6 Best Free Projector Calculator Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free projector calculator software for Windows. Using these free software, you can simulate different projector models and calculate various projection related values which help you setup a projector in order to create a screen image. These calculations include number of projectors, projector’s throw distance, projector spacing, lens ratio, lens shift, etc. All of these software create a projection throw distance and screen image diagram for results visualization. You can print the entire diagram with results in these projector calculation software.

All of these projection calculator software contain a variety of projector models which you can simulate. But, remember that each of these software provides projector models only for a specific brand such as Sony, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Epson, etc. So, you can get a free software from this list to simulate specific projector and perform related calculations. You would need to select a projector model and set screen dimensions in order to simulate image projection and calculate throw distance and other measurements.

Note: These software might not provide exact projection values, but the measurements are close to actual values.

My Favorite Projector Calculator Software for Windows:

All of these projector calculators are good at the simulation of a brand specific projector models. I quite liked PJCalc as it lets you calculate projection values for various types of projectors including CRT, LCD, DLP, and SXRD.

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PJCalc is a free portable projector calculator software for Windows. It basically calculates the various projector related values so that you can configure and setup projector accordingly. You can simulate various Sony projectors using it and get measurements to project a screen image.

How to calculate projector values using this free portable software:

  • At first, from the Projector menu, select the projector type and the model that you want to use for simulation. It lets you select a SONY projector from various CRT, LCD, DLP, and SXRD projector models.
  • You can now set screen details including width, height, diagonal, and aspect ratio. It provides an option to cycle through aspect ratios to set optimal screen dimensions.
  • It also lets you set the position of projector from the dedicated menu.
  • As you enter all mentioned parameters, it will display the projector diagram with estimated projection values (throw distance, projector spacing, etc.).

Additional Features:

You can enter the project name, author, projector notes, and other information and then print the entire projector diagram with added information.


It is a nice free software to assist users in order to set up various types of SONY projectors create a screen image.

Note: You need to run this software with administrator privilege to make sure it works properly.


BlendCalc is another free projection calculator software for Windows. It is a basically a wide screen projection calculator which helps you determine number of projectors that are required to create a wide screen image. For this, you can select a projector resolution from available ones, such as 800×600 (4:3), 1280×960 (4:3), 2560×2048 (5:4), 1920×1200 (16:10), etc.

How to calculate projector distance using BlendCalc:

  • When you start this software, you will be able to view various parameters to input for the calculation of number of projectors and distance between projectors. You can set projector resolution, screen width & height, throw distance, lumens, etc.
  • As you enter above parameters, it will show you number of projectors that are required to build a wide screen image. Along with that, it shows various other calculations including projector spacing, lens ratio, etc. You can also view a projection diagram on its screen.

More Features:

  • From its Options menu, you can adjust minimum and maximum overlap to calculate pixel space.
  • It lets you calculate throw distance based on entered lens ratio and vice versa.
  • You can measure Luminance (in cd/m2 or foot lamberts) on the basis of screen gain value.
  • It lets you load a background image to the screen.
  • You can directly print the projector diagram with all estimations.


It is free for non commercial use only.


It is an effective software to calculate projectors, projector spacing, throw distance, and other values in order to build a wide screen image.

Projection Distance Calculator

Projection Distance Calculator, as the name suggests, is a dedicated software to calculate various parameters for projector installation. It is basically used to determine projection distance for various Epson projector models such as PowerLite- 821p, PowerLite- S3/S4, PowerLite- 62c, PowerLite- Home20, PowerLite- HomeCinema400, MovieMate72, MovieMate50, and many more.

How to calculate projector throw distance using this free software:

  • Firstly, select a projector model from the available ones.
  • Now, customize screen size and other projection parameters including calculation unit, TELE or WIDE, projector position, and aspect ratio.
  • On the basis of input parameters, it shows offset and projector throw distance values along with the projection diagram.

Additional Feature:

  • You can directly print the output projector diagram with calculated values.


It is a good software to calculate projection distance value for various Epson projector models.

Projector Calculator

Projector Calculator is yet another free software to perform projection calculations in order to project screen image. It lets you select a projector model, configure screen dimensions, and then calculate projection values and diagram. It is mainly designed for Mitsubishi projectors.

How to calculate projector values using this free software:

  • The first step is to select input specifications including projector, lens, and screen details.
  • Next, set projector position and turn on/ off lens shift.
  • Lastly, click on the Calculate button to visualize projection diagram and respective measurements like projection distance, lens shift, etc.

Additional Features:

  • You can save input specifications and calculated values in a text file.
  • It lets you print projection diagram with information like title, author, organizer, notes, revision, approved by, etc.


This is a good projector calculator for simulating various Mitsubishi projector models.

Sharp Lens Selector

Sharp Lens Selector is the next free projector calculator software for Windows. It lets you measure throw distance and image size for various projectors.

How to calculate throw distance for projector using Sharp Lens Selector:

  • Select a projector type, lens, and aspect ratio.
  • Choose measurement unit, projector orientation (ceiling or table), and image size.
  • Click on the Calculate button to view throw distance diagram with estimations including values like minimum throw distance, maximum throw distance, upper vertical offset, lower vertical offset.

In a similar manner, you can enter throw distance value and calculate image size and respective diagram.

Additional Features:

  • You can directly print the projection calculation report with project information like title, prepared by, approved by, notes, etc.
  • It lets you view detailed projector specifications for a chosen model.


It is another dedicated software which is mainly used for calculating and displaying throw distance diagram for multimedia projectors.

Throw Distance Calculator

Throw Distance Calculator is a web based projector calculation software for Windows. As its name suggests, it is used for calculating throw distance for a particular Panasonic projector model and image size.

How to calculate throw distance for projector using this free software:

  • After downloading it, extract the ZIP folder and open its index.html in a web browser.
  • Now, setup input configurations including projector model type, model name, lens, aspect ratio, and projected image size.
  • Next, hit the Calculate button and you will be able to view projection distance value and other calculations including optical shift range and brightness (screen illuminance).

It shows a reference projection distance diagram. You can print the results using the print feature of your web browser. Or, you can simply copy the calculation results to the clipboard.


It is a basic free projector calculator for measuring projection distance and other values for Panasonic projectors.

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