4 Best Free Genetic Heredity Calculator For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Genetic Heredity Calculator For Windows. These free genetic trait calculator software let you carry out genetic experiments on different traits of species. You can carry out the genetic cross between Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly), pea plant, cow, etc. Most of these calculators come with only a single organism to carry out genetic cross. But, one genetic heredity calculator lets you carry out genetic cross between different species, like cow, fruit fly, yeast, etc.

There is also a calculator which only carries out the genetic cross between chicken. You can select the parent chickens by selecting feather color, feather style, leg style, eggshell color, etc.

I have also added a genetic heredity calculator, which lets you perform experiments on dragonflies.

My favorite genetic heredity calculator for Windows:

I like DrosophiLab. As the name of the software suggests, it is based only on the fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster). It displays the phenotypic ratio of the progeny. Moreover, if you want, you can also calculate the phenotypic and genotypic ratios manually. Thanks to the Chromosome Editor tool of this software, you can form new traits of Drosophila.

StarGenetics is another good software to carry out genetic cross. You will find out different organisms including fruit fly and pea plant to carry out genetic cross.

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DrosophiLab, as the name suggests, is a software designed to study the genetics of fruit flies, Drosophila melanogaster. You can carry out different genetics experiments on Drosophila melanogaster of same or different traits.

How to begin with DrosophiLab:

  • Click on File > New Experiment. Give a name to your experiment.
  • Click on Male and Female buttons to add male and female Drosophila flies to your experiment.
  • Right-click in the empty space of Counting Jars section and add jars as per your experiment. Jars are required in case if you want to calculate the genotypes and phenotypes of progeny manually.

The selected parents’ species will be available in a new tab. Before performing cross-breeding, it is necessary to set both male and female fruit flies as parents. To do this, right-click on a fruit fly and select Set as Parent. The parent Drosophilas appear in Pink color. Now, you are ready to perform cross breeding between Fruit Flies. Go to Experiment and click on New Generation. This will open a new window, in which you can set the number of offsprings and the mode of the result to be displayed. You can select the result to be displayed as icons (maximum 500 individuals), table (maximum 50000 individuals), or chart (maximum 50000 individuals). The phenotypic ratio is shown only in table and chart modes. If you have selected the icon mode to display the result, you have to find the phenotypic ratio manually.

Select any offspring and drag it to the microscope. You can rotate the fly by dragging on the microscope while holding down Ctrl key. Use the scale to maximize and minimize the fruit fly. Now, move each fruit fly in the jar to obtain the genotype and phenotypic ratio. To understand this, consider an experiment in which the phenotypic ratio of offsprings is 8:2 (8 of one type and 2 of other types), then I move 8 drosophilas in one jar and 2 in another jar by examining each of them in the microscope. In this way, you can not only determine the phenotypic ratio but also the genotypic ratio.

For very small samples of Drosophila, the genotypic and phenotypic ratio of the offsprings may quietly differ from the expected.

Chromosome Editor is another useful tool of this software. By using this tool, you can create new species of Drosophila melanogaster genetic cross. Click on the above screenshot to view how this tool looks like.


StarGenetics is another free genetic heredity calculator for Windows. Using this freeware, you can perform genetic cross between different organisms. Following are the organisms available in the software for cross-breeding: Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly), pea plant, yeast, and cow.

How to carry out genetic cross in StarGenetics:

Go to File > New to start from scratch. This will open a window with a list of different experiments. Select the experiment which you want to carry out. After choosing the experiment, the organisms with different traits are available in the Strains window. Just below this window, there is a Properties window which displays the biological characteristics of the selected organism. To carry out a genetic cross, drag an organism and drop it to the Mating Site and click on the Mate button. The resulted progeny is displayed on the screen.

You can add the organism with newly obtained traits in the Strains window by dragging it in order to carry out crosses between F2 and F1 generations, etc. In the Summary tab, you can view detailed phenotype description. This description is based on the traits transferred to the offsprings from the parents and is different for different organisms. For example, the phenotype description of a pea plant shows the following information: flower color, flower pod position, pea color, pea shape, plant height, pod shape pod color, total number of counts, and phenotypic ratio (in percentage).

If you want, you can add more matings to your current experiment.

This is a portable genetic heredity calculator for Windows. So, you don’t have to go through whole installation process before carrying out the genetic cross calculation.

Virtual Genetics

Virtual Genetics is another free genetic trait calculator for Windows. In this software, you can cross two hypothetical creatures having different genetic traits and study their progeny thus obtained. The creatures with forked body, pointed body, and zig-zag body structures are provided for genetic cross.

How to use this genetic calculator:

Select one male organism and one female organism from the Cage 1 and click on CROSS button. The progeny will be shown in the Cage 2 window. You can also perform further crosses by selecting one male and one female organism in the Cage 2. The number of male and female organisms in the progeny thus obtained and their body structure are also shown on the screen. A magnifying glass is provided in each cage window to view how that organism looks like.

Creating Summary Chart option is also available in the software, but it did not work well.

You can save your work in the format supported by this software. You can also take a print of your work or save it in PDF to take print later.


GenSim is a free genetic heredity calculator for Windows. It is actually a chicken genetics simulation software in which you can breed two chickens of different or same traits and study their progeny. The different traits of chicken provided in the software for breeding are as follows:

  • Feather Color: Black, Columbian, and Wheaten.
  • Feather Decorations: Solid and Barred.
  • Feather Style: Normal, Frizzle, and Curly.
  • Leg Style: Normal and Creeper.
  • Breda Comb: Comb and Combless.
  • Egg Shell Color: Blue and White.

After selecting the two chickens, you have to mark them as parents using Set Parent button on the toolbar. After that, hit Mate button to get the result. The generation thus obtained by mating have different heredity traits transferred from their parents. These heredity traits are displayed on the screen.

View Chicken button lets you view how a chicken looks like. Just select a chicken which you want to view and click on this button.

If you want to view the parents of any of the offsprings, simply click on Show Parents button. Moreover, you can also start further matings between any of the chickens in F1 Generation by marking them as parents. You can repeat this process for F2, F3, F4 generations, and so on.

Count is another useful feature of this software which lets you count the number of chickens of a particular trait. But, this feature did not work while testing.

You can save the project in GenSim file format and also take its printout.

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