5 Best Free Employee Management Software For Windows

Here is a List Of Best Free Employee Management Software for Windows. These software let you record and keep track of various employee information.

These software help with keeping a record of general info, contact, academic, hierarchical, attendance, wage, etc. information under one software. As there’s a lot of data to be stored and connected, these software cannot afford to be complicated. The Employee Management Tools included in this list are free, feature rich, and are pretty easy to operate.

These freeware can help you easily add new employee info, access employee data, track their performance, manage salary, track position in company hierarchy, and much more. Some also let you add pictures of employee to your database. Go through the list to read more about the mentioned employee manager software and also know how to manage employee using these software.

My Favorite Employee manager Software:

I like OrangeHRM and TimeTrex the most as employee management tools. These let you add detailed employee information, along with various other important data. You can track attendance, leaves, performance, wages, and other crucial information. These are also capable of generating custom employee reports in different formats. The search options available in these freeware are also pretty efficient, as you can search an employee through various information that have been saved about an employee.

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OrangeHRM offers Open Source, Professional, and Enterprise versions of its employee management software. The Open Source version is free to use, while the Professional and Enterprise versions are paid ones with some extra features. OrangeHRM also comes with Employee Self Service (ESS) that lets employees manage most of the information themselves.

Open Source Orange HRM is a web-hosted tool and requires the following software to be pre installed on your computers: Apache HTTP server, MySQL, and PHP. To know more about the instructions, versions of mentioned software, and their download links, you can visit the OrangeHRM Installation Guide webpage. After you have setup your computer / server to run OrangeHRM, run this software. It will open in a web browser. Create an admin account, then you are good to go.

It is a feature rich tool where you can define organizational structure and hierarchies. Employees can be organized by defining job titles, pay grades, and employment status.

There are various modules under which you can define different parameters and manage employee related data. The modules available are:

  • System Administration: Here you can create organizational structures and define hierarchy. Employee job tiles, pay grades, and employment status can also be defined here. Options to manage employee info to process promotions and salary increment are also available. New users can also be created from here.
  • Personal Information Management: Detailed employee information can be stored in this module. It lets you manage general employee info, such as: first name, last name, employee ID, DL no., DL expiry date, marital status, employee contact, pay grade, salary, educational details, previous experience, skills, etc. Get detailed and customized employee report when needed.
  • Leave: Employee leave requests can be handled from here. Information on leave entitlement, leave time, leave balance, history, and paid leaves is available here.
  • Time: Keep a track of employees’ time-sheet, attendance, attendance summary, etc. Reports can also be generated for these info.
  • Recruitment: Add vacancies for a Job Title and manage candidates for the vacancies. Candidates’ general info can be added along with their Resume.
  • Performance: Lets you manage trackers, key performance indicators, and reviews of employees.
  • Dashboard: It gives you access to important options from various modules at a single place.

The free version of OrangeHRM is feature rich enough to manage small sized organizations efficiently. You can access the comparison page to know the difference between the free and premium versions.


TimeTrex is another open source employee management system for Windows. The free version is available as community edition, with limited functionalities. Other paid versions with some extra features available are: Professional, Corporate, and Enterprise. It is a multi platform tool and is available for Linux and Mac OSX as well. Double click on the installed file, which will run the application in a web browser.

TimeTrex gives you freedom to choose between cloud hosting and on-site hosting. The website claims that the cloud hosting is as secure as on-site one.

This free employee management suite lets you manage employee details pretty neatly. It has options to record a heck lot of employee information in an arranged manner.

When you add a new employee, you can add the following info in various tabs:

  • Employee Info: Employee Name, company, status, punch ID, username, password, employee number, title, hire date, branch, group, etc.
  • Contact Info: Photo, gender, home address, work phone, home phone, email, birth date, etc.
  • Wage: Add employee to a wage category, add a wage, add labor burden percent, effective date, etc.
  • Employee Contact: Add a contact of employee with name, address, phone, and other info.
  • Qualification: Add employee skills, education, memberships, licenses, and known languages.
  • Review: An employee review can be added and viewed here.

Once employees are added to the database, you can assign them Quick Punch ID and password. This way employees can login to the software and enter defined details, such as In/Out time, holiday request, etc. These data can be accessed through Attendance Tab.

You can add company info, branches, departments, hierarchy, wage groups, permission groups, bank accounts, etc. Later, after defining these groups, you can add employees to these groups to categorize them or to add  info. Payroll and different Policies can be defined as well. A separate tab is available with HR options.

You can take out several customized reports as well. These reports include: Employee report, time sheet report, payroll report, tax report, and HR report. These reports can be exported in PDF or Excel.

Other advanced features and options are available for the paid versions only. Take a look at the Product Comparison webpage to know more.


ficheiro is a simple and free Employee Management Software. It will help you with storing general employee details and information. When you add a new employee to the database, you can record various details in different tabs. The tabs and the info that you can add here are:

  • Name and E-Mail: First name, Last name, Nickname, Primary Email, Secondary Email, Profile Picture, and Description.
  • Home: Address, Phone, fax, Cell, and Website.
  • Work: Company, Job title, Department, Office Phone, Office address, etc.
  • Family: Gender, Marital Status, Birthday, and Family Members.
  • Skills: Insert skills along with level.

This software lets you add employees under different groups as well. This is one of the best and simplest employee database software. It is absolutely free to use with no limited features.

This multi platform software is available for Windows and Linux.

The Z Database Program

The Z Database Program is a command line based employee management software. Even though its a command line tool, you can operate it with ease to add or view employee details. When you choose the option to Enter Data, you get options to either Add New Entry or Edit Existing Entry. Employees are numbered in order of entries made. You can add the following details: Name, Age, job, Years Employed, and Total Income.

If you want to view employee details, you can do it either by searching with employee ID or view all employees at once.


HRtrack is another free employee management software, but with limited functionality. Its a complete employee management system which records employee data, such as: General info, schedule vacations, absenteeism, training info, emergency info, etc.

Under general info various employee details can be added, such as: Name, employee no., hire date, debt, position, reports to, department, etc. Employee performance, discipline, vacations, education, etc. can be recorded as well. The audit log option lets you view changes in employee details over time.

You can view employees based on the department they are assigned. All employee’s data can be backed up.

The free version lets you add only upto 10 employees. Also, you cannot modify employee details once entered, in the free version.

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