, users can simulate covid-19 immunity, covid-19 immunity, and covid-19 outbreak. By using its various settings, you can easily analyze the impact of covid and immunity of people after contracting the covid. It also displays various statistics and graphs in real-time as you change various parameters. Now, check out the main features of this website.

Main features:

  • COVID-19 Doubling Time: This simulation shows the entire timeline along with a map that highlights at which stage the COVID outbreak gets doubled.
  • COVID-19 Policy Simulator: It shows national and state-level policies created by representatives at different stages of the COVID outbreak.
  • COVID-19 Immunity Tracker: It is another handy tool that shows the simulation of recent COVID outbreaks on various U.S. Counties.


It is a nice and quite easy-to-understand tool to perform coronavirus simulation to see how this virus is spreading across the population.


Simdemic is a free coronavirus simulation extension for Google Chrome browser. It is a nice and easy to use tool to analyze coronavirus spread by setting up various parameters. You can view the simulation in real time by noticing the behavior of coronavirus as it transfers from one to another.

How to simulate coronavirus outspread using Simdemic:

  • First, install this web extension to your Google Chrome browser.
  • Now, click on the Simdemic icon from the extension bar and scroll down to set up various simulation parameters that are population density, mortality rate, transmission chances, and social isolation level.
  • You can also set up advance parameters including number of hospital beds per 1000 people, symptoms to recovery, social distancing, hygiene, infected are isolated, and radius of transmission.
  • Finally, hit the Start Simulation button and view real-time coronavirus simulation with number of infected, deceased, recovered, and healthy people. You can also view a respective graph showing impact of Covid-19 spread.


It is a good coronavirus simulation extension for Chrome browser to analyze variation in coronavirus spread based on various parameters.

Coronavirus Live Status | COVID-19 Simulator

Coronavirus Live Status | COVID-19 Simulator, as the name suggests, is a coronavirus statistic analysis and simulation tool. It is basically a web extension for Google Chrome. You can use it to view various live statistics related to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as well as simulate coronavirus spread. It also shows interactive map with countries and their respective cases. All in all, it is a complete coronavirus analysis tool that shows real time status as well as lets you perform coronavirus simulation.

How to simulate coronavirus using this free Google Chrome extension:

  • First, install this Chrome extension and click this extension from extension badge.
  • Now, customize various simulation parameter from the Coronavirus Spreading Simulation section including sick population, infection rate, death rate, and social distancing.
  • After that, press the Start Simulation button to initiate coronavirus spread simulation. You will be able to view spread of coronavirus within different area and change in number of healthy, sick, recovered, and dead people. If you want, you can seal the boundary of an area so that no one goes to or comes from that area.


It is a simple coronavirus simulation tool which also shows real time Covid-19 status all over the world as well as in your country.

Coronavirus Simulation

Coronavirus Simulation is one more free online tool to view and analyze coronavirus spread. It basically depicts how coronavirus spreads with or without social distancing. It shows both the simulations in separate sections. You can vary only number of people moving freely with social distancing and it will show you infected, recovered, and healthy numbers.

Additional Feature:

  • You can download simulation video in MP4 format.


It is a very basic coronavirus simulation tool which one can use to analyze coronavirus spread with/ without social distancing.

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