4 Best Websites with Free Printable Flashcards Online

Here is a list of the best websites with free printable flashcards online. Flashcard is a card that can contain a small amount of information. It can bear information on either or both sides. Flashcards are used to test and improve memory. One can retrieve flashcards repetitively to memorize the piece of information it bears. Generally, a flashcard is a physical card where you can write the information you need to memorize. There are digital flashcards too which bring more engaging ways of card retrieval (like game, quiz, test, memorize, etc.). But if you need the actual physical flashcards then these websites can help.

This post covers 4 free websites where you can get printable flashcards. These websites give you the selected set of flashcards in a PDF file. You can print that PDF file and then cut the flashcards out. Almost all these websites come with a collection of ready-to-print flashcards. You can get sets of flashcards from kindergarten to anything you can find. A couple of these websites let you create your own flashcards as well. You can create your sets and download them in a printable format.

My Favorite Printable Flashcard Online Website

Flashcard.online is my favorite printable flashcards online website on this list. This website basically provides you with a tool to make your own cards with no design or any other inputs. You can create text-only cards or add a picture too. The picture feature leaves the door open for creativity and personalization. In the end, you get an A4 PDF sheet with your cards which you can print and cut out.  Thus, no matter for what purpose you need the flashcards, you can make those on this website.

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Flashcard.online is a free website to make printable flashcards online. On this website, you can picture with text and text-only flashcards. For that, first, you have to create a list. A list represents an A4-size paper. You get options to add  2, 4, or 8 cards per list. The process is simple. You start by adding a name for the flashcard. Then you pick the number of cards per list and type of card (text or pic+text). On the next screen, you have to add the content to each card. In this step, you get the option to add/remove lists. You can add any number of lists. The format of every list will be the same as the original. After adding the card content, you can generate the card. This gives you a PDF that you can download or print directly. The print has the area marked for cutting out the cards.

Key Points:

  • This website generates custom flashcards.
  • It lets users add 2, 4, or 8 cards per page.
  • Users can add any number of lists with the same pattern.
  • It generates a ready-to-print  PDF sheet of cards with marked-out cutting area.
  • No sign up required.


Cram.com is a free website to create and share flashcards. This website is a complete package for all types of flashcards need. You can create your custom flashcards, you can browse over 195 million flashcards, and you can view them in different modes. For that, you have to sign up on the website but it is totally worth it. On this website, you can create a set with any number of flashcards in it. You can add formatted text and multiple pictures to the cards. If you have a flashcard set saved, you can import that. It gives you a preview of the data. You can customize the position of the data using the preview and create flashcards. After creating the flashcards, you can keep that private or make them public on the platform. Once the set is ready, you can view it in different modes. It has Memorize, Test, and Game mode. You also get an option to print the cards. This opens a new page where you can sort the card and select the size as well. This adds your cards on A4 sheets and packs them into a PDF.

Key Points:

  • This website lets users create a custom set of flashcards.
  • Users can add formatted text and images to the cards.
  • It lets you add the front as well as the backside of a card.
  • Users can add any number of cards per set.
  • Option to import/export flashcard set from local storage and Google Drive.
  • Create and manage folders to organize the cards.
  • Users can keep their flashcard set private or publish it on the website.
  • View the flashcards in Memorize, Test, and Game mode.
  • Offers a collection of over 195 million flashcards sorted by category.
  • Users can print their or any public flashcard set in small or large card format.
  • Sign-up is required.


SuperSimple is a free website for kids to learn and play. It has a collection of printable flashcards. It lists all the new flashcards in the front with three options to sort them out. Those options are Theme, Show, and Song. Each option filter out the cards relevant to the name. The list gives you the name with preview and the number of cards. From there, you can select any card and download it. This gives you a PDF that contains each card on separate pages.

Key Points:

  • This website offers printable flashcards for kids.
  • Users can sort the card by Theme, Show, or Song.
  • Users can download any card set directly as a PDF.
  • Cards are in big size, one card per page in PDF.
  • No signup is required.


FlashcardsforKindergarten is a free website with a wide collection of printable flashcards. As it is clear from the name of the website, all the flashcards are for small kids. The website lists dozens of categories on the top of every page. You can pick a category from there and browse the relevant flashcard sets. It gives two download options for every set of flashcards. One is PDF where you get each card as a separate page in the file. The second is a RAR file where you get each card as a separate PNG file.

Key Points:

  • This website has a large collection of printable flashcards.
  • Flashcards are sorted into multiple categories.
  • Users can pick and download sets of flashcards in PDF format.
  • Users can also get a ZIP file of the set containing each card as an image.
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