4 Best Free Braille to English Translator Converter Websites

Here is a list of Best Free Braille to English Translator Converter Websites. These are free online services that allow you to translate Braille text to English. You can simply enter the Braille text into these online tools and view the respective English translation. Many of these provide you Braille alphabets, digits, and other characters. So, you can manually enter the text by clicking on particular letters. The English translation can be copied and used elsewhere. One of these also provides you features to print and export the translation results.

Additionally, most of these websites also let you encode Braille i.e., convert English text to Braille. The process of translation is very simple in all these translators. You can also check out the tool descriptions to know the exact steps. All in all, these are handy online tools that can be used for encoding as well as decoding Braille text.

My Favorite Free Braille to English Translator Converter Website:

Braille Translator (dCode) is my favorite translator as it lets you save results in a local text file. Also, it provides you an Encoder tool that allows you convert English to Braille using different standards.

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Braille Translator (dCode)

Braille Translator (dCode), as the name suggests, is a free online Braille to English translator. It is one of the simplest tool to quickly convert a Braille text to its English translation. You can also view Braille alphabets on its website. Using the alphabets, you can manually enter a braille text and translate its English. Let us have a look at the steps of conversion.

How to translate Braille to English in Braille Translator:

  • First, go to the Braille Decoder tool > Braille Ciphertext field on its website.
  • Now, manually enter the Braille text into this field or copy and paste the input Braille string.
  • Next, press the Decrypt button and it will translate Braille to English in the blink of an eye. The English translation can be seen in the Results section present in left-hand side.

Additional Features:

  • Export: You can simply copy, print, or download (Text file) the translation results.
  • Braille Encoder: It also offers a tool to encode plain text to Braille using different formats and variants like Images, Numeric Codes, Octal 2-Digit, Binary 6-Bit, etc.


It is one of the best free Braille to English translator that can also encode English to Braille using various standards.

Unicode Braille Maker

Unicode Braille Maker is a free Braille to English translator website. It is a nice online tool to convert Braille text to English language. Additionally, you can also translate English to Braille text using it. The process of translation is also quite simple. You can simply go to its official website and copy & paste Braille text to get its translation. Let’s checkout step by step procedure to perform Braille to English translation.

How to translate Braille to English in Unicode Braille Maker:

  • First, go to its website and in the given text box, copy and paste the Braille text that you want to translate.
  • Now, click the Show button present besides text box and the English translation will be displayed below in “From Braille” section.


It is a good online tool to translate Braille to English and vice versa.


Boxentriq is an easy to use online Braille to English converter tool. It is basically a Braille alphabet decoder that translates the Braille text to English. On its interface, you can see Braille alphabets with their respective English translations. It also shows digit and other characters representation in Braille as well as English to make it easier for you to understand. Now, let us checkout the steps to translate Braille to English.

How to translate Braille to English in Boxentriq:

In it, the steps of Braille translation are very easy. Go to its website given below and then scroll down to the “Translation result” text box. Now, copy and paste your Braille text into this text box. As you paste the Braille text, it quickly displays it English translation in the same text box. You can later use the translated text by using copy/paste method.


It is a simple and straightforward Braille to English translator website which lets you perform translation without much hassle.

Braille Encoder and Decoder

Braille Encoder and Decoder is ye another Braille translator that can convert Braille to plain text and vice versa. You can simply enter your Braille text and translate it to English quickly by pressing a dedicated button. The steps of translation are listed below; let’s checkout.

How to translate Braille to English in Braille Encoder and Decoder:

  • Go to its website and enter your Braille text in the left text box.
  • Click on the From Braille button and you will be able to view the respective English translation in the right box.

Similarly, you can convert plain text to Braille by using To Braille button.


It is another good website to translate Braille to English as well as English to Braille.

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