8 Best Free Websites to Cartoonize Photo Online

Here is a list of the best free websites to cartoonize photo online. If you are looking for a website to turn your regular photo into a cartoonize photo then this list can help. It covers 8 websites where you can upload your photo and cartoonize it for free.

There is no need for an account to use any of these websites. You can just visit the website, upload your photo and download the final output. Some of these websites offer a single or a few cartoon effects. You can preview those effects on your photo and pick the one that you like. Some websites offer additional features as well. These websites let you customize the cartoon effects and configure the output resolution, quality, and file format. You can go through the list to check out the features of these websites and then pick the one that fulfills your needs.

My Favorite Website to Cartoonize Photo

Photo-Kako is my favorite website to cartoonize photo online. This website offers lots of options to customize the cartoon effects and configure the output. You can fully adjust the line, tint, and select mode for the cartoon effects. Then with the basic editing features, you can play with the colors by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc. In addition to that, you can configure the quality and resolution of the output. And you want the output in PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, or GIF format, you can set that too. Last but not least, you can also copy the EXIF data of the original photo to the output photo.

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Photo-Kako is another free web-based photo editor that can cartoonize photo online. The cartoon effect this website offers is fully customiable. Initially, it applies automatically adjusts everything and shows the output on the screen. Along with that, it offers a bunch of options that users can configure to customize the cartoon effect. Users can set the cartoonize amount and adjust the line, tint, and selection mode. Then, they can configure the colors with basic editing features. In addition to that, users can also pick an output format. This offers various image file formats and converts the final photo to the selected format. Apart from the file format, users can also configure the output quality and resolution and copy the EXIF data of the original photo to the cartoonize photo.


  • Cartoonize photo online
  • Configure cartoon effect
  • Adjust line, tint, and selection
  • Basic editing for colors
  • Pick an output file format (supports various image file formats)
  • Configure output quality and resolution
  • Copy EXIF data


Imgonline is a free online photo editing website. It has one of the best cartoonizer mode to convert photos to cartoons. First of all, it supports a wide range of image file formats. Once the photo is uploaded, users can customize the settings to adjust the cartoon effect as per their needs. Users can set the segmentation type and levels along with edge type and edge intensity. Then, it offers an option to add additional colors with the custom values of brightness, contrast, saturation, and color tone. In addition to that, it also lets users customize the output configurations as well. Users can optimize the output size in megapixels and pick JPEG or PNG as the output format. In addition to that, it can also copy the EXIF and other metadata to the final photo.


  • Cartoonize photo online
  • Supports BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF format
  • Customize cartoon settings (Segmentation and Edge configurations)
  • Add additional colors
  • Optimize output size in megapixels
  • Save as JPEG (with custom quality settings) or PNG (without compression)
  • Copy EXIF and metadata


PhotoFunia is a free online image editor with a primary focus on photo effects. It offers 47 different drawings and cartoon effects. Almost half of these effects offer high-quality output. Users can browse the effects and click the one they like. After that, they can just upload their photo. The website automatically applies the selected effect to the photo and shows the preview. Along with the preview, it gives three options to download the final photo in small, medium, and large sizes.


  • 47 Cartoon effects
  • Crop photo
  • High-quality output


KusoCartoon is a free website to cartoonize photos online. This website offers a set of tools to create photo avatars, collages, and video-to-cartoon as well. The photo cartoonizer has 3 different cartoon effects. It shows a preview of each effect on the screen. Users can simply pick an effect that they like and upload their photos. It applies the selected cartoon effect to the photo and shows the final result. From there, users can download the final photo for free.


  • Convert photo to cartoon
  • Up to 5MB upload limit
  • 500x500px max output
  • Video to Cartoon


Cartoonizer is a free website to cartoonize photo online. This website offers a free tool to convert photos as well as videos into cartoon. The interface is quite simple and minimal. It shows two buttons on the screen. One button is for uploading a photo and another one is for uploading a video. There is no size limit for photos however in the case of the videos there is a maximum 30 MB size limit. This website has only one type of cartoon effect. As soon as the upload is finished, it processes the file and the cartoon effect to it. Once done, the final photo/video is ready to be downloaded.


  • Cartoonize photo online (no size limit)
  • Cartoonize video online (up to 30  MB)
  • High-quality output


SocialBook.io is an influencer marketing platform that offers many free tools including a photo cartoonizer. This free tool can convert a regular photo into a cartoon online. The tool is really simple to use. It shows a button to add a photo. The maximum file size of the photo can be up to 5MB. Once the photo is uploaded, it almost instantly converts it to a cartoon and shows the final photo on the screen. From there, users can download the cartoonize photo.


  • Convert photo to cartoon
  • Up to 5MB upload limit
  • High-quality output


LunaPic is a free online photo editor that offers a wide range of features including filters and effects. Under the effects, there is an option to turn a photo into a cartoon. Users can simply add their photo to this editor and pick the cartoon effect to cartoonize the photo. Apart from uploading a photo from local storage, it also has an option to fetch a photo from a URL. There is no upload size limit and the output is high-quality.


  • Feature-packed online photo editor
  • Cartoonize photo online
  • Fetch photo from a URL
  • No upload size limit


SketchMyPic is a simple website to cartoonize photo online for free. This website offers two options; pencil sketch and color pencil sketch. As it is pretty clear from the name, both these options turn a photo into a sketch. Users just have to upload their photos and apply the effect. It gives 3 variations of the effect. From there, users can download any or all the variations.


  • Cartoonize photo online
  • 3 Output variation to choose from
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