8 Best Free Manga Downloader Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free manga downloader software for Windows. These downloaders are specially designed to download manga comics from various popular manga websites. Every downloader has its own set of supported manga websites, from where you can search and download your favorite comics. These downloaders provide simple comics downloading process, but the method of downloading may vary. Some software download comics by using the URL address, while others allow to browse and download comics from their interface.

Through these freeware, you can download individual chapters, a whole comic, or even multiple comics at once. Plus, you also get options to choose comic format before downloading such as CBZ, CBR, JPG, PDF, etc.

My Favorite Manga Downloader Software For Windows:

HakuNeko is my favorite manga downloader software because it can download comics from various manga websites. Plus, you can also preview and read comics using its inbuilt Manga Reader.

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HakuNeko is a free manga downloader software for Windows. This downloader can download manga comics from various websites, such as MangaTown, MangaGo, MangaHere, MangaPanda, etc. It does not need URL address to download comics; instead it uses its interface to browse and download comics.

To download comics, go to its manga list and search the desired comic. Click on a comic to view all of its chapters on the chapter list. From this chapter list, you can easily download individual chapters as well as all chapters at once.

This downloader is also capable of downloading comics in various formats such as CBR, EPUB, JPG, and PNG formats. It also has an inbuilt manga reader, that helps to preview the downloaded comics. This manga reader can only be used to read downloaded comics.

Manga Downloader

Manga Downloader is another free manga downloader software for Windows. This manga downloader provides a large collection of online manga comics. It shows all popular manga comics on its ‘popular mags‘ tab. You can easily add any comic to downloading queue and also read them online. A Simple search bar to search the desired comics is also available.

This freeware cannot be used to download comics from manga websites, because it doesn’t have an option to enter comics’ URL. You can only download manga comics from its own online collection. If you like some comics, then add those comics as favorite. All favorite comics can be accessed from the Favorite tab.

Through this freeware, you can only download comics in JPG format. It downloads each page of a comic separately unlike CBR or CBZ comics formats.

Manga Library

Manga Library is a java based manga downloader software for Windows. It is a portable manga downloader with a simple user interface. This downloader uses Manga Eden website as a source to download manga comics. The downloaded manga comics can be read in its own manga reader only.

When you launch this manga downloader, you will see view and Manga Eden menus. Open the Manga Eden to view various comics titles contained on mangaeden website. You can also search comics from the search bar. Now, double-click on any comic to view its thumbnail, summary, and list of chapters. Again, double-click on any chapter to start downloading process. Here, you cannot download the whole comic at once; only one chapter at a time can be downloaded.

Its view menu contains options like download mangas (to view and read downloaded mangas), Manga download tracker (to view the progress of current downloads), Manga sources, and preferences.

Note: To run this software, your system must be equipped with JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

Manga Bot

Manga Bot is another simple and easy to use manga downloader software for Windows. It is a straightforward manga downloader that can download manga comics from Managpark.me and Mangapfox.me. You can directly browse all the manga comics of supported manga websites from its interface. Double click on any comic’s title to view name and number of chapters. Individual chapters can also be downloaded directly along with the whole comic.

This freeware also has a comic grabber that downloads comic using the comics URL. But, it only works on supported websites such as Mangapark. Natively Manga Bot downloads comics in JPG format, but option to download comics in ZIP and PDF formats are also available. If you want to change the file format after the download, then use its inbuilt file converter that can convert input files into PDF and ZIP formats.

DomDomSoft Manga Downloader

DomDomSoft Manga Downloader is a free and portable manga downloader software for Windows. Using this software, you can download comics from 17 different manga websites, such as Mangareader, TenManga, MangaFox, OurManga, EatManga, etc.

To download comics, first, search desired comics or choose one from the suggested list. Double-click on any comic title and select chapters that you want to download.

By default, this downloader downloads comics in JPG format, but option to change comics format is also available. To change file format, go to options > download and choose one of the four file formats named ZIP, CBZ, HTML, and PDF. This download section has another option to increase max connection up to 16 to download multiple chapters parallelly. The options menu has few others handy features like image resizer, image cropper, watermark removerwhitespace remover, etc.

Eden Batch Downloader

Eden Batch Downloader is another free and portable manga comics downloader software for Windows. It is a very simple manga downloader that just needs a URL of a comic that you want to download. But, there is one limitation that you can download comics only from one website (www.mangaeden.com). You can give this website a try as it also contains a good variety of manga comics.

After uploading the comics URL, you can view all chapters of that comic. Select some or all chapters of comics and hit the download button to start downloading process. This downloader also provides the choice whether you want to save all chapters as a single file or as individual files. In addition, you can also select the format in which you want to download the comics, namely, CBZ, PDF, and RAW (png, jpg, etc.).

Manga Ripper

Manga Ripper is yet another manga downloader for PC. It is specifically built for helping you download your favorite manga comics from various websites, such as Mangafox, Mangashare, Mangareader, and more. Name of all supported websites are mentioned on its interface.

This manga downloader uses comic’s URL in order to download it. Paste the URL and click on get chapter button to view chapters of the comic. From the chapter list, you can add some or all chapters to the downloading queue. After that, press download button to start the downloading process.

If you are downloading a lot of chapters at once, then increase the max connection numbers to download multiple chapters simultaneously.

Manga Crawler

Manga Crawler is next in this list of free manga downloader software for Windows. You can easily download your favorite comics using this downloader. It can download manga comics from eleven different manga websites, such as Anime-source, MangaFox etc.

When you launch this software, you can view three sections named servers, series, and chapters. In servers section, you can view all the supported websites. Series section shows you the name of all available comics of one of the selected websites. Finally, the chapter section provides the name and number of available chapters in a comic. Plus, from this section, you can download any chapter that you want by pressing the download button. To track the downloading process, use its downloading tab.

Through this downloader, you can download comics in CBR and JPG file formats.

Manga Crawler also contains the visit page option to visit and read manga comics online.

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