5 Best Free VTT Editor Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free VTT Editor Software for Windows. Using these free software, you can edit subtitle files saved in Web Video Text Tracks (VTT) format. These are all subtitle editing software that support a wide number of subtitle formats including VTT, SRT, ASS, TXT, RTF, SSA, SUB, and many more. So, you can easily import VTT subtitle file in these software and make modifications to it using the provided tools.

In these software, you can directly edit subtitles by clicking on the line or use options like cut, paste, insert, remove, change frame rate, and more to edit VTT file. Most software let you import and play related video to synchronize subtitles with it. Also, some more subtitle synchronization features such as change playback rate, point sync, visual sync, adjust all times, etc., are also provided in many of these VTT editors. Furthermore, subtitle translations, spellcheck, find and replace, convert case, text formatting, and more features help you edit VTT file as per your requirement.

Some software also provide you additional features including Batch Converter, Split Subtitles, and Merge Subtitles. All in all, these are complete package of subtitle editor and converter which also allow you to modify VTT subtitles.

My Favorite Free VTT Editor Software for Windows:

Subtitle Workshop and Subtitle Edit are both my favorite VTT editor software that provide a lot of additional features and let you edit, translate, and convert VTT files. These also provide portable versions that you can use without any installation, an added advantage.

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Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is a free open source VTT editor software for Windows. It is a 3 in 1 software that acts as a subtitle creator, editor, and converter. The good thing about this software is that it comes in both installer and portable versions. Hence, you can download whichever one you prefer. Not just VTT, it supports over 60 formats to edit and save subtitle files. Some of its supported formats other than VTT include SRT, ASS, TXT, SSA, MKA, XAS, RTF, SUB, and many more. You can simply open a VTT file and then edit it using available tools.

Let’s see what are the features offered by this software.

Main Features:

  • Direct Editing: You can start modifying VTT subtitles just by clicking on a line and manually editing text or duration. It also lets you modify input FPS, text formatting, notes, etc.
  • Edit: In its Edit menu, you can find various subtitle editing options including Insert Subtitle, Remove Selected, Timings, Convert Case, Subtitle Type Effects, Subtitle Translation, Insert Symbol, etc.
  • Search & Replace: Using it, you can find a particular subtitle text and replace it with another text.
  • Movie: You can open your video to properly synchronize subtitles with the help of options like mark at first sync point, add subtitle/ video synchronization point, change playback rate, etc.

Additional Features:

  • Batch Convert: It lets you batch convert subtitle files from one format to another. So, you can convert VTT to SRT, SSA, ASS, TXT, and more formats, if you need.
  • Split/ Merge Subtitles: You can also merge or split subtitle files in this software.


It is one of the best open source VTT editor using which you can modify a VTT file as well as convert it to several other formats.

Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is another free open source VTT editor software for Windows. It is a complete subtitle editing software that offers all required features to edit VTT files. Apart from VTT, it also supports other subtitle file formats that include SRT, ASS, SUB, CSV, RTF, PSL, TXT, UTX, and more. You can do a lot with this software as it offers various additional features. Keep on reading to checkout its key features that enable you to edit VTT files.

Main Features:

  • List View: It displays a list of subtitles that you can directly modify as well as change start time, end time, and duration.
  • Synchronization: This software provides you different subtitle synchronization options that include Point Sync, Visual Sync, Adjust all times, Change Frame Rate, Change Speed, etc. Using these options, you can make sure that there is no synchronization problem with your subtitles.
  • Auto-Translate: As the name suggests, it lets you translate subtitle text from one language to another using Google Translate service.
  • Spell Checker: To make sure there are no spelling mistakes in VTT subtitles, use this feature.
  • Media Player: A media player to open a video or audio file for your reference is also provided in it.

Additional Features:

  • Networking: This software also provides you a handy tool to connect with different people and edit subtitles in collaboration.
  • Join/ Split/ Append Subtitles: It lets you join two subtitle files into one or split a subtitle file into two parts.
  • Batch Convert: It lets you convert a set of multiple subtitle files from one supported format to another at once.
  • Tools: Some extra features like adjust durations, bridge gaps between subtitles, merge short lines, fix common errors, and more are also present in this VTT editor.

Final Thoughts:

It is another great VTT editor that offers a variety of tools to edit VTT or any other subtitle file. Another advantage of this editor is that it comes in a portable package too.


Gaupol is an easy to use free open source VTT editor for Windows. It is a handy software that enables you to edit VTT as well as many other subtitle files including TXT, SSA, SRT, and LRC. In it, you can open and play a video and synchronize subtitles accordingly. You can find all standard subtitle editing features in it; let us checkout what are those features.

Main Features:

  • Editing: It provides all basic subtitle editing tools to make changes to VTT file, such as insert subtitles, remove subtitles, edit cell, stretch, etc.
  • Video: Load a video and then edit subtitles in sync with your movie.
  • Text Editing Tools: You can find some text editing and formatting tools in it such as Find & Replace, Convert Case, Dialogue, etc.

Additional Features:

  • Tools: It provides a Tools menu that offers features like Check Spelling, Correct Text, Shift Position, Convert Framerate, Append File, Split Project, etc.


It is another nice and simple VTT editor that offers all standard VTT editing features to edit subtitle files.


Jubler is yet another free open source VTT editor for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Using it, you can edit VTT files as well as subtitle files in formats like SRT, ASS, SSA, SUB, TXT, XML, etc. It helps you synchronize subtitles with your movie and make an accurate subtitle file. A lot more handy features to edit VTT files are available in this software. Let us see its main features in detail.

Main Features:

  • Editor: You can directly edit subtitles by manually editing position, duration, and text. Plus, various editing features like cut/ paste subtitles, insert subtitles, replace subtitles, undo changes, and more are provided in it.
  • Synchronize: It lets you load a video and synchronize VTT or any other subtitles with video.
  • Test subtitle from current position: It lets you preview modified subtitles in the video.

Additional Feature:

  • Split File: It allows you to split a subtitle file into multiple parts.

Final thoughts:

This VTT editor is another good and easy to use subtitle editor which can edit a lot more other subtitle files than VTT.


SubFutzer is the next free VTT editor for Windows on this list. It is a simple and portable subtitle editor that also supports VTT files. Other than VTT, it also lets you modify SRT subtitle file. It’s GUI is quite basic with only specific tools and tabs. You can easily make adjustments to the subtitles using the provided tools. Here are its main features:

Key Features:

  • Edit: You can use options like insert subtitles, delete selected items, merge items into single subtitles, find, go to line, move next, move previous, and more to make modifications to subtitles.
  • Action: Some actions can be performed on subtitles using features like Collapse sequential duplicates, Renumber, Remove short duration items, etc.
  • Merge: It lets you merge two subtitle files into one.


It is a basic subtitle editing software that also lets you edit VTT subtitle file.

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