Best Free VCF to PDF Converter Websites

Here is a list of Best Free VCF to PDF Converter Websites. All these are free online websites that enable you to convert a VCF file to a Portable Document Format (PDF). A VCF (Virtual Contact File) or vCard is a conventional file format that is used to store contact information including name, address, phone number, logos, image, email address, URLs, etc. You can easily convert any vCard file to a PDF document that you can share across web and other mediums.

These websites also help you convert VCF to other file formats that include Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX), CSV, ODS, and more. You can also use these websites to convert files of various formats including documents, archives, images, audio, video, eBooks, and many more. Plus, most of the listed online tools support bulk conversion. So, you can import multiple VCF files and convert them all to PDF or any other format at once. You can also find some other features in these websites like annotation, watermarking, split, merge, redaction, document reader, image optimizer, and more.

All websites are pretty simple to use. You can input VCF files, convert them to PDF, and download the output documents. Go through the article to know more about these converters.

My Favorite Best Free VCF to PDF Converter Website:

AConvert is my favorite converter from this list. It is easy to use and lets you convert VCF to a lot more other formats. Plus, you can batch convert VCF to PDF using this website.

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AConvert is a free file converter website that also lets you convert VCF to PDF. Using it, you can convert a wide number of file formats including documents, ebooks, audio, video, images, archives, etc. You can also convert vCard files to various formats through it, such as PDF, XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, etc. Another good thing about this online tool is that it lets you perform batch conversion. Hence, you can convert a set of multiple VCF files to PDF format at a time.

Let us now have a look at the steps of VCF to PDF conversion.

How to convert VCF to PDF using AConvert:

  • Open this website and import one or more source vCard files to it. To import input files, you can choose any of the supported sources including online file (URL), local file, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Now, set the target format to PDF.
  • After that, click on the Convert Now button to start conversion. As the conversion process is completed, you can view the output PDF files in the Conversion Results section. Simply download the PDF and save it to your local device.


AConvert is one of the best free VCF to PDF converter website using which you can convert a lot more other file types. It also supports batch conversion which is an add-on.


GroupDocs is another free VCF to PDF converter website. It is basically an online website with a set of tools to view, edit, annotate, compare, watermark, and convert various document files. It also supports conversion of different file formats including VCF to PDF documents. You can also convert VCF to Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet (XLSX) format.

How to convert VCF to PDF in GroupDocs:

  • Firstly, drag and drop source vCard files onto its interface or browse and import input files to it.
  • Now, select Save as type to PDF format from all available output formats.
  • After that, hit the Convert Now button to quickly start VCF to PDF conversion. When the process is done, you will get the resulting file that you can download to local storage.

It also provides an option to send the download link of the resulting file to a specific email account.


It is a great VCF to PDF converter that provides you a great number of additional tools that include document reader, edit, annotator, merger, splitter, translator, redaction, etc.


FConvert is an online file converter that also supports the conversion of VCF to PDF. It also lets you convert VCF to CSV, ODS, and other formats. You can batch convert multiple VCF files to PDF  format using this website. In it, you can convert files of different types including video, scalar images, vector images, documents, eBook, audio, archive, and more. It also contains feature to optimize images and other files.

How to convert VCF to PDF in FConvert:

  • First, choose one or more locally saved VCF files that you want to convert. In case you have online links to VCF files, click on the URL and then copy and paste the respective link.
  • After that, select the target format to PDFPortable Document Format.
  • Next, press the fConvert button to start converting added VCF files to PDF format. Simply download the converted PDF file to save and view the results.


FConvert is another document, eBook, and multimedia file converter that lets you bulk convert VCF to PDF without much hassle.


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