24 Best Free Websites To Learn Portuguese Online

Here is a list of websites to learn Portuguese online. These websites are one of the best resource to learn Portuguese on your own. Learn basic, intermediate, or advanced Portuguese with the help of these websites. Language tools like Flashcards, Quizzes, Exercises, Language games, Dictionary, Translator etc. are available on these websites. Learn Portuguese Alphabets, Numbers, Vocabulary, Phrases, Pronunciation, and much more here. Some of these websites provide dedicated language learning course for travelers.

Portuguese is a Romance language, and there are more than 215 Million native speakers of this language. It is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and São Tomé and Príncipe. Apart from these countries, Portuguese is also spoken in many other countries. This is the 5th most spoken native language.

My Favorite Website to Learn Portuguese language:

I like Busuu the most as a website to learn Portuguese. This is a muti-language learning platform, which is capable of teaching Portuguese right from the basics. It does not matter if you want to learn basic or advanced Portuguese, this website is for all. Another interesting aspect of this website is its chat feature. Find Portuguese speaking members, chat with them to learn Portuguese.

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Here are the Best Free Website to Learn Portuguese Online:


Busuu is a capable multi-language learning platform to learn Portuguese. This audio supported website has three sections:

  • Lessons: This section has various lessons, divided into different levels. These lessons will teach you Portuguese from the basics. As you advance, the lessons get tougher. The levels into which the lessons are divided are:
    • Beginner
    • Elementary
    • Intermediate
    • Upper Intermediate
    • Travel Course
  • Practice: This is a very distinct and awesome feature which makes Busuu one of the best place to learn Portuguese.  Chat with online members who know Portuguese, and can help you with learning Portuguese. In turn you can also teach them English or any other language you know.
  • Vocabulary: You can save the words you want to practice here, and learn them later. This section also stores the mistakes you make while you were learning Portuguese.

This interactive website has one of the best resources to learn Portuguese.


This amazing multi-language learning website Duolingo provides free course to learn Portuguese online. Either start as an elementary learner, or if you have a little knowledge of Portuguese, take a test to be placed at an appropriate level. The course is audio supported and is totally interactive. Learning Portuguese here can be fun. Take regular tests to check your knowledge in Portuguese language. Learn at your own pace, and you can also save your progress.


Learn Portuguese language free at Livemocha. This audio and video playback supported Portuguese language course is apt for beginners. Start learning Portuguese with Portuguese Alphabets, Numbers, Common phrases, and Pronunciations. Once you are done with basic lessons, move to further levels and learn Portuguese Vocabulary, Grammar, and Sentence formation. Portuguese language has been explained very neatly here, and its really easy to get hold of Portuguese with the help of this course. You can unlock lessons with coins which you get at the time of sign up, and you may also earn coins while learning a lesson.

Learn A Language

Learn basic Portuguese language at Learn A Language for free. You can begin to learn Portuguese from a list of Words and Phrases used in everyday situations. The list provides the Portuguese translation of these Words and Phrases as well. The Verb module helps you with useful Portuguese Grammar tips, and a list of verbs with their translation. Know more about the Portuguese culture and its history in the Portuguese Culture section.

BBC Languages

Learn Portuguese for free at BBC Languages. This website has Portuguese language learning material to offer. Begin learning Portuguese with Portuguese Alphabets. Try other contents, such as pronunciation in Portuguese, and general Portuguese phrases. These phrases are categorized on the basis of different situations that you may face in day to day life. The course is audio playback supported, and very neatly designed.


You can learn Portuguese online on Loecsen for free. Begin to learn Portuguese language with the help of conversational phrases. The course is divided into different sections; these sections are categorized on the basis of situations you might face while you travel to a Portuguese speaking country. There are sections for Portuguese numbers, colors, etc. Learn their translation with the help of audio playback. You can also download PDF and audio to your device, and learn Portuguese on the go.

Digital Dialects

Digital Dialects offers free online course to learn Portuguese language. The Portuguese learning course is divided into 15 different sections. These sections take care of Portuguese phrases, numbers, vocabulary, time units, grammar, etc. Few of these modules are supported by audio playback. You can also play free Portuguese language games to further polish your skills in Portuguese language.

Tudo Bem Portuguese

Learn Portuguese effectively on this wonderful website, Tudo Bem Portuguese. This website offers Portuguese language learning course for beginners, elementary learners, and advanced learners. Different lessons are available under these courses. These lessons start with basics of Portuguese language, like: Alphabets, Numbers, Vocabulary, etc. As you advance through the course, you get to learn Portuguese Grammar, Pronunciation, Phrases, Sentence formation, etc. Dedicated lessons for travelers, and people visiting for medical, or business purposes, are available. Language games are embedded with lessons to help you polish your Portuguese language skills.


At L-Ceps you can learn the basics of Portuguese language. You can learn the Portuguese translation of common words and phrases with the help of this resource. These words and phrases are divided into 10 lessons. Each lesson is supported by audio playback, and is categorized as Introduction, Numbers, Family, Food, etc. After building a strong base in Portuguese language, you can move on to advanced levels.

Babel Nation

Learn Portuguese at Babel Nation for free. This website has a basic course to teach you Portuguese. The course is divided into 3 sections: Lesson pages, Vocabularies, and Exercises. These lessons cover topics like Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, basic expressions, importance of Portuguese, Vocabulary, etc. With the exercises, you can practice the Portuguese that you have learnt.


iLanguages is another free resource to learn Portuguese language for free. It teaches you Portuguese Vocabulary, Phrases, and Grammar. You can also find Flashcards on this website. Supported by audio playback, learn Portuguese with different lists of common Portuguese words and phrases. The Quiz section lets you practice Portuguese vocabulary with the help of interactive tests.

Goethe Verlag

With 100 lessons in Portuguese language, Goethe Verlag is one of the best resources to learn Portuguese online. These lessons are based on different grammar topics and situations. Here you will find various phrases translated into Portuguese language. Click the Play to listen to the Portuguese translation.


LanguageTutorial.org has very useful content to teach you Portuguese online. The course is divided into two categories.

  • Free Portuguese Lessons: This section has free Portuguese grammar lessons. These lessons cover basic grammar topics, like: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, tense, etc. The topics have been explained pretty clearly with the help of examples, and phrases.
  • Vocabulary List: Here you will find lists of common Portuguese words. The lists are divided into various categories.

This website is not supported by audio playback, but there is no doubt in that it is a good place to learn Portuguese.


ieLanguages.com is a subtle website to learn Portuguese online. This website has more than 40 lessons in Portuguese language. The lessons are audio supported, and the topics have been explained very neatly. Here you will find lessons based on Portuguese alphabets, phrases, vocabulary, numbers, and grammar.


Wespeke is basically an online language learning community where you can learn Portuguese. Wespeke lets you chat and learn languages from the community members. All you have to do is set filter for the language you want to learn, your native language, age group, country, etc. Wespeke will then filter out members according to your choices. Select any online member, and begin to chat with them. You can even add offline members as friends, so that you can chat with them later. This website offers one of the best interactive way to learn Portuguese.

Learn With Oliver

At Learn With Oliver, you can learn Portuguese for free. To begin learning Portuguese, simply set the level you want to start learning. Practice and learn Portuguese words and phrases at Learn With Oliver. The audio playback helps with learning to pronounce Portuguese words without any issue. You will find different set of words and phrases with various difficulty levels. Take the exercises to practice Portuguese language.


You will find more than 40 lessons in Portuguese language at MyLanguages. You can learn both basic and advanced Portuguese on this website. The following lessons along with examples can be found here at MyLanguages: Portuguese Alphabets, Numbers, Grammar, Vocabulary, Phrases, etc. Portuguese language learning tools such as educational videos, quiz, radio, and transliteration are present on this website. The lessons are fully supported by audio playback.


Linguanaut is another good website to learn basic Portuguese. You will find 7 lessons to learn Portuguese on this website. The lessons available are: Alphabets, Numbers, Phrases, Verbs, Adjectives, Prepositions, and Vocabulary. All these lessons are supported by audio to teach you Portuguese pronunciation. You will also find language learning tools, games, and quizzes on this website.


Learn Portuguese language for free at 101Languages. The Portuguese language course has more than 30 lessons, and this is one of the best place to learn Portuguese. You will find Portuguese lessons, lists of words and phrases, and language tools on this website.  You can learn Portuguese Alphabets, Vocabulary, and general Phrases, and their pronunciation. Look for different language learning tools, such as: Portuguese radio, Flash Cards, Vocabulary games, Portuguese keyboard, Translator, and much more.

French Spanish Online

French Spanish Online is another multi language learning website to learn Portuguese. You will find 24 Lessons to study Portuguese on this website. The lessons are divided into different sections. These lessons are based on Portuguese Greetings, Alphabets, Numbers, Vocabulary, and Phrases. Pronunciation of words and phrases can be learnt with the help of audio playback. English to Portuguese translator is available as well.

Easy Portuguese

Easy Portuguese is an exclusive website to learn Portuguese online. The course is divided into 4 modules.

  • Alphabets and Pronunciation: Learn Portuguese Alphabets, most popular words, Portuguese names, and Portuguese Verb and Conjugation.
  • Useful Phrases: Listen to, and learn Portuguese phrases based on different situations.
  • Vocabulary: Learn Portuguese vocabulary with audio playback.
  • Portuguese Lessons: You will learn Portuguese grammar in this section. The lessons are categorized under Basic and Intermediate grammar.

Learning Portuguese

Learning Portuguese offers advanced course to learn Portuguese. The website welcomes you with an introduction to Portuguese language. The course is divided into 4 sections.

  • Pronunciation: Listen and learn Portuguese alphabets, vowels, dipthongs, and consonants.
  • Conversations: Learn how to greet and introduce yourself in Portuguese.
  • Grammar: Portuguese grammar has been explained very neatly here. It is categorized into various lessons, and the topics are described with the help of examples and audio support.
  • Vocabulary and Reference: Portuguese vocabulary has been listed here with the help of audio support. The vocabulary has been categorized under topics like: Numbers, colors, date, time, animals, birds, etc.

Learn Portuguese Now

Learn Portuguese Now is a lovely website to learn Portuguese. It has a bunch of Portuguese learning material and tools. You will also find language tutorial videos to learn Portuguese. The lessons on this website will teach you Portuguese words, pronunciation, expressions, proverbs, and much more. Language tools like Audio books, Flashcards, Questions, Podcast, Articles, etc. are available. This website also informs you about Brazilian culture, food, anthem, music, etc.

Language Learning Library

Language Learning Library is a place where you can learn Portuguese grammar. Learn Portuguese Alphabets, Time, Numbers, Common Phrases, and Nouns. Go through the Portuguese dictionary to know more. Learn about Portuguese culture on this website for free.

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