5 Best Free Online Cron Job Monitoring Tools

Here is a list of the best free online cron job monitoring tools. A cron job is for scheduling and running a certain task. It automates the task and runs it periodically in the background. A cron job monitoring tool helps you monitor whether a specific cron job is active or not. To be able to monitor a cron job, first, you have to configure that into the monitoring tool. After that, the tool periodically checks the status and alerts you when there is an error.

This post covers 5 websites to monitor cron jobs online. These are dedicated applications and cron job monitoring services. All these services offer a free account with limitations. I briefly covered each service along with the highlights. The highlights are the features that you get within the free plan only. After signing up for a free account, you can simply add the cron job along with the name, interval/grace period, etc., and start monitoring.

My Favorite Online Cron Job Monitoring Tool

HealthChecks.io is my favorite tool on this list to monitor cron jobs online. All these services come with insightful dashboard and alert via email or some other channel. But this service allows you to monitor up to 20 jobs for free. This is double that of any other service on the list. However, the alerts are limited to email only.

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Overview Table:

WebsitesFree Monitor JobsIntervalNo. of Users (free plan)
BetterStack.com103 mins1
WebGazer.io15 mins1


HealthChecks.io offers an online cron job monitoring tool. This website has a free plan that lets you create and monitor up to 20 cron jobs. After creating an account, you add new checks to create cron jobs. It lists all your con jobs on a live-updating dashboard. There you can see the status of the job along with the Ping URL, Integration, Period (Grace Period), and Last Ping. From there, you can select a job to get detailed insight. This includes an event log, status log, schedule, notification methods, and other controls.


  • Monitor up to 20 jobs for free.
  • Live-updating dashboard.
  • Configurable Period and Grace Time parameters.
  • Cron expression support with Cron Syntax Cheatsheet.
  • Detailed event log with notes, pointers, and down notifications (via email).
  • 5 SMS & WhatsApp credits for free users.
  • Add up to 3 team members with the free account.


BetterStack.com is an online service to monitor and get notified for down times. This service can offer a detailed second-by-second monitor from multiple regions around the world with screenshots. You can easily use it for cron job monitoring. You can create up to 10 jobs for free with a 3 minutes check. In case there is an error, it notifies you about that via email. You can also integrate other services into BetterStack to monitor as well as get notified. This includes Slack, Google Calendar, Heartbeats, Datadog, New Relic, Status page, Zapier, etc.


  • Monitor up to 10 jobs for free.
  • Live-updating dashboard.
  • 3 minutes check period.
  • Cron expression support.
  • Detailed event log with down notifications (via email).
  • Integration with Slack, Google Calendar, Heartbeats, etc.
  • Allows only 1 user with the free account.


Cronitor.io is another website to monitor a wide variety of applications and cron jobs. It can track the status of cron jobs and other background processes with metrics. It can also validate and monitor websites and APIs from multiple locations around the world. Whether it’s a cron job or application monitoring, you can create up to 5 jobs for free. When you do that, it shows the status of those jobs in a live dashboard. The dashboard shows you an overview of the job that you can expand to get events, the latest activities, and the latest alerts. When the check fails, it alerts via email. You can also integrate Slack to get the alerts directly there.


  • Monitor up to 5 jobs for free.
  • Live-updating dashboard.
  • Configurable check period.
  • Cron expression support.
  • Detailed event log with down notifications (via email & Slack).
  • Allows only 1 user with the free account.


PushMon.com is a monitoring system designed for applications, scripts, and background jobs. On this platform, you have to call a URL on success. If the service does not get a ping within the specified time period, it sends you an alert for that. Now, there are multiple ways to configure the alert. You can provide multiple email addresses, phone number (for call/SMS), Twitter, URL, IFTTT, Slack, and PagerDuty. You can individually set the ping type for each alert type.


  • Monitor up to 3 jobs for free.
  • Live-updating dashboard.
  • Configurable check period.
  • Event log with down notifications (via email, call, SMS, Twitter, Webhooks, IFTTT, etc.).
  • Allows only 1 user with the free account.


WebGazer.io is another service for uptime monitoring and cron job monitoring. This is a simple service to monitor cron jobs. You can create a free account and then add a gazer to monitor a cron job. Once set up, it shows the status and uptime on the dashboard. From there, you can edit the job/gazer and get detailed insight into it. Do note that, this service only lets you monitor 1 job for free. And the update interval for the job is 5 minutes for free users. In case of downtime, it sends an alert via email. It only alerts you once in the free plan. After that, you have to subscribe to the service.


  • Monitor 1 job for free.
  • 5 minutes check period (for free plan).
  • Configurable check period.
  • Event log with down notifications (via email).
  • Allows only 1 user with the free account.
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