5 Best Free Survey Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free survey software for Windows. You can use these survey software to create and conduct a survey. The process of creating a survey is pretty simple in all software. In all of these software, you can add multiple questions and their answers to create a survey. In some, you also get options to add different styles of question like Yes/No, Multiple ChoicePick One, Pick Many, Matching, Ranking, etc. Plus, some software also let you add images, audio, equation files, etc. to questions. Apart from a survey, you can also create quizzes as well, which require the same process to follow as surveys. After creating a survey, you can conduct the survey, directly publish it to the web, or save it as DOCX, LMX, WSCX, etc. formats.

To conduct the survey, some software come with a dedicated test or conduct survey option. In the conduct section, users can answer the questions of the survey. After conducting the survey, you can view answers of all users from the administration section of the respective software. From the administration section, you can also change the survey layout, template, and analyze results.

My Favorite Free Survey Software For Windows:

Easy Survey Software is my favorite software because it is one of the simplest software to create and conduct surveys. It is also quite good for analyzing the results of multiple users. In addition to that, it also lets you save and share the results of a survey.

You can also check out lists of best free Quiz MakerProject Management, and Knowledge Base software for Windows.

Easy Survey Software

Easy Survey Software is a free survey software for Windows. Using this software, you can create and conduct surveys and analyze the result of surveys. To perform all these three tasks, it provides three sections namely Create Survey, Conduct Survey, and Analyze Data.

Let’s take a look at all three available sections of this software:

  • Create Survey: Through this section, an administrator can easily create new surveys, manage multiple surveys, activate/deactivate running surveys, load surveys (CSV file), and/or delete surveys. This section is also password protected so that only administrator can access it.
  • Conduct Survey: Using it, multiple users can answer the questions asked in the survey after providing their names.
  • Analyze Data: It is another section for the administrator. From here, the administrator can view the answers of all users at once or one user at a time. Plus, an option to save the survey answers as TXT file is also available.

Overall, it is a simple and straightforward survey software through which anyone can create and conduct surveys.


WinTG is a free and portable survey software for Windows. In this software, you can create, manage, and conduct surveys. It comes with an outdated interface but contains all essential features to create and conduct surveys. The administrator of this software can create surveys by adding questions, answers, variables, etc. To create simple surveys, you can use the Questions and Answers tabs. In the Questions tab, you can add questions one by one. According to the number of questions, you will get various item fields in the Answers tab, in which you need to provide all the possible answers of a particular question. After creating the survey, go to its Data tab and define all the correct options for the correct answers. A handy Keyboard tab is also available in it that lets you specify certain keys which users can use to select a particular answer. Apart from creating the survey, you can also define the layout of the survey like the position of questions, font color, question font, etc. using the Properties Section.

Now, to conduct the survey, the administrator needs to lock the administrator section of this software. After that, users can come and answer the survey questions. After conducting the test, the administrator can view and analyze the results of all users from its Administrator tab.

Free Quiz Maker

Free Quiz Maker is another free survey software for Windows. Using this software, you can create and conduct both quizzes and surveys. In it, you can easily create surveys by including multiple survey questions. Along with standard multiple choice questions, you can also include Yes/ No and Multiple Response questions in your survey. This software also allows the use of media in both questions and answers like images, video, audio, etc. Some other handy features like Duplicate (to quickly create a copy of the previous question), Preview (to preview the survey to check what users will view while filling the survey.), Import (to import survey questions), etc., are also present in it.

This software provides a separate section to create a quiz. The quiz making process is almost similar to the survey making process with only one major difference. In the quiz, you can include both graded and survey questions, unlike survey in which you can only include survey questions.

After making the survey or quiz, you can publish it or save it as an HTML file (to conduct a local survey on a web browser). Once the survey gets completed, you will immediately receive the result on your registered email address. Besides this, you can share your surveys with others in form of DOCX and LMS files.

Note: In this free version of Free Quiz Maker, various features like branching scenario, pre-question feedback, advanced LMS support, quiz report customization, etc. are locked. To unlock all of its features, you need to purchase it.


epiinfo is a free data collection, management, analysis, visualization, and reporting software targeted towards health professionals. Using this software, you can create various health and medical surveys and publish them online to conduct surveys. The main aim of this software is to assess disease outbreak and to create a disease surveillance system. Creating and conducting surveys is one of its various available methods to achieve its main aim.

This software provides a dedicated form creation section named Create Forms. In this section, you get various inbuilt projects and templates to quickly create surveys. Plus, standard option to create a new survey is also available. In the survey, you can add various questions and answers and save it in an MDB file or in an internal database. You can also directly publish the survey online using its Publish Form To Web Survey option. In order to publish the survey, invite users to the survey, and to conduct surveys, you can take help from this tutorial.

In this software, you get more handy sections apart from Create Survey namely Enter Data, StatCalc, Classic, and Visual Dashboard. The Enter Data section is used to enter all the gathered data from various surveys into this software. In addition to that, you can also browse various records and database using it. In the StatCalc section, you get various statistical calculators to calculate sample size, power, matched pair, etc. Classic is a data analysis section through which you can analyze data and survey results using various inbuilt commands like assign, recode, display, merge, if, sort, cancel, etc. Using Visual Dashboard section, you can visualize analytical results with gadgets, charts, and tables.

Overall, it is a really good software to create and conduct surveys and to analyze surveys results.

Wondershare SurveyCreator

Wondershare SurveyCreator is yet another free survey software for Windows. Using it, you can create various types of quizzes and surveys. In the survey, you can add various different types of questions such as Yes/No, Pick One, Pick Many, Matching, Ranking, Which Word, etc. After selecting a type of question, write the question and survey answers. Similarly, you can add more questions and answers to the survey to complete the whole survey. Along with questions, you can add images, equations, audio, etc., with questions to create different types of surveys. After making a survey, you can also select a survey template from various available ones. Lastly, you can preview your survey from the Preview option and publish the survey online or locally save it in a WSCX file.

Note: In the free version of Wondershare SurveyCreator, you only publish and conduct surveys for a limited period of initial 30 days. To remove this limitation, you need to purchase the paid version of this software.

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