40 Best Free Websites To Learn French Language Online

Here is a list of websites to learn French Language Online. These websites are suitable for any type of French language learners, be it a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced learner. Features like audio support, video tutorials, quizzes, flash cards, extensive vocabulary, language games, etc. make these websites perfect destinations to learn French language, right from the basics.

After English, French is the most common language worldwide, and is an official language to 29 countries. There are 75 million native speakers, and 274 million speakers of French language. It was also awarded as one of the top 3 most useful languages for business.

My Favorite website to learn French online:

TresbienFrench.com is one of the best websites where you can learn French language for free. It has French language learning courses for learners of various levels and categories: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Medical, Travel, and Business. You also get the best material, with in depth knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

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 Here are the Best Free Websites to Learn French Online:


Busuu.com has one of  the best resources to learn French language online. Register yourself with website for free, and start learning French language. This website has 5 lessons to offer in French language: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Travel Course. Begin to learn French from the first lesson. Start with the basics of French language, such as basic vocabulary and phrases. The website keeps a track of your progress with the course, as you advance through the course.


Duolingo.com is an amazing interactive website, where you can learn French online. Either you can start learning French from level 1 of the course, or you can take a test, and get placed at an appropriate level for you to begin learning French. The course begins with elementary words and examples with audio support for the pronunciation of words. You will need a microphone to take tests, by speaking French words as you learn them. Clear a level and move to the next one. You can learn at your own pace, and also save your progress.


Livemocha.com is a language learning portal. You can learn French language for free on this website. Select French language from the list of languages, and start learning from Lesson 1. First of all you get to learn the basics of the French language, like the French alphabets, vocabulary, etc. Later you can learn the complex contents, such as sentence formation, and grammar. The lessons are audio and video supported. Points are provided at sign-up, use the points to unlock new lessons, and earn points while you learn and complete a lesson.


Learnalanguage.com is a perfect place to learn French. The modules to learn French language are supported by audio playback. The course is categorized in modules such as, words, verbs, phrases, French blogs, and dictionary. Each of these modules have lists of different words, translated and pronounced in French language. The presence of games and flash cards make it easier to learn French. You can also take a look at the French Culture section, to know more about the French language, and other cultural information.

BBC Language

Learn French language for free at BBC. You start learning French language with French alphabets, and common phrases such as greetings, and introduction. There are a plenty of lessons and sections where you can learn elementary, primary, or advanced French. Learn French alphabets, words, and phrases with their pronunciation, supported by audio. There are many interactive language games as well, which will boost up your learning process of French language.


Loecsen.com is an amazing place to learn French language online. Learn French language with the help of translated phrases and conversations. The contents are supported by audio playback, and image illustrations, making it easier to understand French language. The contents are categorized on the basis of situations or places where they might occur.


DigitalDialects.com offers free course to learn French language. The course is divided into sections, which are further divided into different modules. These modules will teach you French vocabulary, numbers, basic phrases, grammar, units of time, spelling, and much more. Each module has audio support to it. Image illustrations are an added advantage. The advanced section teaches you complex grammar to understand French language better. The resource to learn French language is vast and helpful.


Start learning French language online at Tresbienfrench.com. This website offers French language learning course for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners. This amazing website also offers French learning course if you are visiting France for medical, travel, or business purpose. Each course has different lessons allocated under them. These lessons cover general topics, such as numbers, family, greetings, introduction, vocabulary, phrases, etc. Sign up to track, and save your progress. Play language games for a better hold on French language.


Learn French language for free at L-ceps.com. This is a vocabulary based French language learning course. The course is divided into 10 lessons. These lessons have few phrases/words allocated under them, and they are translated into french. The course is totally audio supported. The lessons include greetings, numbers, food, etc. You can improve your French vocabulary, and build a strong base for French language with the help of this resource.


Learn French language for free at Vocabulix.com. There are 5 modules to the French language learning course on this website: Vocabulary (multiple choice), Vocabulary (spelling). Verb, Grammar, and Reading. Begin learning French language with Vocabulary (multiple choice), where you have to select the correct French translation of a random word. Advance to the next module, once you have completed the first module. You get audio playback support with these lessons so that you can learn French easily. Gain in-depth knowledge of French language with the help of Verb and Grammar section, all of it for free.


Memrise.com is a versatile website to learn different languages online. You can learn French language for free, with the help of many available lessons in French. These lessons include  French vocabulary, verbs, grammar, alphabets, pronunciation, etc. People who learn French, rate the lessons based on the content. So, you can choose and learn from the highest rated lessons. The lessons are created by different users, and if you know a lesson you can also create a course. Add freinds with same language preferences for a better and interactive session of French language learning.


Babelnation.com has a resourceful collection of contents to learn French language. There are more than 15 modules to learn from. Learn French vocabulary, grammar, and phrases from these modules with the help of audio playback. Contents like puzzles, games, and exercises make it even easier to learn French language. Take tests to know your progress with French language. Use the dictionary to translate words to French. This is a learn at your own pace French language course.


Speak7.com offers free French language learning course. The course has 3 modules: French Grammar, Vocabulary and writing, and French How-to’s. Under French Grammar, you get to learn French alphabets, numbers, tense, and other basics of French grammar. Learn French words, terms, phrases , and expressions under the Vocabulary and writing section. The French How-to’s section teaches you how to use and phrase sentences under different situations.


Fluentu.com is an interactive platform where you can learn French language. You can select a level to begin with learning French language from the following options: newbie, elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced native learner. The modules are framed upon words and phrases. All of the modules are supported by audio. Videos are available as well to help you learn French language better. Learn basic French grammar, vocabulary, sentence formation and much more at this website for free.


Learn French vocabulary, phrases, and grammar at iLanguages.org. You will find a long list of words and phrases, translated into French language with audio playback. You can go to the Flashcard section to practice French words. The quiz  module lets you match random words with their translations. Its a good resource to build up your French vocabulary.


Speak.econtrader.com is a conversation based French language learning website. There are different modules to this resource, divided on the basis of different situations. The modules based on situations/places are divided as : introduction, hotel, taxi, airport, beach, bank, etc. These modules include a series of conversational phrases that may happen in the given situation.


Goethe-verlag.com is a great place to learn French language for free. This website offers 100 free lessons in French language. You can start with the basics of French language from lesson 1. The lessons will teach you French vocabulary, phrases, sentence formation, pronunciation, grammar, numbers, alphabets, and much more. The course is supported by audio playback, which makes learning French language an easy task to accomplish.


Speakfrench.co.uk provides free audio supported list of French vocabulary and phrases. These modules are divided into lessons based on words or phrases’ category. You can learn French language at your own pace. The Language Partner section lets you select a friend with knowledge of French language. You can interact with that person to know more about French language.


Tolearnfree.com is a free to use portal where you can learn French language extensively.  You can learn French language from more than 50 lessons on this website. Take the Placement test to know where you should start learning French language from. Begin to learn French from the basics, like French alphabets, numbers, and vocabulary. Once you master that, move on to the next level and learn French grammar, phrases, sentence formation, pronunciation, advanced grammar, etc. Different exercises and quizzes are available as well.


Wespeke.com is a place where you can learn French language in an interactive way. It lets you chat and learn a language from online members of this website. All you have to do is set your native language and the language you want to learn. Select any online member, and start chatting with them. You can even add them as friends in your profile. This website also provides some common French vocabulary and phrases.


At Antosch-and-lin.com you can learn French language for free, right from the basics. Select your level of knowledge in French language, and begin learning French language. This website lets you practice with French words and phrases, while listening to their pronunciation. With different levels of difficulty, this website is appropriate for every type of learner.


Elanguageschool.net welcomes you with an introduction to  French language on its homepage.  Learn basics of French language, such as French alphabets, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar. etc on this website. You can also take a look at the comic series present on the website. The comic can be read both in English and French language. Click on the text to switch the language of the text in each conversation bubble.


Mylanguages.org has 30+ French language lessons.  Start to learn French language with French alphabets, numbers, colors, etc. Move on to difficult lessons such as French pronunciation, sentence formation, vocabulary, phrases, grammar, etc. Almost all the lessons are supported by audio playback. You can listen to French radio as well via this website. Take tests and quizes to further enhance your French language skills.


At Linguanaut.com, you will find a stash of study material to learn French language for free. Lessons to learn French alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, phrases, and grammar are available on this website. The lessons are fully backed up with audio, making French language easy to learn. This is a learn at your own pace course.


101languages.net has a vast collection of content to learn French language. The resources available on this website are pretty rich and informative. Here you can learn French vocabulary, and phrases, along with sentence formation. Different audio tutorials are available as well. Take quizzes and games to sharpen your French language skills.


At Hellomylo.com you can either learn French language as a beginner or as an advanced learner. It is a voice supported French language learning portal. You get to learn French language with the help of various phrases that can be used under various circumstances. Different language games are available as well, which makes Learning French language fun and easy.


Qcfrench.com is a dedicated website to learn French language. It provides a list of French grammar lessons along with French vocabulary. Learn French pronunciation with the help of audio playback. Printable version of the course is available on the website as well.


Freelanguagetutorials.com offers free French language lessons. These lessons teach you French grammar and vocabulary. These lessons are further categorized into different parts. It has one of the neatest content to learn French language. You will also find printable worksheets available on the website.


Frenchtutorial.com is one of the best websites to learn French language. Here you can learn the basics of French language, and also do a comprehensive study of French grammar. This course in French language has 15 lessons, and all of them are supported by audio playback. You will also find a list of vocabulary included with the study material.


Jefrench.com is a video based French language learning course. There are 10 lessons in French language on this website. These are pretty basic tutorials, narrated in a very simple language. You get to learn various French phrases and vocabulary, while learning French grammar.


Frenchspanishonline.com offers a free French language learning course, with a total of 27 modules. These modules are further sub-categorized. The modules teach you French greetings, alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. Each module has regular content to learn French, and other tools such as, quizzes, videos, hangman, crossword, audio practice and much more. This is a very useful and interactive website.


Thefrenchexperiment.com is a good website to learn French language for free. It has some impressive content to help you learn French language. You can learn the French number system, alphabets, vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation and a lot of other things related to French language. The course is supported by audio playback. At places you also may find links to external websites for reference.


French-games.net provides free French learning educational games. There are different categories of games based on words, phrases, and pictures. These games are based on animals, colors, body parts, time, numbers, home, etc. You can either learn as a beginner, or as an intermediate.


Learnfrenchlanguageguide.com is a place where you can learn basic and intermediate French language. This is a dedicated website for learning French language. After learning french alphabets, you can learn French word pronunciation, grammar, phrases, and sentence formation. The French learning course is extensive and easy to understand.


You will find basic French language learning material on Europa-pages.co.uk. This course can be very helpful to teach you how to communicate in French language. It is based on phrases that we use in everyday situations such as telling time, at a restaurant, hotel, shopping, etc. The course has videos and audios linked to it, making it easy for you to understand and learn French accent and pronunciation.


Visit this French-online.de to learn French language online for free. This website has 20 lessons in French language. You can begin learning with French vocabulary and pronunciation. Later comes the French grammar, which is explained vastly. The French Grammar includes tense, figures of speech, nouns, articles, etc. The lessons on this website are fully audio supported.


elarningfrench.com provides free audio and text-based French language classes. On this website, users can find multiple French Pronunciation and Basic French Courses. The French Pronunciation section uses get many french words and phrases along with their meaning. It also offers a text-to-speech tool that reads out the french words in the native language. A good set of tests to test out your grasp of the French language is also present in it.


Lingopolo.com is a quiz based French language learning website. It has a long list of French vocabulary, and phrases to be learnt. Almost 100 quizzes are available on this website to teach you French language. To learn French language, you have to play the quiz, and guess the correct answer by listening to the audio. Various situation examples and grammar lessons will help you to learn French language better.


Newsinslowfrenc.com is a website for beginners and intermediates to learn French language. Either you can listen to general conversations, or news readings to learn French language. A conversation or news is narrated as audio on the website. Listen to the audio, and try to read the conversation. Difficult to understand words are highlighted in blue. You can hover the cursor over them to read their English translation. This is a very innovative and efficient way to learn French language online. There are different levels to this course as well.


Learnerstv.com has more than 20 lessons in French language. These lessons consist of lists of vocabulary divided into different categories. Click on the lesson to open the module. Stream the video and learn new words and phrases. This is a learn at your own pace French language learning course.

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