8 Best Free Envelope Printing Software

Here is a list of Best Free Envelope Printing Software for Windows. These are free software to design envelopes and print envelopes. These free Envelope printing software can also be used for business card printing. You can design envelopes and business card by your own, print, and share them with your friends. You just have to fill some details or information to print, such as: Sender’s address, recipient’s address, name, etc.

Do know that some word processor software also help you to print envelopes. These word processor software let you design, insert in document, and print envelopes with other settings for printer, text formats, layout, etc. There are some software available specially to print envelopes. You can select various font style, font size, font colors, font effects, envelope size, paper size, line spacing, etc. Some of these incorporate Address Book which lets you manage list of addresses, so you don’t have to fill sender’s and recipient’s address every time. You can directly import saved addresses from Address Book. Some envelope printer software let you bulk print envelopes.

Go through this article to design envelopes and share with your friends. Also, learn how to print envelope or how to print bulk envelopes using any of these envelope printer software.

My Favorite Envelope Printing software:

My favorite printing software is Tweaking Envelope Printer. It supports bulk envelopes printing with many other options. This software for printing envelopes lets you customize its skin color and font styles. You can also manage address book, adjust text alignment, insert image, add extra text other than addresses, use printer setting options, etc. A good feature is that you can preview before printing the envelopes.

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Tweaking Envelope Printer: Free Envelope Printing softawre

Tweaking Envelope Printer is a freeware to print envelope. It supports bulk envelopes printing. You can design envelope using different font styles, size, colors, and effects.

Its main user interface is divided in four sections, these are:

  1. Return address
  2. Delivery address
  3. Picture, Extra Text, and Post-net (Optional)
  4. Printer Settings

First two options need to be filled with appropriate addresses. You can use different font style, font size, and font colors for each address. You can add Sender’s and Recipient’s addresses either by typing or using Address book. Third option lets you insert image, any extra text, and it can also automatically search address by valid entered US ZIP code. Last option incorporates some settings for printer such as printer type, paper size, type, quality, etc.

Mass print option helps you to print multiple envelopes at a time, after completing above settings.

It also lets you preview envelope before printing. Program colors can customize user interface using various colors.

SSuite Envelope Printer

SSuite Envelope Printer is a simple and free software to print envelope. Here you can add only Recipient’s address. It has an Address Book where you can save your contacts with name, surname, email address, image, notes, etc. It can save lots of contacts and creates a database which makes your work easy. Apart from these, it contains many other options to create attractive envelope. It lets you select various font style, effects, size, script, envelop size, and paper tray alignment. You can preview envelopes while adjusting page alignment, text alignment, paper size, etc.



Dataware Envelope Printer

Dataware Envelope Printer is one of the simplest envelope printing programs. It contains two boxes where you have to type Return address and Delivery address in respective boxes. Apart from these, you will find some other few options, such as:

  • You can separately use different Font size and style for both addresses.
  • Art menu contains various animated images of trees, animals, text, etc, which can be inserted in envelope.
  •  Various Envelope size can be used.

Print Envelope

Print Envelope is another free envelope printer. You can create an envelope by adding sender’s and recipient’s addresses using different font styles, font size, and effects for both addresses. Printing settings can be adjusted to print envelope like paper size, alignment, etc.

Note: Image adding option is also available but it is not working in this free version of Print Envelope software.

Envelope Printer

Envelope Printer is a free envelop printing Software. Sender’s and Recipient’s address columns are available where you can add respective addresses. Address lookup option is enable which can automatically detects address by a valid zip code.

Note: You cannot use all available options for settings because some of these activate after payment, such as: Fonts style, Image, etc.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office also supports envelope printing. Although it is not free, still it is most famous word processing software and available in almost every PC. So, this envelope printer makes your job of envelope design easy and let you print them as well. Lets see step by step procedure to print envelope.

How to Print Envelope Using Microsoft Office:

There are two methods to print envelopes. First of all Open Microsoft word, then open new document, and follow either of these two methods:

Method 1:  Search envelope templates. You can also use online templates. Edit them and enter your information like address, name, etc. Print this document or save it on your PC.

Method 2: Click on Envelope option available in Mailing Tab. A new window will open where you have to enter details like Delivery and Return addresses. You can set various envelope and printing options. You can adjust font size, style, feed method, rotational view, envelope size, etc. Finally you can print it or insert it in a document.

You can use many other options of text layout, text formatting, etc. Options to insert images and graphic elements are also available. This envelope printing program lets you save envelope in various formats, such as: PDF, DOCX, DOC, XPS, DOCM, DOTX, MHT, DOTM, MHTML, HTML, HTM, RTF, XML, TXT, WPS, and ODT.

OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer is a freeware which can print envelope. It is actually a word processing software but it lets you create envelope with many settings.

How To Print Envelope Using Word Processing Software:

First, open a new document through File menu. Then, click on Envelope option which is available in Insert menu. A new window will open, where you can create envelope using many available editing options. Here you will find three sections: envelop, formats, and printer. These let you adjust settings for envelope, paper formats, and printer.

After finalizing all settings and adjustment for envelope, use insert option and then simply print it.

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is an another word processor software and alternative to Microsoft Word to print envelopes. You can design and print envelopes following these steps.

How to Print Envelope using LibreOffice Writer:

  • Open new document.
  • Click Insert menu.
  • Click on Envelope.
  • Type Sender’s and Addressee’s address.
  • Use printer and format tabs for position and printer settings.
  • Click on Insert.
  • Adjust address columns.
  • Print it using Print option.
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