4 Best Free Open Source Uninstaller Software for Windows

Here is list of Best Free Open Source Uninstaller Software for Windows. These are basically the free software to uninstall programs from your system that come with an open source license. That means you can find source codes of these free uninstaller on internet that you can download, study, and manipulate without restrictions. Another good part of these software is that all of these uninstaller come in portable packages. So, you don’t have to install them on your system in order to use them.

Most of these software provide batch uninstallation feature. Hence, you can uninstall more than one programs at once which saves your time and effort. Plus, you can also uninstall Windows apps in many of the listed software. A dedicated Startup Manager to view, enable/ disable, add, and manage startup programs on Windows can also be found in some. One of these is an advanced uninstaller software as it can completely uninstall programs from your system. It also deleted leftover and remains from your system. Furthermore, you can search and filter out specific programs from the shown list and then uninstall them.

Additional features like Force Remove Program, Create System Restore Point, Cleanup Disk, Host Files Manager, Remove Telemetry Updates, and more tools can also be found in these open source uninstallers. All in all, these are good uninstallers which are free and open source.

My Favorite Open Source Uninstaller Software for Windows:

Bulk Crap Uninstaller is my favorite from this list as it can completely uninstall program from your system by removing their leftovers and traces. It also lets you batch uninstall software as well ass provides Uninstall Silently feature.

XTR Toolbox is another good one. You can find various additional system utilities. Checkout the article to know more about it.

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Bulk Crap Uninstaller

Bulk Crap Uninstaller is a free open source uninstaller for Windows. It is one of the best software to uninstall all unwanted programs and Windows apps from your system. As its name suggests, it can batch uninstall programs and Windows apps in one go.

As you open its main interface, you can view programs and apps categorized in different groups. It shows basic info of each installed program including publisher, user ratings, about URL, install date, etc. You can simply select programs from the interface and bulk uninstall them. Besides that, you get a lot of nice and useful features that let you manage installed programs on your systems. Let’s checkout its key features that you can look forward to.

Key Features:

  • The advantage of this open source uninstaller is that it completely uninstalls a program including its leftovers, directory, empty folders, etc.
  • You can create a system restore point in case you decide to return system to its previous state later.
  • It provides a powerful “Uninstall Quietly” feature that uninstalls all selected programs and apps silently. That means you don’t have to manually tweak permissions to uninstall individual software and you don’t even get any prompt during uninstallation. It silently uninstalls all programs in background without disturbing your ongoing task.
  • It has an advanced filter feature which you can use to filter out programs on the basis of various parameters including protected programs, unregistered programs, system components, basic applications, Windows store apps, etc.
  • You can also search for a software or app by entering a text and setting target property and comparison method (ends with, contains, equals, etc.).
  • It provides multiple features in Advance Operations toolbox including Uninstall manually, Uninstall using MsiExec, Delete registry key, Create backup, Rename, and more.

Additional Features:

  • It provides a dedicated Startup Manager that enables you to view, delete, enable/ disable, and manage startup programs on your PC. You can perform operations on them in bulk.
  • You also get some more handy tools in it including ‘Clean up Program Files Folder’, Start Disk Cleanup, Uninstall from directory, etc.
  • You can export data of selected uninstallers to XML files.
  • It comes in both installer and portable packages.


Bulk Crap Uninstaller is one of the best open source uninstaller software for Windows. It offers you all required as well as advanced features to uninstall both programs and Windows apps in batch. Plus, it uninstalls a program completely by removing its leftover and remains.

XTR Toolbox

XTR Toolbox is another free open source uninstaller for Windows. It is also portable in nature which means you don’t have to install it to your system. You can directly run it from portable storage devices and use it to uninstall programs from your PC.

As its name suggests, it is basically a toolbox of multiple system utility tools. One of its tools include Software Manager which is used to uninstall programs from your system. You can open this tool from its home screen and find all installed software on your system. From here, you can easily select any of the software and uninstall it quickly by accessing its right-click menu. Now, lets see what are its main features.

Main Features:

  • It lets you batch uninstall software at once. To do so, you can select multiple programs at once using “left mouse click + hold ctrl key” combination, right click on them, and select Uninstall option.
  • You can also find a dedicated force removal feature that lets you remove stubborn programs.’
  • You can also change and repair programs through this open source uninstaller.
  • It lets you open a program in registry as well as open a program in its directory.
  • It offers a quick filter to filter out a specific software by its name.
  • You can copy a particular program’s info to the clipboard.
  • You can also view the uninstallation history within this software.

Additional Features:

  • You can also uninstall Windows 10 apps in bulk through this software. For that, you need to use its Windows Apps Manager tool. Plus, a “Reinstall All Apps” option is also provided in it in case you want to install a removed app again.
  • You can also find Startup Manager in it to manage startup programs kn your system. You can enable or disable a startup program and add a new startup software too.
  • It provides Cleanup Tools including Junk File Cleaner and Chrome Extension Manager.
  • Some other tools including Services Manager, Host Files Manager, Remove Telemetry Updates, Rebuild Icon Cache, Rebuild Font Cache, and Reset Event Logs are also provided in this software.


It is a nice portable open source uninstaller which offers some additional tools that may come in handy.

Total Uninstaller

Total Uninstaller is yet another free open source uninstaller software for Windows. Like other listed software, it is also a portable uninstaller which you can use without installing it on your system. Although, it is quite a basic software in terms of its functions. You can find basic but essential feature in it. Let’s checkout what are those features.

Key Features:

  • You can uninstall multiple programs at once using its batch uninstallation feature. It lets you check software that you want to uninstall and then you can click the Uninstall selected items to quickly batch uninstall all checked software at once.
  • It lets you filter out specific software by entering a text or phrase.
  • On its main interface, you can view installed software with their respective information including install date, install location, URL, and software version.


It is a standard open source uninstaller software that comes in a lightweight and portable package. You can bulk uninstall programs through this software.


Blanco is the next free open source uninstaller software for Windows. It is a very simple uninstaller with only a few features. You can simply uninstall one program at once using it. It displays all installed programs with respective Product ID, Product Name, Publisher, and Install Date. You can quickly select a program and then right-click on it and then select Uninstall option to remove it from your system. That’s it. You don’t get any more features in it.


It is a free open source uninstaller which is below the mark. If you want an advanced uninstaller, then I would recommend you go for another one from the list.

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