20 Best Free Websites To Learn Hebrew Online

Presenting you a list of best free websites to learn Hebrew online. These websites help you learn basic, as well as advanced level Hebrew. These websites to learn Hebrew language offer a wide variety of resource to learn from, like: Hebrew Alphabets, Numbers, Vocabulary, Phrases, Pronunciations, Grammar, Sentence formation, etc. Language learning tools, like Quizzes, Flash Cards, Hebrew Keyboard, Radio, Newspaper, etc. may also be found in these websites. Some of these websites are supported by audio and video playbacks, giving you perfect exposure to Hebrew language.

Do not worry if you are worrying about How to learn Hebrew online, without a teacher. These websites are designed perfectly to help you learn Hebrew language.

Hebrew is majorly spoken in Israel. This is an ancient language, and falls in the category of West Semitic Languages. It is spoken by almost 9 Million people worldwide. After Israel, Hebrew is spoken mostly in USA by 2,20,000 fluent speakers. Hebrew holds a very strong position in the history of mankind.

My Favorite Websites To Learn Hebrew:

Livemocha, and Hebrew For Chistians are one of the best websites to learn Hebrew online. Livemocha gives you excellent hold over spoken Hebrew, while Hebrew for Christians teaches you to read and write Hebrew perfectly.

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Livemocha offers free language course to learn Hebrew online. Learn Hebrew with the help of texts, audios, and videos on this website. On this portal you will find basic Hebrew language lessons, as well as advanced lessons. Sign up on the website to begin learning Hebrew. Click on the language Tab to select Hebrew as the language. Then you can select the level of lessons; if you are a beginner then start learning from Level 1. Learn the basics of Hebrew, and move to advanced lessons. What you will get to learn here? : Hebrew Alphabet, Numbers, Vocabulary, Time, Seasons, Pronunciation, Days, etc.


LearnALanguage is a simple, yet useful website to learn Hebrew language online. The course is divided into 4 categories: Hebrew Words, Hebrew Phrases, Hebrew Verbs, and Jewish Culture. Learn Hebrew translation of common words and phrases along with their pronunciations. Learn the basics of Hebrew grammar in the Hebrew Verb section. Hebrew is mostly spoken by Jewish people, get to know more about Jewish culture, traditions, etc. in the Jewish Culture section.


Loecsen teaches you Hebrew with the help of phrases. These are conversational phrases which you use during common conversations. These Hebrew phrases are divided into several categories, like: Essentials, Conversations, Time, at Restaurants, Hotel, Beach, etc. Each category has a list of conversational phrases. Click on the phrase to listen to the Hebrew translation of the phrase, and you can also view different image rendering for different phrases. This Hebrew learning course can be downloaded as PDF and MP3 as well.

Ma Kore Hebrew

Ma Kore Hebrew is a dedicated website to learn Hebrew online. The Hebrew language learning course is divided into 5 categories: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Grammar, and Travel. If you are new to learning Hebrew, you can begin with the Beginner category. Move to next levels as you learn Hebrew. The Travel Course trains you perfectly if you are visiting Hebrew speaking country for Travel purpose. This online course for learning Hebrew is vast, and covers basics, as well as advanced areas of Hebrew language.


ilanguages is a multilanguage learning platform, where you can learn Hebrew language for free. Learn Hebrew Vocabulary, Phrases, and Grammar with audio playbacks on this website. Vocabulary section will teach you most common and popular words’ translation. Learn general phrases that people use in normal conversations, with audio playback. The Flashcard and Quiz sections are language learning games. Play these games to practice what you learned in Hebrew language.


Find more than 100 free lessons to learn Hebrew online at Goethe-Verlag. You will find lessons on Hebrew alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation, sentence formation, etc. You will find a number of phrases from which you can learn Hebrew. Find audio playback of each phrase just by their side; click on the Play button to listen to the audio.


MYLANGUAGES is a good multi language learning website to learn Hebrew language online. Learn Hebrew from more than 20 lessons, which include: Hebrew Alphabets, Numbers, Grammar, Vocabulary, Translation, Dictionary, Transliteration, etc. No audio support, but its a good resource for learning Hebrew. You can also play language games, or listen to Hebrew Radio for better understanding of Hebrew language.

Hebrew for Christians

Hebrew for Christians is another free resource to learn basic, as well as advanced Hebrew. Go to the Grammar section to view the available units to learn Hebrew language. After a brief introduction to Hebrew language, begin learning Hebrew Alphabets, Vowels, Grammar, etc. Each lesson has been crafted perfectly to make you understand Hebrew easily. Apart from language lessons, you can also learn about Jewish culture here.


Learn Hebrew at Linguanaut with daily used Hebrew phrases and common expressions. Take lessons on Hebrew Alphabets, Numbers, Words, and Survival terms. Get access to Hebrew language learning tools, like: Hebrew keyboard, and translator. Learn from more than 5 different lessons available on this website to learn Hebrew.

Virtual Ulpan

 Virtual Ulpan is a dedicated website to learn Hebrew online. This website teaches advanced Hebrew for free. Go to the Introduction section to learn basic rules about Hebrew. Learn Transliteration rules, Alphabets, Scripts, etc. Advance levels include Numbers in Hebrew, Verb Tables, Hebrew 101, etc.

Hebrew Courses

Hebrew Courses provides audio based lessons to learn Hebrew online. Download the learning material as PDF, and listen to the audio and learn Hebrew. There are two formats of courses, one for adults, and the others for children. The Hebrew language course for adults has 8 lessons in total. You can listen to, and learn a lesson at once, or you can listen to the audio tutorials in parts. Download the audio to your computer if you wish to lean offline. With the help of audio, you get to learn Hebrew pronunciation perfectly.

Ancient Hebrew

Ancient Hebrew is a perfect place to learn Hebrew language. Learn from historic data about ancient Hebrew. Go through the introduction first, and begin to learn. Learn Hebrew alphabets, Numbers, Grammar, History behind the language, Culture, and many other important things. This website to learn Ancient Hebrew has a collection of books as well, where you can read many important books, including Hebrew Bible. All of this is available for free.


Milingua is a dedicated website with vast Hebrew language learning resources. More than 50 lessons are available in Core Hebrew, and Advanced Hebrew each. You can learn Hebrew here, right from the basics. The lessons get complex as you learn Hebrew language here. The grammar lessons are explained very neatly with proper examples. Separate module is available here with Hebrew phrases and vocabulary, all supported by audio playback.


AnimatedHebrew helps you to learn Biblical Hebrew for free, and is licensed under Creative Commons. Hebrew is taught on this website thorough written text, video tutorials, Flashcards, Audio Recordings, etc. While Flashcards helps you with learning Hebrew Vocabulary and Verbs, Video lectures will make you perfect in reading, and writing Hebrew.

Learn Hebrew

Learn Hebrew is a Blogspot with free resources to learn Hebrew online for beginners. This course is  a planned to be finished in 4 weeks. 15 lessons are available for you to learn from. Learn Hebrew Alphabets, Numbers, Verbs, and much more. You can learn to write Hebrew too with the help of animated material. Listen to the audio, and learn to speak perfect Hebrew pronunciation.

Modern Hebrew

Modern Hebrew has vast resources to learn Hebrew language for free. What you can learn here? Hebrew Alphabets, Vocabulary, Numbers, Grammar, about the language, about the country, and a lot more. Other language learning resources include: Hebrew newspaper, keyboard, translator, radio, and songs. You will also find course to learn Hebrew for children.


in-Hebrew is a good place to learn to speak Hebrew. This website is based on most commonly spoken Hebrew phrases. These phrases are categorized on the basis of various day to day situations. The situations include: At airport, Introduction, Israeli sayings, Medical help, Weather, etc. Open a category, view a phrase with its translation, transliteration, and audio translation. Click next to view other phrase.

My English Hebrew Dictionary

My English Hebrew Dictionary is a great source to learn Hebrew vocabulary. There are more than 40 various categories under which you can learn Hebrew translation of common words. Audio playback along with transliteration is present to make it easier for you to learn Hebrew vocabulary.

Learning Hebrew

Learning Hebrew gives you basic knowledge of Hebrew language. Begin with taking introduction lesson to Hebrew, and then go through the lessons to learn Hebrew Alphabets. Learn to read Hebrew, and then move to other lessons to learn Hebrew pronunciation, and transliteration. Find various other links and resources here to perfect your knowledge in Hebrew.


101Languages offers a vast collection of resources to learn Hebrew language online. Learn Hebrew Alphabets, Vocabulary and Phrases, along with sentence formation. All of these are supported by audio playback. Language learning tools, like quizzes and games can be found here, which are really helpful to sharpen your Hebrew language skills.

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