3 Best Free ASM Viewer Software For Windows

Here is the list of best free ASM Viewer Software for Windows. These software let you open and view Pro E ASM files (assembly files). Assembly files are made up of PRT files, so you can also view PRT files with these freeware. There are various 3D model viewing tools provided by these software. The basic ones let you move, rotate, zoom, select, zoom in, zoom out, and pan a loaded model. Some tools let you view ASM model in different orientations, while some let you view ASM model in various structure forms. You can view a model’s top view, right view, bottom view, side view, isometric view, and more. The structural viewing options let you view wireframe structure, solid structure with edges, or solid structure without edges of loaded model.

In addition to the viewing tools, you will find other tools as well. These let you view a model’s cross sectional view, add stamps, measure length, measure area, measure radius, measure weight, and more.

The ASM file viewer software mentioned here are absolutely free and let you view ASM files pretty easily. The main difference is between the extra options that these software provide. So, go through the list, get to know more about these ASM viewer software. Choose the one that suits your need the best.

Some of these software have limited functionality. Like, one of these software only let you load and view 6 files per month, while another one does not display every 5th polygon of a model being viewed.

My Favorite ASM Viewer Software:

eDrawings is the one that I like the most. Its absolutely free to use and provides all the necessary 3D viewing tools. Also, you can view multiple CAD models in different tabs here.

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eDrawings is one of the best Pro E ASM viewer for Windows. It provides you the facility to open Pro E  asm files and view them using various 3D viewer tools. Here, you can open more than one ASM or other CAD files in tabs.

When you load an ASM file, you get the option to view its components (PRT) list. From here, you can select and view each part of asssembly separately.

3D viewer tools provided by this free ASM viewer let you carefully analyze a model. The basic set of tools let you rotate, pan, move, zoom in, and zoom out. If I talk about the viewing modes available, it lets you view a model in top view, bottom view, front view, right view, etc. Apart from this, you can view your model as a wired frame (displays transparent design your model), shaded with edges (highlighted edges), and shaded view (provides solid view without highlighting edges).

This is a great 3D file viewer that offers various other interesting features; let us get to know about them:

  • Stamps: There are various stamps available in this free asm viewer, which you can use to mark your model. These stamps include APPROVED, DRAFT, NOT APPROVED, NOT FOR MANUFACTURING, etc.
  • Section: This tool lets you view cross section of a 3D model along different axes. You can choose to view cross section along XY, YZ, or XZ planes.
  • Move: This too provides you a facility to move each part of your model separately while you are viewig an ASM file.

eDrawings is really a great software to view ASM files and various other CAD files, such as: SLDPRT, SLDASM, DXF, DWG, 3DXML, STL, and more.


EnSuite-View lets you view ASM files for free. It has almost all the tools required to view a 3D file with ease. The tools are placed on an easily accessible Tool bar, right on top of the workspace.

When you load an ASM file to view, the toolbar lets you access its Model Tree. The Model Tree appears on the left side of the interface, where you will be able to browse and view the list of all the PRT components of ASM. Click on a part to highlight it from the Model Tree. You can also exclude a part from the assembly file, if desired.

The viewer tools available in EnSuite-View are Select, Pan, Rotate, Spin, Zoom in, and Zoom out. You can also view a model in various orientations, such as: Isometric, Front, back, Left, Right, Top, etc. If required, you can view a model in Wireframe, Shaded with edges, Shaded without edges, and Hidden line structures.

In addition to the above mentioned viewing tools, you will find many other interesting tools. Cross section tool, distance/angle measurement tool, length/radius measurement tool, area measurement tool, and volume/weight measurement tool are a few to name. A markup tool is available, which lets you markup by adding shapes and text in different colors.

This ASM viewer software is the free version of EnSuite View and comes with some limitations. Although all the tools are activated, but you can only view 6 CAD files per month.


NuGraph is another free ASM file viewer that lets you view ASM files. Apart from ASM files, it also supports various other CAD files.

As you open an ASM file in this free viewer, it displays the assembly model in 4 types of views on its interface, namely; Top view, Front view, Right view, and Camera Default view. The camera default view shows the isometric view of the open ASM file by placing it on 3D axes. If you want to examine each view of ASM model in detail, you can maximize each view to full screen mode or you can zoom in each view separately with the help of scroll button of mouse.

There are various 3D viewer tools that let you closely examine a model. These tools are: rotate, move, spin, scale, zoom, etc. You can also align model in top, front, back, side, or isometric views in each viewing window.

It also lets you edit a 3D model by adding shapes and sizes of your choice. When you are done, you can save your design on your computer. Besides this, it also provides you the facility to export and import whole design. Apart from these features, this free asm viewer also lets you render any design from scratch.


  • Takes some time to open an asm file.
  • You cannot view your model completely in this free asm viewer, as every 5th polygon is missing in its free version. In order to view your model completely, you have to purchase it.

This is a great software to view and edit pro e asm files. Download and try it now!

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