6 Best Free Auto Tune Software for Windows

Here is the list of best free Auto Tune software for Windows. These Auto Tune software are basically VST Plugins for famous open source audio editors. These VST plugins are used to enhance vocal by adding various effects. You can also use these auto tune software to enhance musical instruments’ sounds. There are various method that these software use to enhance audio:

  • Vibrato: To provide vibration effect on flat vocals.
  • Nuance & Voice: To introduce robotic effect on vocals. You can vary this effect according to your need.
  • Pitch Bands: Provides the most conventional way to Auto Tune audio. Here, you have to manually vary frequency bands to add effects.
  • Feedback: It adds flanging effect on vocals, as well as on musical instruments.

These Plugins require VST plugin supported software, such as: Audacity and Wavosaur.

To add a plugin in Audacity, just paste .dll files of the plugin into Audacity plugin folder. Now, run Audacity and go to Effects > Add/Remove plugins and enable newly added plugin. Now the added plugin will be available in the Effects menu. Here’s a quick video tutorial which will help you install VST plugin in Audacity.

Adding plugins in Wavosaur is equally easy, just go to VST Rack and add .dll files by pressing the Add button. Now, to load plugin, select plugins from the added list and click on Add to chain, then click on View option to view plugins interface.

By using Audacity and Wavosaur, you can record audio, and perform Auto tuning on recorded audio by using these free auto tune software.

My favorite free Audio Tune software:

KroVee is my favorite Auto Tune VST plugin. It lets you directly add robotic effect on vocals by using Nuance feature. You can also fine tune output audio by using tone features.

You can also checkout the list of best free Sound Booster, and Audio Pitch Changer software for Windows.


KeroVee is a free Auto Tune software for Windows. It works with both Audacity and Wavosaur. This is actually a pitch correction plugin, which mainly focuses on tuning vocals. It provides various auto tune settings to tune input audio and get corrected audio output.

Let us check the tuning options provided by KeroVee:

  • Scale options let you specify the notes that are allowed.
  • Tune speed corrects the tuning speed of vocal. It produces robotic output if you set it to max.
  • Calib is used for master tuning in the frequency range of 430Hz to 450Hz.
  • TuneTo enables tuning for Scale, MIDI notes, and MIDI Chord.
  • Bypass is used to bypass the original sound. You can also adjust the level and pan value of vocal.
  • Tone1 and Tone2 can be used on pitch corrected audio for further fine tuning.


Gsnap is another free Auto Tune VST that works with both Audacity and Wavosaur. It lets you make very subtle pitch changes on vocals, giving it an auto tune effect. With high audio settings, it can be used to achieve robot like vocal effect. The tuning controls are available under three sections, namely, MIDI, Correction, and Detection.

MIDI: In this section, you get four variable MIDI controls, namely, Pitch Bent, Vibrato, Vib Speed, and Calibrate. By varying these controls, you can set how Gsnap will respond to incoming MIDI information.

Detection: This section processes the input audio signal with the help of Min Freq, Max Freq, Gate, and Speed controllers. Here, you can narrow down the range of frequencies and sound that this plugin has to deal with.

Correction: This section is used to specify the pitch correction variables. You get two modes of pitch correction, Fixed Scale and MIDIFixed scale correction has fixed set of snapshots, whereas MIDI correction is controlled in real time. Apart from that, you also get four other correction tools, namely, Threshold, Amount, Attack, and Release. By varying these parameters, you can add semitones, vary snap, and release timing of notes, thus making vocals sound pleasant.

Know more about Gsnap in its User Manual.

4 Band Shifter

4 Band Shifter is a free and open source Auto Tune software. It can be used to enhance vocals and instruments sounds by adjusting various parameters of 4 frequency bands. It only works on Wavosaur.

This free auto tune VST plugin independently shifts Pitch and Volume of 4 frequency bands. By varying the knobs, you can get a tuned vocal output. You can set the end values of frequency band manually. It has two working modes, namely Discrete and Continuous, which can be toggled with the help of a button available at the bottom right corner of the interface.

Here, you also get a virtual LCD display, that shows the following information: Frequency bands, Gain per band, and Volume per band.


Azurite is a free Auto Tune software. It is a VST for Audacity and Wavosaur. It is basically a tool to add multiple voice chorus to audio, tune them, and repeat them separately after given interval of time. It is a great auto tune software to use if you are dealing with chorus and want to tune them.

Various tools are provided for tuning input audio. These options are:

  • Voices: Select the number of chorus you want to add.
  • Delay: Set delay interval for repetition of chorus.
  • Depth: Add depth to the input voice from 0 to 100%.
  • Sync: It provides synchronization between vocals and beats.
  • Bass: Enhance bass levels in audio file. 
  • Speed: Vary input chorus frequency.

There are various other options which you can tune to get desired audio output, such as: Wet Mix, Spread, Feedback, etc.


MyKraChorus is another free Auto Tune software for Windows. You can use this plugin on both Audacity and Wavosaur.

It has been developed to add auto tune effect to chorus voice. Use it to thicken vocal. You can fine tune vocal rate, depth, and feedback to get desired output. The Dry and Wet sliders let you keep audio peaks under control for the tuned vocals. You can separately turn on/off the dry and wet signal controllers.

A set of Presets are also available, which you can apply on input audio. Some of the presets available are: slow thick, rich fast, high slow fazey, subtle, agro, high wash, enhancer, etc.

Cobalt Chorus

Cobalt Chorus is another free Auto tune software for Windows. You can use this plugin with both Audacity and Wavosaur. It is designed to add Chorus, Flanging, and Vibrato effects on input audio. Flanging and vibrato effects really enhance the vocals of audio. You can also add various predefined audio effects from Preset menu.

Various key features of this plugin are:

  • Delay: It can add delay on audio from 1 millisecond to 25 milliseconds. You can add echo on audio using this option.
  • Feedback: It is used to add flanging effect on voice as well as on instruments.
  • Frequency: By varying frequency, you can change the pitch of audio.
  • Depth: It modifies audio output by increasing/decreasing audio depth.
  • Quad Mode: This mode uses Low Frequency Modulation (LFO) to enhance stereo sound.

A Mixing slider is also provided by this auto tune VST, that can vary Wet and Dry effect on output audio.

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