13 Best Free Recipe Software For Windows

Here is the list of best free Recipe Software for Windows. These software let you organize and manage your recipes, and some even provide pre-loaded recipes for you to use. You will find various advanced options in these software that let you sort recipes, categorize recipes, manage shopping list, share recipes, and do much more.

These free recipe organizer software are pretty good at what they do. You can create various categories and add recipes under them for easy access. Different sections have been provided for you to add recipe ingredients, directions to cook, number of servings, calorie info, additional notes, etc. While surfing through recipes, if you find any item that you have to buy, you can quickly access the Shopping List and add the item there. These recipe software also allow you to print recipe and shopping list as well.

Some of these recipe software software work on multiple platforms (Windows, Android, MAC, and iOS) and can be synced. By using the sync feature, you can access your recipe or shopping list anywhere you like.

Sharing options provided by these software let you share recipe via email, social media, or you can also export/import recipes with some of the mentioned cookbook software.

As you go through this list of free recipe book software, you will get to know more about their features.

My Favorite Recipe Software:

Cook’n is an amazing recipe manager software. It not only lets you add recipes manually, you can access a pre-loaded list of recipes or directly add recipes from various recipe websites. You get options to create customized recipe pages according to a recipe. It works on multiple platforms and you can sync your data across multiple devices.

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Cook’n is one of a kind free recipe organizer software for Windows. It not only lets you add and organize recipes added manually, but also allows you to access recipes online. It has an inbuilt recipe search engine that will search for recipes based on the keywords you type. It fetches recipes from famous recipe websites, such as: food.com, foodnetwork.com, delish.com, allrecipes.com, etc. You can easily capture recipes from these websites and store in your database to access them offline with the help of Snip-it tool. If you have a scanned copy of a recipe as Image, you can store that as well here.

While adding a new recipe, you can customize a recipe page, add the number of servings, preparation time, cook time, and add the type of dish (breakfast, dessert, main dish, salad, sandwich, side, etc.). While you add ingredients, you can enter following details: Quantity, Unit, Info, and Brand of product. If you have the ingredients listed in a plain text file, this software automatically snags ingredients and adds to the list. For each recipe, you can calculate its Nutritional Value based on the ingredients and quantity.

Its a multi-platform cookbook software and is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Kindle. It can be used as a social network platform for foodies, where you can share recipes created by you or your favorite recipes with your friends.

In addition to all these, there is already a large collection of recipes pre-loaded here in various categories, like: breakfast, dessert, main dish, salad, sandwich, side, and more.

The Shopping List tool available here lets you add items that you have to buy. Along with items, you can enter amount, brand, and price of the item.

If you have signed up with Cook’n Cloud, you can sign in from the software and sync your recipes with cloud so that you can access them anywhere.

It is one of the most advanced recipe manager software available out there.

Gourmet Recipe Manager

Gourmet Recipe Manager, as the name says, is a free recipe manager software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its an advanced recipe software with features that you will love. It provides various ways to add recipes to your collection. You can either enter recipe manually, import mealmaster file, import mycookbook files, import XML files, import recipe directly from websites, or simply use plain unformatted text. For an added recipe, you can calculate the Nutrition info based on the ingredients.

Adding a new recipe here has to be done in multiple steps, where you can enter detailed information about the recipe along with a picture of the dish. Recipes can be added under following categories: Breakfast, Dessert, Entry, Salad, and Soup. You will have to first enter recipe Description, then Ingredients with amount required, then Instructions, and lastly additional Notes if required. While adding instructions, you can use underline, bold, and italic to highlight text.

To help you out with cooking, you will find some tools here. These are Timer and Unit Converter tools. The timer tool lets you keep track of time while cooking. The Unit Converter lets you change units of the amount of ingredients.

Once you have added a number of recipes to your list, you can use the Recipe Browser tool to look for recipes based on Cooking Time, Preparation time, Category, Cuisine, Rating, and Source.

Shopping list is a standard tool which you will find here as well. Add ingredients that you need to buy and take a print out of the list, if required. You can even generate shopping list directly from a recipe. In addition, you can set the number of servings and it will automatically calculate the amount of items required. If you already have the items that were added in the shopping list, simply mark the available items to move them into pantry list.

You can extend the features of this cookbook software by using various plugins that it supports. Using these plugins, you can Send recipes as Email, get nutritional info of a dish, extent recipe import/export options, and much more.

Recipes can be imported from Mealmaster Files, MasterCook text files, MasterCook XML files, Gourmet XML files, KRecipe XML Files, MyCookbook files, Archives (such as Zip Files, Gzip Files, or Tarballs), Websites, such as epicurious and recipezaar, and Unformatted plain text files or websites.

For sharing purpose, you can export recipe as PDF, Recipe Web Pages, RTF, TXT, Mealmaster Files, Gourmet XML Files, and MyCookbook files.


Pepperplate is a very nice recipe organizer app for Windows 8.1 and 10 computers. Its multiplatform, thus can be used on computers, Windows tablets, Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Nook, and other devices. With this app, you can add recipes to cook, create a Menu, and even create a cooking plan for a week or maybe month. To help you out, there is a Cook Now Mode which lets you set multiple timers for multiple recipes while cooking.

There are two ways in which you can add a recipe here. You can either manually enter the ingredients and procedure in their respective sections, or simply paste the URL of the website with recipe. It will automatically fetch all the details from the website. You are free to create categories and add recipes to them.

If you have to buy some ingredients, simply add it to the Shopping list. The list will sync with your account and you can access the list remotely from your phone or tab.

Recipes from supported recipe import websites can be shared to Pepperplate via Internet Explorer.


Yiola is a recipe organizer software which has its own set of recipes and you can also add your recipes here. Various recipes are added according to the following categories: Pastries, Desserts, Beverages, Main Course, Soups, and Appetizers. For each recipe, the ingredients required and preparation description are given. If you want to add a recipe, you will have to define a category, then enter ingredients and procedure for the same.

A recipe can be added to Watch list to view later or can be added to Calendar. You can add recipes to different calendar dates. The commonly available Shopping List feature lets you add things to buy to the list. You can take a printout of the shopping list, if required.

There are few exciting options available, but didn’t seem to work while testing. These options let you upload your recipe and update recipe database.

This recipe software support 16 language; some of them are: English, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, etc.

1G Food

1G Food is a free recipe software for Windows. From this free recipe organizer software, you can add your own recipes and save them. The best part of this free recipe manager is that it gives you access to a long list of recipes from different countries like India, Mexico, Russia, etc. So, if you love cooking and especially want to try cooking cuisines of different countries, then this free cookbook software definitely deserves a place. If you want more recipes, then you can read more than 29,000 different recipes on its website, which you can visit by simply clicking a button available on its interface.

The only option missing here is that it doesn’t give you the option to search for specific recipes. So, if you quickly want to go to a specific recipe to read it, then it can be quite a tedious task.

Open this software to get access to tons of new recipes and add your own. The left panel shows recipes belonging to different categories like India, Russia, Salads, and many others. Browse through these categories and select a particular recipe to view it on the right panel, as shown in the screenshot above. You can even add custom categories and delete an existing category. To add a new recipe, click on the ADD button and then specify the recipe name, author name, ingredients required to cook that recipe, and, the most important is Preparation Instructions. After that, select a category from the left panel and click on the Save button. This will add your recipe to the selected category.


BigOven is another free recipe manager software for Windows. From this free recipe software, you will get access to 350,000+ recipes and can add your own favorite recipes on it. There is no doubt that BigOven is one of the best free cookbook software available as it offers some other additional features too. You can download its Android and iPhone app and get your recipes synced on all of your devices. You can also prepare meal chart and add nutritional details i.e. amount of carbohydrates, proteins, etc. in a recipe. It also gives you the option to publish your recipes to the BigOven website and mail a recipe to a friend or an email contact. It also provides a search functionality which can help you in searching for a specific recipe from its recipe database.

To add a recipe on this free recipe organizer software, select the New Recipe Box option from the File menu or simply press the Control+N hotkey. After that, specify the name of the recipe box to create a separate place to store all of your recipes. Now, click on the New button to add a recipe to the newly created recipe box. You will have to specify the recipe name, number of yields, and, its description. In the next step, you have to specify the ingredients and amount of ingredients required. Specify the instructions to prepare the recipe in the big text area that appears down below the ingredients section. You don’t have to click on any button to save the recipe details as it is auto-saved during the process. If you wish, you can also add some special notes in a recipe or add its nutritional value too. In nutritional values, you can specify the number of calories, carbohydrates, proteins, etc. in the recipe.

I will recommend you to check out this free recipe software as it lets you syncs recipes across all of your devices.

Dannon Recipe Box

Dannon Recipe Box is a free cookbook software. The software says that it will download recipes automatically from its database if connected to internet, but fails to do so. You can use this software to store your own recipes if you want, as it has various options to organize recipes according to categories. I liked the software for its interface, which helps you view and manage recipes pretty easily. It would be just amazing if it downloaded the recipes it talks about.

All the recipes added are displayed as a list. You can also search for a recipe by performing a Keyword search. For a recipe, there are different sections to add recipe ingredients, directions, and photo.

You can print a recipe or email a recipe using this recipe software.


ReLiSimple is a multi-platform recipe software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can add recipes here manually and synchronize recipes between various devices. If you have a recipe added on your PC, you can view the same recipe in your kitchen on your Android device, iPhone, or iPad. You just have to sync your device.

There are various information that you can add for a recipe, such as: Ingredients required, Quantity of ingredients, Preparation, Comments, Estimated preparation time, Servings, Calories, Category, Photo, etc. Shopping list is another important feature that is available. Add objects to buy in the list and take a print out if necessary. While syncing, Shopping List also gets synced, so you do not need to take a print out if you have ReLiSimple on your phone.

Options to share and email recipe is also available here.

Recipe Cookbook

Recipe Cookbook has a very good collection of 2000+ recipes from all over the world. You can search for recipes according to Country and Recipe type. For a recipe, its picture, ingredients, servings, preparation instruction, and additional notes are provided. You can also add your recipe to this software.

If you want to share a recipe, you can take a print out or send it over email directly from here. Links to various recipe websites are also provided here.

One of the most interesting feature of this recipe book software is that, you can search for recipes based on what ingredients you have. Simply enter the ingredients, select the type of recipe, and it will display the matching recipes.

Regi's Recipes

Regi’s Recipes is a simple recipe software for Windows. It comes with a list of pre-loaded recipes and you can also add your own recipes. When you select a recipe, you can view the ingredients required, ingredient quantity, preparation time, along with directions to prepare the recipe.

It has a limited set of recipes pre-loaded; however, you can download more recipes of various categories right from this software. You will also find option to print a recipe or print a list of ingredients to shop. Yes, you can create a list of ingredients to shop.

Adding a new recipe here is pretty easy. Simply name the recipe, name the category, enter ingredients, and directions to cook.

The search option works pretty well if you are looking for recipes according to author, name, or category.

Options to share recipes are also available in this recipe organizer software. You can export or import recipe files in .rip format.

Recipe Manager

Recipe Manager is another free cookbook software with pre-loaded recipes. You can also add your own recipe in this recipe management software. The recipes are classified according to cuisines. When you select a Recipe, you will be able to view its nutritional info, preparation time, cooking time, ingredients, procedure, etc.

There’s a recipe wizard available here, which lets you add your own recipe. It helps you with adding all the necessary details required for a recipe.

In case you want to take a print out or share a recipe, you can do that as well. This software provides 3 different templates that you can use to print or save a recipe as HTML file. You can also import and export recipe files in .rpd format.

Cookbook Software

Cookbook Software is another free recipe software for Windows. As compared to most of the other cookbook software included in this article, it doesn’t provide you any pre-defined recipes. You can add your recipes and save them in this software. It comes with a very straightforward interface which is very easy to use. To add a new recipe, click on the Add New Recipe menu option. After that, you can add the different recipe details like its title, category, ingredients, steps of instruction, and comments. At last, click on the Save Changes button to save the newly added recipe. You can view all of your added recipes from the “Recipe Index” window of this free cookbook software.

What I like the most about this free recipe organizer is that you can filter recipes as per different categories and sub-categories. In addition to this, you can also search a recipe as per the keyword. If you are looking for a very simple and lightweight cookbook software to just add or save your home recipes, then you can give it a try.


Cookbook is another free cookbook software for Windows. This is quite similar to the previous recipe manager i.e. Cookbook Software, as it also just meant to add and store recipes. This free recipe manager software also lets you import recipes in MM (Meal Master), ZIP, RK (RezKonv), MXP (Master Cook), etc. file formats. You can also export the recipe files added in this cookbook manager as HTM, Latex, RTF, etc. file formats. The interface is very clean and very uncluttered as compared to other free recipe managers on my list. I found the search functionality to be missing. So, as the list of your recipes will grow, you will find it difficult to look for a specific one.

To add a recipe, click on the New Recipe button at the bottom-left part of its interface. After that all you have to do is specify the recipe details such as its title, steps of instruction to cook the recipe, ingredients required in the recipe, category, difficulty rating, preparation time, and other parameters. After you have specified all of these recipe parameters, click on any part of the Cookbook interface and the recipe will be automatically saved. You can access all of your added recipes from the left panel. Simply click on any recipe to view it, the details are displayed in the right panel of its interface.

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