5 Best Free 3DS to OBJ Converter Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free 3DS to OBJ converter software for Windows. In both the 3DS and OBJ files, you can store 3D models and scenes. However, not all 3D model editors support both 3DS and OBJ files. So, in case you have an OBJ file supported editor and you have a 3DS file, then you can convert it to OBJ using any of these 3DS to OBJ converters. Using these software, you can convert 3DS files to various other formats too, such as STL, PLY, SVG, etc.

The process of conversion is pretty straightforward in all software as you just need to use either save as or export option to convert 3DS to OBJ. Using these software, you can also view and edit 3DS files before the conversion. For editing, you get all essential editing options in these such as Surface Color, Surface Texture, Insert, Apply Material, Change Appearance, etc. Besides editing, you can also use these converters to just view various 3D models using tools like front view, back view, orientation, zoom, and more. Overall, all of these are capable and easy to use 3DS to OBJ converters.

My Favorite 3DS To OBJ Converter Software For Windows:

pCon.planner is my favorite software because it allows you to quickly convert 3DS to OBJ with or without editing the model. I also like its interface as it is beautifully designed, and it shows the 3DS model from four different perspectives.

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pCon.planner is a free 3DS to OBJ converter software for Windows. It is primarily used to plan, create, and edit 3D spaces. Plus, models present in a 3DS file can also be edited before conversion through this software.

On its main interface, you can view the loaded 3DS file model from four perspectives namely Top, Front, Right, and Angle at the same time. By clicking on the model, you can easily move around and rotate to view it from every angle. Now, to edit the model, you can use various editing tools provided by this software such as Polyline, Arc, Text, Extrude, Mirror, Insert Point, Fill Color, Edit Texture, and more. After the editing, you can perform the 3DS to OBJ conversion.

How to convert 3DS to OBJ using pCon.planner:

To convert 3DS to OBJ, first, load a 3DS model in this software. After that, perform editing if necessary using above mentioned editing tools. After editing, go to File > Export > Geometry menu. From the Geometry menu, select the OBJ file format as the export format and press the OK button to start the conversion. Besides OBJ, you can also convert the 3DS file to DWG, DWT, DAE, FBX, EMF, SVG, etc. file formats.

It also contains some additional tools like Animation Maker, Video Maker, Model To Image Maker, etc.


FreeCAD is a free open source 3DS to OBJ converter software for Windows. Using it, you can easily convert a 3DS file to OBJ, DWG, DXF, STL, PLY, SVG, BMS, etc. formats. In it, you can also view and edit 3D models present in a 3DS file before converting it to OBJ file. To make changes on a model present in the 3DS file, you can use its Tool Sections like part design, architecture design, ship design, etc. In each section, you get design specific tools to perform editing. You can also use this software to create a completely new 2D or 3D model from scratch.

To convert 3DS to OBJ, first, load a 3DS file. After that, edit the 3DS file model, if needed. Lastly, select a certain part of the model or the whole model and go to the Export Menu and select OBJ as the output file format.

In this software, you can also find various additional tools like Macro Recording, Macro Editing, Scene Inspector, Dependency Graphs, and more.


NuGraf is another free 3DS to OBJ converter software for Windows. This software is capable of converting a 3DS file to an OBJ as well as to formats like X3D, XAML, U3D, VRML, PLY, STL, XGL, etc. Using it, you can batch convert 3DS to OBJ at a time. The process of converting the 3DS file to OBJ is simple. You just need to use its Export option to save 3DS model in OBJ file format. Or, for batch conversion, use its File > Batch Convert option.

Before the conversion, you can open and analyze 3D models present in a 3DS file. To view the 3DS model, it provides all standard tools like pan, zoom, tilt camera, orbit camera, rotate, etc. Besides this, you can also view a model from multiple angles (top, front, right, and left) and in different lighting conditions. It also lets you rotate a model around a pivot or at different axes, so that you can analyze 3DS model closely.

Note: In it, you get various handy features, but this free version of NuGraf has one major limitation which is its inability to show every fifth polygon of a 3D file.


MeshLab is the next free 3DS to OBJ converter software for Windows. Through this software, you can also make some visual changes on a 3DS file model. However, this software is only suitable to make smaller changes as it does not have essential tools to properly edit the model. Few modifications that you can make before the 3DS to OBJ conversion include: smoothing out the surface, changing the color of the model, changing shade, and drawing design over the model.

This software is also quite good for viewing a 3DS file as it provides tools to change model orientation, 3D model position over the plane, zoom the model, wireframe view, point view, etc. After viewing and editing, you can convert 3DS to OBJ file by using its Export option. From its Export option, select the OBJ format and press OK to start the conversion process. Besides OBJ, you can also export 3DS files in STL, DXF, DAE, CTM, etc. formats.


Wings3D is another free 3DS to OBJ converter software for Windows. It is primarily a polygon modeler, 3D model creator, and 3D model editing software. So, before converting a 3DS file to OBJ, you can edit the model present in a 3DS file. To edit the model, you can use its sculpting tools like Extrude, Extract, Sweep, Inset, Intrude, Flatten, Bump, Lift, Hole, etc. Using it, you can also add various inbuilt shapes to the existing models like Cube, Cylinder, Sphere, Cone, Octahedron, etc. All the shapes and required tools can be accessed easily from its right-click menu. Apart from sculpting tools, some viewing tools to view the model from all directions are also available in it.

After loading a 3DS file and performing the editing, you can now easily export the model in an OBJ file using its Export Menu. Besides OBJ, it is also possible to export 3DS file model in DAE, RWX, STL, EPS, etc. file formats.

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