5 Best Free GIF to SWF Converter Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free GIF to SWF converter software for Windows. SWF stands for Small Web Format which is a Shockwave Flash file format used to store video, animations, audio, etc. In order to convert an animated GIF file to an SWF video, you can use any of these listed free software. Most of these software provide the flexibility to batch convert GIF to SWF to save time and efforts.

All these GIF to SWF converters let you edit GIF prior to conversion. You can change frame rate, customize video size, set video quality, and do a lot more to customize output SWF video. These software also let you rotate, crop, flip, add watermark, apply filters, insert text and captions, etc., to the animated GIF before conversion. You can also add sound to the GIF animation and then convert it to an SWF file. Besides these features, you can even merge multiple animated GIFs to one SWF video file.

Some of these software are featured video editors, while others are video converter. Hence, you can edit and convert videos of a variety of video formats using these software. The most commonly supported formats in these software include MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, MKV, WMV, etc.

My Favorite Free GIF to SWF Converter Software for Windows:

Express Animate is a nice free software to import an animated GIF, edit it, and then convert it to an SWF video. It is very easy to use too and can be used for video editing and animation creation.

If you want a software which is solely dedicated to GIF to SWF conversion, try Free GIF2SWF Converter.

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Express Animate

Express Animate is a 2D animation creator and video editing software for Windows. Apart from creating animations in various formats, it also lets you convert existing animations from one format to another. Hence, you can convert GIF to SWF using this software. Let’s checkout how.

How to convert GIF to SWF using Express Animate:

  • Launch this software, create a new project, and import an animated GIF to it using Load Media button.
  • Now, you can modify the loaded GIF before conversion using various available tools & features. Some of its editing features include speed changer, resize, rotate, add text, add shapes, import sound, apply effects, keyframes, etc. It provides a timeline to make adjustments to input GIF.
  • When you’re done modifying input GIF, you can convert it to SWF format by using its ‘Save Video‘ option. You can customize various output parameters before conversion which include frame rate, resolution, video quality, etc.

Additional Features:

  • It lets you combine two or more animated GIF to create a single SWF video with them.
  • It lets you create animated videos in a variety of video formats including AVI, MOV, MP4, OGV, WebM, WMV, 3GP, FLV, HTML5, etc.
  • You can export videos according to portable device profiles such as iPhone, PSP, Mobile Phone, etc.
  • It lets you convert videos or animated GIF to image sequence as well.


It is a versatile software which lets you perform various animation related tasks including conversion of animated GIF to SWF.

Video to Video

Video to Video is a batch video converter software for Windows. You can also use it as a GIF to SWF converter as it supports both the formats. Since its a batch converter, you can convert multiple GIFs to SWF format at a time to save your efforts and time.

The good part of this software is that it supports various standard video formats and device specific profiles for the conversion. So, it works as a complete video converter for you.

How to convert GIF to SWF using Video to Video:

  • At first, use “Add Video” button to import one or multiple animated GIF files to this software.
  • As you do that, it will open a Video Settings window where you need to select output format as SWF Video.
  • You can further customize various output settings before you proceed to conversion including quality, video size, video bitrate, video frame rate, video filters, etc.
  • After output customization, hit the Convert button from its main interface to initiate GIF to SWF conversion.

Additional Features:

  • Prior to conversion, you can add SRT subtitles to output SWF video.
  • It lets you edit GIF before conversion using options like filters, rotate, crop, flip, etc.
  • It lets you preview animated GIF before conversion.
  • Some additional tools like Join Videos, Join Audio, Split File, Video to Image, etc., are available in this software.


Video to Video is a great video converter which can also be used to convert GIF to SWF. It is simple to use and is time saving due to its batch conversion feature.

Free GIF2SWF Converter

Free GIF2SWF Converter, as the name suggests, is a dedicated GIF to SWF converter software for Windows. At a time, it lets you convert one or multiple animated GIF to SWF format. Let’s see how.

How to convert animated GIF to SWF format using this free software:

  • If you want to convert a single animated GIF to SWF, simply import a GIF in its Path to the GIF file field. Else, if you want to convert multiple GIF files to SWF at once, enable “Batch conversion” option and add the path of the folder where all your input GIFs are stored.
  • Next, provide the path of destination folder to save SWF files and setup some output parameters. These parameters include FPS, output quality, etc.
  • At last, hit the Convert button to finally start the GIF to SWF conversion process.

Additional Feature:

  • It lets you extract frames of an animated GIF in various image formats including JPG, TGA, PNG, and TGA.


If you want a software only for the purpose of GIF to SWF conversion, then go for this one.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is another free alternative to a GIF to SWF converter software for Windows. It is basically a feature rich video editing software which can also be used to convert an animated GIF to SWF video. Let’s see how.

How to convert GIF to SWF in VSDC Free Video Editor:

  • Start a new project and add a GIF file using its Import Content feature. While importing GIF, you can configure some settings such as frame rate, resolution, background, opacity, etc.
  • The imported GIF will add to the timeline from where you can edit it using a variety of tools such as add text, crop, resize, rotate, video effects, etc.
  • Now, move to Export project tab and select SWF as output format. Furthermore, you can setup output profile accordingly and then click on Export project option > Continue button to start the conversion.

Additional Features:

  • You can combine multiple animated GIFs and convert to a single SWF video file.
  • It supports various formats to export video such as AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, FLV, etc.
  • Some more handy tools are available in it including video converter, voice recorder, etc.

You get a wide number of video editing tools in it which you can check in this article.


This free version contains some tools which are locked such as video stabilization, hardware acceleration, etc. You can purchase its pro version to unlock all its features.


VSDC Free Video Editor is a great video editor with some amazing tools. It also works as different utilities including GIF to SWF converter.

HD Video Converter Factory

HD Video Converter Factory is the next free GIF to SWF converter software for Windows. It is also a video converter using which you can convert an animated GIF file to SWF video. Not one, you can batch convert GIF files to SWF video using it.

How to convert GIF to SWF using HD Video Converter Factory:

  • Click on its Add Files button to import GIFs to it. While doing so, set input file types to “All Files” as it doesn’t show GIF files otherwise.
  • After adding GIFs to it, select output format as SWF (from Web video formats). You can modify some output parameters too, such as resolution, bitrate, frame rate, aspect ratio, video quality, etc.
  • Finally, specify output folder and click on the Run button and you will get output SWF videos in a matter of few seconds.

Additional Features:

  • You can add text or subtitles to input GIF before you convert it to SWF.
  • It lets you merge multiple animated GIFs and then convert them to a single SWF video.
  • Some editing options are also provided in it to modify input GIF prior to conversion, e.g., crop, trim, effects, etc.


In this free version of HD Video Converter Factory, there are some feature restrictions. You can remove all limitations by purchasing its pro version.


It is another nice software which can be used for various video format conversions along with GIF to SWF.

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