4 Best Free Online VCF to Excel Converter Websites

Here is a list of Best Free Online VCF to Excel Converter Websites. Using these online services, you can convert vCard aka VCF (Virtual Contact File) to Microsoft Excel worksheet formats. These basically support older Excel version i.e., XLS and newer version which is Open XML based namely XLSX. Apart from Excel formats, you can also convert VCF to formats like CSV, ODS, PDF, etc. These are basically file converter websites that allow conversion of files of a lot of formats. Using these, you can convert documents, audio, video, images, eBooks, archives, and many other files.

While most of these can convert one VCF file at a time, one tool lets you convert more than one VCF file to Excel format at a time. The VCF to Excel conversion steps are very simple in all these online services. You just have to import source VCF file and then press the convert button to start conversion. The resulting file can be downloaded from their servers. You can checkout the article to know more about these online VCF to Excel converters.

My Favorite Free Online VCF to Excel Converter Websites:

AConvert is my favorite converter as it allows bulk conversion that enables you to convert a set of multiple VCF files to Excel formats.

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AConvert VCF to CSV is a free online VCF to Excel converter website. It is primarily an online tool to convert files of multiple types. Using it, you can convert documents, eBook, archive, images, audio, video, PDF, and some more filetypes. The advantage of using this converter is that it lets you perform bulk conversion. So, you can convert mutiple vCard files to Excel formats simultaneously.

It supports both XLS and XLSX versions of Excel worksheet to convert VCF files. Apart from Excel, you can also convert VCF to CSV and ODS formats. Let us have a look at the conversion steps now.

How to convert VCF to Excel using AConvert:

  • First, add one or more source VCF files from a selected input source including local file, Dropbox, Google Drive, and online file (URL).
  • Now, select the target format as Excel (XLS/ XLSX).
  • Finally, click the Convert Now! button which will start batch VCF to Excel conversion process. The converted Excel file can be downloaded from its server.


AConvert is a great website to converte VCF to Excel online. Best thing is that it can batch convert VCF to XLS or XLSX. Plus, a lot of other files can be converted through it.


Convert-doc is another online VCF to Excel converter website. It is basically a free document converter that supports a good number of document formats, such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, RTF, PDF, HTML,  JPG, PNG, etc. You can quickly convert a VCF to file to Microsoft Excel formats including XLS and XLSX. Besides Excel, it also lets you can convert VCF to CSV and ODS spreadsheet formats.

Now, let us have a look at exact conversion steps.

How to convert VCF to Excel using Convert-doc:

  • Firstky, you can import the source VCF file from your local library or you can simply drag and drop vCard file onto its interface .
  • Now, set the “Convert To” format to Excel (XLS or XLSX).
  • Next, you can press the Convert button to quickly start vCard to Excel conversion process.

Additional Features:

  • Search Bar: You can find a search bar in it where you can type and search for a particular converter so that you can instantly perform a conversion, e.g., VCF to Excel.


Convert-doc is an easy to use and featured website to convert document files from one format to another including VCF to Excel conversion.

The Web Vendor VCF/vCard to Excel/CSV Online Converter

The Web Vendor is yet another online VCF to Excel converter tool. It is a dedicated website that lets you convert vCard files to Excel and CSV formats. You can convert VCF to the newer version of Excel i.e., XLSX. The process of conversion is quite simple. You can download the XLSX file after conversion from their server. Plus, it also sends the converted file to your email. Now, you can check the conversion steps in the below section.

How to convert VCF to Excel using The Web Vendor:

  • First, browse and select the input VCF file that you want to convert.
  • Now, you need to select Excel as the target format.
  • Next, enter the email ID where you want it to send the resulting file.
  • Finally, click the Submit button and it will convert the vCard file to XLSX format.


It is a nice online VCF to Excel converter website that also supports CSV as output format.

GroupDocs VCF to XLSX Converter

GroupDocs VCF to XLSX Converter is a dedicated VCF to Excel converter website. As the name suggests, it basically converts VCF to Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet i.e., XLSX worksheet format. The conversion can be done in two simple steps. Simply browse and import a source vCard file and then click the Convert Now button to start the conversion. It will convert the file and you can later download XLSX output from its server. As simple as that.

GroupDocs also provides a variety of other tools that may come in handy. Some of these online tools include Document Viewer, Document Comparison, Document Editor, Document Annotation, Watermarker, Merger, Splitter, Translation, Redaction, and some more tools.


It is a very simple online website that allows you to convert VCF to XLSX format.

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