6 Best Free Cabinet Design Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free cabinet design software for Windows. Using these freeware, you can easily design your own cabinets or modify some provided cabinets.

These software provide different types of cabinets (shelf, chest, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, etc.), which you can import to a project and modify accordingly. You can add various cabinets and customize them by changing size, texture, color, material, etc. You can also draw your own cabinet design as a 3D-model by using drawing tools, like Line, Shapes, Push/Pull, etc. You can make cabinets in shapes like L, box, angle, free, etc., and add essential objects to them like doors, shelves, and more. Tools to rotate, flip, move, select, pan, zoom, etc., are also available in these cabinet design software. You can also add dimensions and text to your project in some of these software.

These software provide 2D and 3D plane to manage, arrange, and view cabinets in a project. You can view your cabinet designs from front, back, side, top, bottom, right, and left to make adjustments accordingly. You can also design multiple cabinets at a time.

While some of these cabinet design freeware work offline, some require internet connection to create cabinets.

My Favorite Cabinet Design Software:

SketchUp Make is my favorite because it lets you design your own cabinets as well import some different types of cabinet and modify them. PolyBoard is another favorite because it provides a variety of tools and options to create a desired cabinet design. I like Sweet Home 3D too, as it provides various types of cabinets suitable for each section of a house, which you can customize after importing them. Also, it supports formats like PDF, PNG, and MOV to export cabinet designs.

You can also checkout the list of free Interior Design Software, Home Design Software, and Furniture Design Software for Windows.

SketchUp Make

SketchUp Make is a free cabinet design software. You can design cabinet by using drawing tools or by importing cabinet components.

You can select the desired template to start with cabinet designing. After that, you can use drawing tools like line, arc, shapes, etc., to design cabinet as a 3D model. It provides a Push/Pull option to add or reduce volume from selected components.

You can also import components from Default Tray window and add to your project. In addition to that, you can also select the desired material, style, change shadow properties, and see instructions for each and every tool. You can also move an object, rotate, copy, and stretch an entity, pan, zoom, add dimensions, add normal or 3D text, and do more.

To import a desired model of cabinet, go to Window > 3D Warehouse, and search for cabinets. You can select a desired cabinet from the list and download it to import to make changes accordingly. You can change placement, size, material, color, style, texture, etc., of the components. You can also use above mentioned drawing tools to make some other changes.

To import and export, it supports only SketchUp models.

SketchUp Make is one of the best software for designing 3D models. You can create layouts, home designs, geo-models, furniture designs, landscape architecture, and more. Many of the features of SketchUp are not available in its free version, which you can check here. You can also check video tutorials to start with making your own designs.


PolyBoard is a free cabinet design software for Windows users. It lets you create cabinets in shapes like L, box, angle, free shape, and more. You can customize the dimensions (width, height, and depth) of cabinets as per your requirements. You can also add shelves, doors, double backs, free division, etc., to create a desired cabinet design. Further, you can modify panel materials, edge materials, bar materials, and panels structure. Also, you can customize other parameters of cabinet like fittings, rules, manufacturing methods, 3D accessories, cutting lists options, and more. You can also create multiple cabinets in different tabs simultaneously.

It provides a 2D plane to create a cabinet design, but to view it, you can switch to 2D or 3D mode. You can make adjustment to cabinet design by rotating (left/right/automatic), zooming (in/out), moving, etc. It provides standard views to manage designed cabinet like top, front, left, right, bottom, etc. You can also select desired measurement unit for length, surface, and angle (Meter, Inches, Foot, etc.).

It lets you import and export only PolyBoard cabinet projects for editing and saving purposes, respectively.

PolyBoard is a good cabinet design freeware which lets you create customized cabinet design with various components. It is very easy to use and supports various languages.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a free home designing software which can also be used as a cabinet design software. It provides few types of cabinets suitable for different sections of your home and modify them accordingly. For example, you can add a Chest in bedroom and then modify its dimensions, material, color, texture, etc. You can also add and modify other types of cabinets like wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, glass door cabinets, etc.

You can create walls, rooms, add dimensions and text, add or modify background image, etc. You can also choose a 3D model for a furniture piece and import it to your project. You can import furniture in formats like OBJ, 3DS, LWS, DAE, KMZ, and ZIP. You can work on multiple cabinet designs simultaneously.

You can import only Sweet Home 3D projects to modify. But, to export, it supports Sweet Home 3D and PDF formats. You can also create and save cabinet design as an image (PNG) or a video (MOV) from 3D view of the created cabinet design. You can also export separate components as CSV files.

Sweet Home 3D is basically a freeware to design various sections and rooms of your house like kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, stair cases, etc. It has a very clean and easy-to-use interface.


Blophome is another free cabinet design software for Windows. You can design cabinet in Furniture tab. It provides a catalog of different types of cabinets like trunks, glass cabinets, wardrobe, shelf, clothing racks, etc., which you can import and customize. You can modify a cabinet design by changing its height, width, length, texture, finish, color, etc. You can also use other options like rotate, block/unblock (to lock/unlock an object’s position), etc. It provides a 3D view to navigate through your cabinet design project.

It lets you import a Blophome project (.bph) to modify. The cabinet design is saved as Blophome project in your PC. You can also share your cabinet design through email. You can also save your cabinet design as an image (JPEG) by using Render (realistic/stereo) option in ‘3d project’ menu.

Blophome is basically an interior design software. You can design and decorate home with various objects, and create a dream home. It requires internet connection to work.


Roomon is basically a free 3D room planner which can also be used as a cabinet design software. You can search for a desired type of cabinet and drag and drop it from the catalog. It provides different types of cabinets like wall cabinet with sliding doors, glass cabinets, basic cabinets, cabinets with stove and oven, cabinets with sink, mirror cabinets, and many more. After adding desired cabinet types, you can customize various parameters like dimensions, light settings, and some environment properties. It provides a 3D plane to manage, view, and navigate through your cabinet design. You can rotate, tilt, roll, and move a cabinet, and place it on the desired position in a room.

You can save a project on your registered account on Roomon only.

Roomon is free room designer software which requires internet connection to work. It provides various layouts for rooms (like kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.) to look out for and make adjustments accordingly. You can decorate rooms with desired accessories too.


Planoplan is a free 3D room planner which lets you design cabinet. You can add cabinets provided by the program and arrange them accordingly on a 3D or 2D plane. Later on, you can customize dimensions, texture, color, material, etc., of cabinets. You can also rotate cabinets, flip them, zoom in/out, etc.

You can use this cabinet design software only by making an account on its website. It lets you create and save cabinet designs on the registered account only. Also, it lets you save up to three projects only without any charge.

Using Planoplan, you can create more interior designs using different modules from its catalog, like furniture designing, decorations, lighting, technics, etc.

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