7 Best Free CSV To KML Converter Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free CSV To KML Converter Software For Windows. Using this freeware, you can convert Comma Separated Values i.e. CSV files containing GPS data (tracks, waypoints, routes, etc.) to KML file format (Keyhole Markup Language). These are simple and easy software to convert CSV to KML. Conversion of KML to CSV is also possible in these software.

In many of these, you can even edit CSV files before you convert them to KML format. These let you edit related information of a waypoint like coordinates, elevation, address, etc. Additionally, you can rearrange order of consisting waypoints, add new points, delete existing points, etc. You can view GPS data on the global map as well.

Apart from CSV and KML, these software support other formats too, such as GPX, XML, TXT, RTE, XML, ITF, etc.

My Favorite CSV To KML Converter Software For Windows:

ITN Converter is my favorite CSV to KML converter because it is really easy to use and before conversion, it also lets you edit CSV files. Extra_POI_Editor is also good as it lets you merge multiple CSV files and convert them to a KML file.

You may also checkout some best free GPX Creator Software, GPX Editor Software, and Picture Location Finder Software for Windows.

ITN Converter

ITN Converter is a free software to convert CSV to KML or KML to CSV. The process to convert CSV to KML is a three-step process. You just need to import a CSV file, select export format as KML, and hit the Export button.

Before converting  CSV to KML, you can edit the imported CSV file. As you open a CSV file, you can view all waypoint list with longitude and latitude information. These waypoints can be edited by rearranging the order, reversing the order, deleting a waypoint, or inserting a new waypoint. Additionally, using its Editor option, you can edit waypoints using the map. You get various options in this Editor window including Get Directions, Show entire itinerary, Choose a desired map view, etc.

All in all, it is one of the best software to convert CSV to KML and vice versa. Apart from CSV and KML, it supports GPX, RTE, XML, ITF, etc.


Extra_POI_Editor is another free software to convert CSV to KML. As you import a CSV file containing GPS data, the points will be listed in POI Preview section. It displays points on the map as well. You can directly convert the CSV file to KML format using File > Save As option.

It also lets you edit CSV file before CSV to KML conversion. You can add a new waypoint with coordinates, elevation, time, contact information, display preferences, tour guide information, etc. information. Additionally, it lets you delete a point, batch replace a field value in all points, and sort waypoints by name, location, etc.

This freeware provides a unique and useful feature called Merge Open. Using this feature, you can open multiple CSV files to merge them into one. After merging them, you can directly convert merged CSV files into a single KML file.

All in all, it is a nice CSV to KML converter. You can also create GPX, CSV, KML, etc. files in it. Batch Geocoding, Batch Reverse Geocoding, Street Map View, etc. features are available in it.


GPSBabel is a free open source CSV to KML converter for Windows. It can also be used to convert  KML to CSV.

How to convert CSV to KML in this free software:

  1. From Input field, select format as CSV i.e. Comma separated values and open a CSV file.
  2. Now, from Output field, select format as Google Earth (Keyhole) Markup Language.

You can use translation options like Data Filters (Track, Waypoints, Routes, etc.), Synthesize small names, Enable character set transformation, etc. Also, you can setup some general preferences for output KML file using Options button, such as export linestring for tracks and routes, export placemarks for tracks and routes, rotate colors for tracks and routes, line color, etc.

It supports different types files containing GPS data such as TXT, XML, LOG, TCX, WPT, TRK, RTE, and more.


RouteConverter is another alternative to convert CSV to KML. It is a portable software to convert CSV to KML which needs no installation and can be run on the go. You can simply open a CSV file in it and use Save As option to convert it to KML format. As simple as that.

When you open a CSV file consisting GPS data, its content is shown on the interface and the waypoints are depicted on the map. You can edit the point by modifying respective information such latitude, longitude, elevation, etc. You can add new waypoints, delete existing ones, change the order of waypoints, import another CSV or any supported file to add to current one, etc. So, you can convert CSV to KML and also edit CSV file before conversion.

Other formats supported by it include TRK, GPX, RTE, LOG, ASC, etc.

KMLCSV Converter

KMLCSV Converter is a dedicated utility to convert CSV to KML or KML to CSV. You just have to add a watch folder to this software and it automatically converts all CSV files to KML. If the watch folder contains KML files, it will convert them to CSV itself. You can add a watch folder using File > Configure option. Additionally, you can configure content mapping between CSV and KML files by choosing a KML tag for each CSV field. Also, you can specify Line Break Policy and Character Encoding.

You can view all KML and CSV files present in the watch folder from left panel. On clicking a CSV or KML file, it displays file content (longitude, latitude, name, comment) in the dedicated section. Although, you can’t edit CSV or KML files before conversion.


GpsPrune is a free, portable CSV to KML converter for Windows. You can open a CSV file and view the consisting waypoints on the main interface. It lets you view the waypoints on the map. Using File > Export KML, you can directly convert CSV to KML.

If you want to edit CSV file before converting it to KML, you can do that too. Just select a waypoint and go to Point > Edit Point. Using this option, you can edit point information including its latitude, longitude, and name. You can also insert new waypoints, delete a waypoint, or duplicate a waypoint. Other options provided in this freeware are Compress Track, Sew Track Segments Together, etc.

Apart from KML, its other supported formats to export a file include POV, SVG, Text, GPX, and Image files.

This software can also be used as a picture location finder.


csv2kml is another portable software to convert CSV to KML for Windows. It is a dedicated and straightforward software to convert CSV to KML. Just browse the desired CSV file, select fields from drop down menu (Longitude, Latitude, Elevation, Name, etc.), choose fields to include in description, select line width, etc. and hit the Convert button. You can also choose to include individual points, linestring, or both in the output KML file.

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