8 Best Free Floor Plan Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free floor plan software for Windows. These floor planner freeware let you design floor plan by adding room dimensions, walls, doors, windows, roofs, ceilings, and other architectural requirement to create floor plan.

You can select a desired template or create floor plan in desired shape by adding wall points or using drawing tools (line, rectangle, circle, etc.). You can then add doors, interior walls, room dimensions, windows, roofs, stairs, etc., to your floor plan. You can also place various objects at desired locations to design floor plan. For example, furniture, appliances, cabinets, and miscellaneous objects. You can customize various properties of your floor plan like dimensions, elevation, floor style, texture, color, material, etc. These floor planner software provide dimension tools to measure dimensions and area of the floor. You can select the desired measurement unit as millimeter, centimeter, meter, inches, or foot.

All of these free floor plan software provide 2D and 3D plane to create, view, and navigate through a floor plan. For navigation, you can use tools like rotate, flip, zoom, pan, and make adjustment by viewing the floor plan from front, back, top, bottom, side, left, or right.

While all of these floor plan freeware allow you to save designed floor plan as their respective project format, few of them let you save the designed floor plan as an image too. One of them even lets you save floor design as a video from its 3D view.

Some of these free floor planner software work offline, but some require internet connection to create floor plan.

My Favorite Free Floor Plan Software:

Easy Blue Print is on the top of list of my favorite floor planner software. It is designed primarily to create floor plan with a variety of tools and objects with an intuitive user interface. It also lets you save floor plan as a BMP or JPEG image. Sweet Home 3D is another favorite because of the fact that it lets you record a video from 3D view of designed floor plan and save it in MOV format. It supports other formats like PDF and PNG to export a floor plan design. DreamPlan is also good as it comes with variety of features like adding multiple stories to a floor plan, landscaping options, interior and exterior designing options, etc.

You can also checkout the list of free Interior Design SoftwareHome Design Software, and Furniture Design Software for Windows.

Easy Blue Print

Easy Blue Print is a free floor plan software for Windows. To create floor plan, you can choose an area and add room dimensions. Later, you can add walls, doors, and windows to your floor plan. You can add measurement to each section using Dimension tool. You can add other necessary objects to design floor plan like appliances (refrigerator, telephone, bathtub, sink, dishwasher, microwave, etc.), cabinets (wall cabinets, kitchen pantry, bookcase, shelf, drawer, wardrobe, etc.), furniture (bed, sofa, chair, desk, etc.), and miscellaneous objects (slide projector, computer, safe, printer, etc.).

You can also add shapes like rectangle, circle, polygon, line, arc, etc. and add desired color and style to them. In addition to that, you can also add text, measure area (using inbuilt calculator), flip and rotate, do more.

Using this floor planner software, you can import and export only Easy Blue Print files (.bpz). It provides an Export feature, which lets you copy a section of your design, paste in Word or Paint, and save as an image (BMP/JPEG). But, in free version, the image contains a watermark.

Easy Blue Print is one of the best free offline floor planner software. It provides a variety of tools to draw a desired floor plan. It is an easy-to-use software with a clean interface.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is another free floor plan software. You can use Plan menu to start with making floor design. You can create walls, rooms, polylines, and dimensions to make a base plan. It provides a scale to measure the objects of the floor design. You can set measurement unit as Millimeter, Centimeter, Meter, Foot, or Inch.

You can also add doors, windows, furniture and cabinets, design bathroom, kitchen, living room, add lights, and do more. You can edit size of all components in the floor plan. To customize your floor design, you can use tools like select, move, lock/unlock object, modify compass, modify text style, import a background image, etc.

You can view your design in 3D plane to navigate through it and make adjustments accordingly.

You can import only Sweet Home 3D format to modify. But, to export, it supports Sweet Home 3D and PDF formats. You can also create and save an image (PNG) and video (MOV) from 3D view of floor design.


DreamPlan is a home design software which can be used as a free floor plan software. To create floor plan, you can add multiple stories (basement, ground floor, etc.) by customizing their name, wall height, and elevation. Now, go to “Floor” menu, customize desired floor properties like floor style and color, and begin to create floor plan. You can draw a section in your story and customize its texture and color. You can choose measurement unit as Imperial or Metric.

To design desired floor plan, you can also add door, roof, ceiling, walls, stairs, windows, railing, etc., and customize their properties like style, color, material, height, width, etc. Other features worth noting are interior (furniture, accessories, electronics, etc.) and exterior designing (path, pool, plants, etc.). You can also build and modify decks by customizing settings like decking, footing, railing, etc. You can go to Landscaping menu to modify landscape parameters.

You can choose either 2D or 3D plane to make and view floor design. You can use other tools like selection, cut, wall mode view, paint, etc., to make desired changes to your floor plan.

Using this floor planner freeware, you can import and export project as DreamPlan project (.ddp) only.

DreamPlan is basically a software which provides all essential tools to design a dream home. It is free for only non-commercial purpose.

SketchUp Make

SketchUp Make is a popular 3D modeling software. It can also be used to create floor plan. You can design your own layout for floor planning by using drawing tools like line, arc, shape, push/pull, etc. Later, you can add dimensions to different sections of your design for measurement purpose. You can choose desired measurement unit as Inches or Meters.

It provides a Default Tray window which can be used to view and fix different parameters. For example, you can view entity information (views area of layers), modify style and material, add components to floor design (cabinets, bench, bed, etc.), see instructions for each function, and fix shadow properties.

Using this free floor plan software, you can design floor plan on a 2D or 3D plane, and navigate through floor designs using zoom, pan, field of view, standard views, etc. Other tools to mention are selection, rotate, lock/unlock object, eraser, scale (resize tool), and more.

You can import and export only SketchUp models in SketchUp Make.

Using SketchUp Make, you can create layouts, home designs, geo-models, furniture designs, landscape architecture, etc. You can compare SketchUp Make and Sketch Pro here to know about the free features of SketchUp software. You can also check video tutorials to start with making your own designs.


PlanoPlan is a free floor plan software which requires internet connection to design floor plan. You can create floor plan while customizing its dimensions. Also, you can design floor plan for different room types like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. You can also bend or split walls to make a desired floor design. The measurement unit can be set as Foot, Meter, or Millimeter. It also shows the area of the floor.

It provides variety of building components to add to your floor plan. For example, you can add multiple doors (glass doors, double doors, etc.), windows and glazing, railing and fencing, stairs, columns and beams, outlets and switches, etc. You can further decorate your floor design with carpet, furniture, lighting, dummy objects, and more. After adding different objects, you can customize their dimensions, material, color, texture, and also, rotate and flip them.

You can choose 2D or 3D plane to create and view floor plans.

It lets you save up to three projects only without any charge. For more projects, you will need to upgrade PlanoPlan’s version.

In this floor planner software, you can set some preferences like interface scale, zoom speed, down floor transparency, etc. You can also choose desired interface language from English, Chinese, German, Finnish, Japanese, and Portuguese.


Roomon is a free floor plan software. This one also requires internet connection to work. You can design a floor plan by making a chain of walls in ‘Floor Plan’ tab. Also, you can create a new room by adding wall points to your floor plan. It lets you customize room height, wall thickness, and some wall segment and wall points parameters like rotation, scale, x and y coordinates, etc. You can also choose a template and later modify it accordingly.

It also lets you add an image (JPEG, BMP, and PNG) to the floor plan as a background. You can set measurement unit as any of Millimeter, Centimeter, Meter, and Inch. It also shows the ground area of the floor. It provides functions like Construction Aid, Construct Room Automatically, and Trace to make it easy for you to create floor plan. You can see and navigate through the created floor plan in a 3D plane.

Later, you can add objects like door, furniture, appliances, cabinets, etc., which you can drag and drop from its catalog.

You can save the floor plan only on your registered account on Roomon.

Roomon is basically a free 3D room planner software which lets you create floor plan. It provides various layouts for rooms (like kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.) to look out for and make adjustments accordingly. You can decorate rooms with desired accessories too.


Polyboard is another free floor plan software. It lets you design floor plan by connecting wall points or by importing a floor in DXF format. You can fix surface properties for shape (height, elevation, and position) and 3D parameters (color, transparency, and brightness). You can also add a texture to floor plan as an image file (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TGA, and DIB) and customize parameters like application mode, grain direction, mirror effect, dimensions, etc. You can add multiple floors to a floor plan. You can add a new wall to your floor plan and customize various parameters like thickness, position, elevation, height, etc. It provides some additional tools to set barcodes parameters and measurement unit, measure dimensions, and set some general preferences.

It provides a 2D plane to create floor plan, but to view it, you can switch to 3D mode. You can make adjustment to floor plan by rotating (left/right/automatic), zooming (in/out), and moving it. You can work on multiple floor plan projects in different tabs at a time.

It lets you import and export only PolyBoard cabinet projects for editing and saving purposes, respectively.

This floor planner software is basically a cabinet design software. You can create various cabinet designs in different shapes and dimensions.


Amikasa is a free 3D room planner which can be used to create floor plan. You can choose a desired shape or draw your own shape of a room to start with designing floor plan. Later, you can add doors, windows, and interior walls to your floor plan. To adjust size, you can hold the end point and stretch or shorten edges. You can set measurement unit as Meter or Foot.

You can then decorate different sections with various accessories. You can choose brands and categories like wardrobe, dressing table, bedsteads, table, chair, bed, curtains, etc. and add objects to a floor plan. You can also change color of each object.

You can save your floor design on Amikasa only.

This free floor plan software lets you create room in desired shape and dimensions. You can decorate rooms with various accessories and create stunning room designs.

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