5 Best Free Chemical Reaction Simulator Software For Windows

This article contains a list of best free chemical reaction simulator software for Windows. These software are used for simulation of various chemical reactions. You can basically select a reaction and then explore how it takes place and view collision between atoms and molecules. These also let you vary environment properties to study change in the nature of chemical reaction. You can increase or decrease temperature, add an obstacle, add positive/negative charge, increase/decrease restraint on object, change velocity of selected object, create radial bonds between a pair of atoms, etc.

Many of these provide some chemical reaction experiments which you can simulate and study. You can study Synthesis, Decomposition, Single Displacement, Double Displacement, and Combustion reactions. These also display energy graph with respect to reaction coordinates.

My Favorite Chemical Reaction Simulator Software For Windows

Molecular Workbench is one of my favorite chemical reaction simulator for Windows. It provides most number of features when compared to other listed software. Reactions & Rates is also considerably good and easy to use software.

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Molecular Workbench

Molecular Workbench is a free open source chemical reaction simulator software for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. operating systems. It is a feature rich teaching and learning science simulation software including physics, chemistry, biology, nanotechnology, etc. simulations.

How to simulate chemical reactions in Molecular Workbench:

First, add a New Blank Page and then from Insert menu, open Model Container > 2D Chemical Reaction Simulator. You can now choose a reaction to simulate including Radical Substitution, Homogeneous Catalysis, Polymerization, and Hydrogen-Oxygen Reaction. You can set reaction parameters too which are dissociation energy and activation energy. Now, drop fictitious elements to the model and start chemical reaction simulation. While the chemical reaction simulation goes on, it displays the simulation time (in fs) too. For the simulation purpose, you can drop a rectangular obstacle, heat selected objects, cool selected objects, add positive/negative charge, increase/decrease restraint on object, change velocity of selected object, create radial bonds between a pair of atoms, etc. From Options > Toolbox, you can add a heat bath and quick heat and cool control bar, and you can also view energy time series. The energy time series graph can be saved or even directly printed.

It provides various tools to customize and manage your model such as line, rectangle, ellipse, text, mark objects, count objects in selected area, measure distance between two objects, etc. You can access and edit properties of this chemical reaction simulator such as number of atoms/molecules/obstacles, medium viscosity, dielectric constant, reaction interval, etc. A Task Manager is provided to view and manage tasks performed during chemical reaction simulation. You can also set an automatic reminder which invokes after specified duration.

The created chemical reaction simulator model can be saved in its native format. You can also save image streams of simulation by specifying number of frames and duration.

In general, it is a great chemical reaction simulator which also provides Molecular Simulator, Protein Synthesis Simulator, Mesoscale Particle Simulator, etc. It has a lot more features to explore. Also, it It is a portable chemical reaction simulator which requires no installation and can be run when needed.

Reactions & Rates

Reactions & Rates is a nice free and portable chemical reaction simulator. You can use it on the go to simulate chemical reactions. You can basically simulate how a chemical reaction takes place by colliding atoms and molecules at different environmental properties. It lets you simulate single and multiple collisions reaction and perform reaction rate experiments too. For each of these simulations, you get a dedicated tab.

For a single collision, it lets you select a reaction and then launch a molecule into the vessel. You can now visualize the collision of molecules and how the reaction takes place. It lets you vary the environmental properties by adding heat to vessel or cooling down the vessel. The respective separation graph and energy graph (total energy and potential energy) are visible on the interface. For multiple collision, select a reaction, adjust initial temperature, specify amount of each molecule in a reaction, and start chemical reaction simulation. You can also view the energy graph with respect to reaction coordinates. Similarly, you can simulate reaction rate experiments too.

Overall, it is nice software for chemistry students to simulate chemical reactions.

My Chemistry Lab

My Chemistry Lab is a free chemical reaction simulator app for Windows 10. As you launch this app, you can view Molecules and Reactions modules to simulate. Simply open Reactions module to simulate chemical reactions. It provides one example for different categories of chemical reactions. These categories are Synthesis, Decomposition, Single Displacement, Double Displacement, and Combustion. You can open a category and then simulate the given chemical reaction. For example, in Synthesis chemical reaction, it shows simulation of Chlorine (CL2) and Hydrogen (H2) to form Hydrochloric acid (HCL). From Decomposition category, you can view decomposition of Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) into Calcium oxide (CaO) and Carbon dioxide (CO2). In Combustion category, it displays simulation of chemical reaction of Methane (CH4) with Oxygen (2O2) to form Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Water (2H2O).

All in all, it is a basic chemical simulator app for the beginners. In its molecules section, you can view basic information about different molecules such as Oxygen, Methane, Ammonia, etc.

Virtual Chemistry Lab

Virtual Chemistry Lab is another free chemical reaction simulator app for Windows 10. It is just like a chemistry lab where you perform different experiments. It lets you read and simulate few basic experiments which are:

  • Magnesium Ribbon Burning
  • Preparation of Oxygen Gas
  • Preparation of Hydrogen Gas
  • Preparation of Cabon dioxide gas.

You can read the summary of these experiments and proceed to perform these experiments one by one. Each step to perform the experiment is mentioned while you carry the experiment. That’s it. It is quite a simple app to simulate chemical reactions.

Reactants, Products and Leftovers

Reactants, Products and Leftovers is a basic chemical reaction simulator for Windows. It is used for some basic chemical experiments including Make Water, Make Ammonia, and Combust Methane. It basically shows the products and leftovers after a reaction takes place. You can specify number of reactants taking place in a reaction and view the final products and remains. It also displays the related chemical equation.

A nice Game section is provided in it to play chemistry quiz. You have to basically balance the chemical equation and compute reactants, products, and/or leftovers.

Note: This chemical reaction simulator runs in a web browser.

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