4 Best Free Open Source Facebook Alternative Services

Here is a list of best free open source Facebook alternative social media platforms. Facebook is a worldwide popular social media platform that facilitates its users to connect and communicate with other users. Although, it is a proprietary platform and doesn’t share its source code with the public. If you are looking for open source social media platforms that offer Facebook-like features, then check out these Facebook alternatives.

Through these alternative services, users can search and connect with various users and communities similar to Facebook. Besides this, all these alternatives also let users share text posts, media posts, and links with their communities and friend circle. Plus, feedback mechanisms such as likes, comments, shares, etc., are also present in it. These alternatives also offer main feed and timelines to help users view the posts and media of friends and community in an organized manner. A few alternatives also offer an inbuilt message feature to directly chat with friends.

On some platforms, users can also use hashtags (#) to search associated posts and topics. Plus, a trending section to show all the popular topics and news are also provided by some alternatives. Go through the list to know more about these open source alternatives.

My Favorite Open Source Facebook Alternative Service:

Diaspora is my favorite alternative social media service that offers all the main features that you get on Facebook. Besides this, it also offers Pod (server) for cross-posting to external platforms.

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Diaspora is a free open source Facebook alternative service. It is a good alternative to Facebook for users who are concerned about their privacy. Unlike Facebook. it lets users own their data and they don’t use users’ data for corporation’s interests like ads targeting, information gathering, etc. It is still quite similar to Facebook as it lets users make friends, communicate with friends, share their posts with their community, and more. Let’s take a brief look at the primary features of this open source Facebook alternative.

Main Features:

  • Hashtags: This feature allows users to label and follow their interests using #Hashtags. It also helps users find various communities (arts, music, designs, etc.) using hashtags. Plus, users can share posts with a community using their hashtag.
  • Stream: It is similar to the Facebook feed where users can view posts, images, and videos shared by their friends. Plus, it also lets users give their feedback to posts by liking them, commenting on them, reshare them, etc.
  • My Activity: It is similar to Facebook Timeline where users can view their own shared posts, images, hashtags, and videos.
  • Invite: Using it, users can send invites to their friends.
  • Pod: It is a unique feature that lets users choose a pod (server) near them. In addition to that, some pods also let users cross-posting to external services like Twitter.

Final Thoughts:

It is one of the best free open source Facebook alternative that offers privacy and essential post sharing and community discovery features.


Mastodon is another free open source Facebook alternative service. This social media platform is designed for both individuals and organizations to post and share their activities with their friends and community. Plus, it also lets users follow other users to view all their latest posts and activities. Now, check out the primary features of this service.

Main Features:

  • Network of Communities: Unlike popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it offers a network consists of thousands of communities that users can easily discover and join.
  • Safer Social Media Experience: This platform offers powerful anti-abuse tools to keep away from abusive users and improve the overall social media and communication experience.
  • Posts: This platform allows users to share text posts and media posts with added links similar to Facebook. Besides this, users can also incorporate emojis and GIFs. A handy spoiler warning feature to hide posts about new movies and shows behind a spoiler warning is also present.
  • Local Timeline: In it, users can view new posts and media shared by friends and people whom they follow.
  • Direct Messages: It is an inbuilt chat app through which users can communicate with their followers and friends.
  • Feedback: Similar to Facebook, this platform also allows users to reply and reshare posts with ease.
  • Federated: Using it, users can discover new people outside their servers and communities.

Additional Feature:

  • Personal Server: For organizations, it offers its server client that organizations can install on their hardware and run mastodon on their hardware.

Final Thoughts:

It is another good open source Facebook alternative that gives a feature-rich and safe social media experience.


Gab is yet another free open source Facebook alternative social media platform. It is another good social media platform that allows users to share posts and interact with each other. Let’s take a brief look at the primary features of this open source Facebook alternative.

Main Features:

  • Groups: Using it, users can create new groups and join existing groups consisting of multiple users. It also contains various communities that users can join.
  • News: It is a dedicated section to view all types of recent and breaking news to keep users updated.
  • Posts: It is one of the primary features through which users can easily create and share text posts, image posts, share articles using links, etc. Plus, users can set the visibility for their posts like Public, Unlisted, or Followers Only.
  • TV: It is a video section in which users can view videos shared by other users and TV clips.
  • Gab Trendz: It helps users find all the topics and news tending on this platform.
  • Follow: Using it, users can follow other users to instantly view their shared posts and activities.
  • Safe Social Media: To helps safely use this platform it offers various tools like block, mute, etc., to remove feeds of abusive and aggressive users.

Additional Features:

  • Shop: From here users can buy various products like shoes, caps, shirts, and other apparel.
  • Light and Dark Modes: According to their requirements, users can turn the whole interface black or white.

Final Thoughts:

It is another good and capable open source Facebook alternative that offers many features similar to Facebook.


tooter is another free open source Facebook alternative service. Similar to Facebook, this service also lets users join and create groups. Users of a group can share posts and give feedback to posts. Besides this, it offers many other features similar to Facebook. Now, check out the primary features of this Facebook alternative.

Main Features:

  • Home: It shows the primary feed of to users that contain shared posts and news by group members and friends.
  • Groups: This feature allows users to create and join various groups according to their interests. According to joined groups, the main feed will change.
  • Popular Hashtags: It shows all the popular hashtags and topics across this platform.
  • List: This feature lets users create lists in which users can add content that will remain private.
  • User Control: Through this feature, users can block and mute certain users.
  • Pro Feed: This feed is only available for premium members. This feed gives additional features to users which non-premium members don’t get.

Final Thoughts:

It is another decent open source Facebook alternative that offers a good set of features to connect with users and share posts with each other.

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