7 Best Free vCard Creator Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free vCard creator software for Windows. Using these freeware, you can easily create vCard files i.e. VCF (Virtual Contact File) files which basically store contact information. These information include Name, Phone Numbers, Address, Photo, Website, Email, Birthday, etc.

Most of these are dedicated vCard generators which allow you to add and save contacts as VCF files, edit existing VCF files, manage added contacts, etc. I have also added familiar text editors which can also be used as an alternative to vCard creator. Using these text editors, you can manually create VCF file by using correct syntax. Go through the list to know how to create VCF file using text editors and to find a suitable vCard creator for yourself.

My Favorite vCard Creator Software For Windows:

E-Z Contact Book is my favorite vCard generator software as it is a complete contact manager and provides most number of features in comparison to other listed software. You can also import and edit VCF files in it.

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E-Z Contact Book

E-Z Contact Book is a contact manager software for Windows. It lets you create new contacts and export them as vCard or VCF files.

How to create VCF files using this free vCard generator:

This software lets you create custom groups to add contacts such as business, family, personal, etc. After creating a group, you can add multiple contacts by adding name, phone numbers, email, website, address, reminders (birthday, anniversary, call, email, visit, etc.), notes, tags, etc. All added contacts can be viewed on the main interface. Now, you can export a group of contacts as a VCF file by using Data > Export > to vCard File option. Apart from vCard files, you can export contacts to Outlook, CSV, and Google CSV files.

This is a feature rich contacts organizer which provide several useful features. It lets you import and edit existing VCF files too. Also, you can directly open web page of a contact, send an email using an installed application, show contact’s location in Google Map, add notes for a contact, search a contact from database, etc. It also provides options to backup and restore contacts’ database. You can setup general preference for this software as well, such as Editor Options, Phone Formats, Backup Settings, Font, etc.

Overall, this is one of the best vCard creator software which is also easy to use.

Note: In this free edition of E-Z Contact Book, you get to use features of its paid versions for first 30 days.


Contacts is the simplest vCard creator in this list. To create VCF files, all you need to do is fill in contact details and hit the Add button. You have to enter details of a contact including full name, email, phone numbers, address, birthday, etc. All added contacts can be viewed in left panel. From there, you can search for specific contacts, view contacts details, edit contacts, or remove contacts.

It is a really simple and straightforward vCard generator. Not just creating new vCard files, you can import existing VCF files too and edit them.

DM vCard Editor

DM vCard Editor is basically a free VCF viewer and editor software for Windows. It also lets you create new VCF files. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Right click in Properties section and click on New option.
  • Now, you can add multiple fields (properties) to fill in contacts details such as name, email, numbers, birthday, location, web page, and more. Remember, you need to add VERSION field at first to specify vCard version. And, both VERSION and FN (formatted name string) properties are mandatory to add. To know about these vCard properties, check this link.
  • You can then add parameters (language, value, mediatype, etc.) and values to added properties.
  • When you are done adding contact details, you can save contact as a VCF file using Save button.

It is a portable vCard creator, hence it needs no installation and can be run on the go.

vCard generator

vCard generator is a free Windows 10 app to create VCF files. Like other vCard creators in this list, this one too lets you add various contact information and save them in a VCF file. These information include Title, Company, Phone Business, Name, Job Title, Fax, Mobile Number, Address, Personal Website, Email, etc. That’s it. It doesn’t provide any other feature.

All in all, it is a nice and hassle free vCard creator app for Windows 10.

Vcf Generator

Vcf Generator is the next free vCard creator software for Windows in this list. It is also a portable vCard creator which can be used without installation.

You can create VCF file in two simple steps:

  • Add contact details like Name, Surname, Phone Numbers, Gsm, Fax, Email, Website, Birthday, etc.
  • Now, hit the Save button. The VCF file will be created in its downloaded folder as shown in above screenshot.


Notepad++ is a familiar text and source code editor for Windows. This can be an alternative to create VCF file too. How? Let’s see.

How to create VCF file using Notepad++

You need to manually create VCF file in Notepad++ using correct syntax. The file must start with following syntax: BEGIN:VCARD and end with: END:VCARD. It also must contain Version property to specify vCard version. You can add contact details by adding properties with their name, like ADR for address, N for name, FN for formatted name string, TEL for phone number, BDAY for birthdate, URL for website, and so on. You can view examples of vCard files here > vCard File Examples.

After adding details, save the created file as VCF file. It doesn’t show .VCF extension while saving the file, so you have to manually add .VCF file extension with filename while exporting created text file.

Overall, Notepad++ can be a nice alternative for a vCard creator for users who like coding. It can also be used as a YAML Editor, GPX Editor, Spell Check Software, etc.


Notepad is the default text editor for Windows. Like Notepad++, this can also be used to create VCF file. The whole procedure to create VCF files is same. You need to manually write text with correct syntax. The file starts with BEGIN:VCARD and terminates with END:VCARD. The file must contain version to mention vCard version and other properties which specify contact details. You can view examples of vCard files and vCard properties here. While saving the file, simply add .VCF extension to the filename and the VCF file will be created.

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