5 Best Free Online Exam Software

Here is a list of Best Free Online Exam Software. These are basically cloud based services which let you create questionnaires and conduct exams on the web. You can add questions of several types like multiple choice questions, text, fill in the blanks, etc. Plus, these let you add group of candidates who will take your exam. So, you can simply create an exam, add questions, and then invite candidates to take up the test.

These software provide you a question bank section where you can add/ import and store your questions. You can directly add the questions from your question bank to your exams. Furthermore, these let you configure settings like exam duration, passing score, grading system, request personal information, display options, order, etc. You can invite candidates via Link or Email to take an exam and after completion, you can view the results. Additionally, Dashboard, Analytics, Add Certificates, Print, Export, and more features are also provided by these online exam software. One of these also lets you encrypt your exam by requesting a password from candidates. All in all, these are really handy cloud based software to conduct exams online.

My Favorite Free Online Exam Software:

Sharkhire is one of my favorite software as it is clean and intuitive and you can conduct exams without much hassle.

I also liked QuestBase because it lets you secure your exam by password protecting it.

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Sharkhire is a free online exam software. It is a cloud based software that lets you conduct online exams without any trouble. You can easily create exams, add questions, add users, monitor exams, and do more with this software. The exam can be sent to candidates to take the exam online. It also lets you generate a report of conducted exams to analyze questions and candidate performance. Let’s see what are the main features of this online examination tool.

Main Features:

These are the primary sections of this software which help you conduct exam online:

  • Questions: In this section, you can add questions in different categories like Medical, IT, Accounts, Banking, Energy, etc. You can add multiple choice, free text, complex question, matrix, and some other types of questions. The questions can then directly be added to an exam.
  • Exams: You can add multiple exams here with respective title, description, duration, passing score, exam grades, exam questions, etc. Some exam settings like allow users to go back and change answer, shuffle question, shuffle answer, expiry of exam invitation, etc., can be managed too. After adding an exam, use the Send (email icon) button to send the link to the candidates via email and invite them to take the exam.
  • Candidates: It displays all the candidates who took exam in past with their email, status, score, etc.
  • Report: You can generate a comprehensive report to analyze candidate performance.
  • Dashboard: A dashboard to show your recent activities and exam status is present in it.
  • Manage Users: You can add and manage multiple users with different roles (exam creator, distributor, etc.) by going to your Profile.


It is one of the best online exam software using which you can easily conduct exams and assess your candidates’ performance.


QuestBase is another free online exam software. This cloud based tool makes it easier for you to conduct exams, quizzes, and assessment tests online. You can even get the examination questions printed on paper using it. So, it helps you conduct exams both online and offline. It also lets you conduct different types of assessment tests like educational tests, quiz, validation, certificate, survey, psychological test, personality quiz, etc. You can also add your assessment tests into different folders to easily manage them.

Main Features:

  • Assessments: You can easily add, view, and manage all your exams and tests from this section. While adding an exam, you can set up configurations like maximum time, passing score, request personal information, add custom messages, share with other users, etc. Some security options including request password and allow only 1 access can also be set up.
  • Add Questions: It lets you add various types of questions to an exam, like multiple choice, true/ false, multiple answer, essay, fixed text, etc. You can add links and files as reference to a question.
  • Students: You can add individual or group of students who will take your exam.
  • Publications: Add publications to distribute your exams online or export questionaries to multiple formats including CSV, TXT, PDF, HTML, etc.
  • Responses: All the responses are recorded and displayed in this section. You can export the responses to several file formats and preview and print them.


A premium plan of this tool is available with more advanced features that you can buy if needed.


It is a secure online exam software that lets you conduct password protected exams.


SpeedExam is a nice online exam software. It is a clean and intuitive web service that allows you to conduct online exams. You can find a dedicated Dashboard where you can have a quick look at current exam status, monitor live exams, and view basic analytics of your exams. Separate modules to add questions and candidates are provided in this online exam software. Let us have a look at the key features of this software in detail.

Main Features:

  • Exams: You can create multiple exams while setting up its name, duration, negative marks, assignees, exam availability, number of questions, questions, grades, display & order, and more. Here, you can preview an exam, view its summary, edit it, print it, etc. And when done, you can share the exam with the candidates and invite them to take the test.
  • Candidates: Add your candidates here with their name, email address, candidate group, mobile number, etc. You can also view performance of a candidate, make him/ her inactive, send sign-in details, etc.
  • Questions: You can create a list of different types of questions here. It also lets you import questions from an XLS file.
  • Dashboard: It provides you a visual dashboard where you can view exams taken, basic statistics, graphs, important tasks, monitor exams, and more.


  • In this free plan of SpeedExam, you can create 50 exams per month. Also, various functions like statistics, security options, practice tools, and more are disabled. You can upgrade to its premium plan to get all its features.


It is a great online exam software using which you can create exams and invite your candidates to take your tests online. Plus, you can also print exam paper to conduct exams offline.


ClassMarker is yet another free online exam software. It lets you add and manage different exams, create group of users who will take your exam, generate exam links, and do more. Furthermore, you can store your fixed questions in a dedicated section, categorize your tests and questions, add certificates, and share tests online. Overall, it provides you all the essential tools that are required to conduct exams online.

Key Features:

  • Tests: You can add new tests and then start adding questions, assign test, print test, set up exa configurations (availability, time limit, results page, email results, attempts, etc.) and do more.
  • Questions Bank: Here, you can store all your questions which you can directly add to your tests. It lets you import a CSV spreadsheet to add questions. Also, you can export questions to CSV or Text file.
  • Categories: You can group your exams and questions into different categories to easily manage them.
  • Certificates: It provides a handy feature of adding a custom certificate that is displayed at the completion of the exam. It contains the users’ name, score, date, etc.
  • Dashboard: It offers a dashboard to quickly view recent activities.
  • Statistics: You can view exam statistics like number of attempts, average percentage, average duration. etc.


In this free plan, you will face various feature limitations like attach files, share tests with other instructors, etc. You can purchase professional plans to remove these restrictions.


It is a straightforward online exam software that lets you import questions from a CSV file, add them to your exam directly, and then conduct exam online.


FlexiQuiz is one more online exam software on this list. It is a hassle-free quiz maker that lets you conduct tests online. You can create multiple quizzes through it, configure exam settings, and then invite people to take exam online. Plus, it also lets you analyze the exam report. Let us now checkout its main exam maker tools.

Main Features:

  • Create Quiz: You can start by adding a test/ quiz and then add questions to it. It lets you add a question or text or media item.
  • Configure: It lets you setup various options to customize online exam like time limit, maximum quiz attempts, schedule, grading options, show results page, pass/ fail message, notifications, and more.
  • Users: You can add and manage users (respondent/ instructor/ admin) and groups in its Users section.
  • Publish: You can share your quiz with candidates through a link, sending email invites, or assigning users or groups.
  • Reports: It also lets you generate different types of reports including all quizzes, all users, groups, etc.


The free plan of FlexiQuiz has locked features like upload bulk users, add certificates, etc.


It is another good option for people who want to conduct online exams without putting in too much effort.

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