3 Best Free PCL Viewer Software For Windows

Here is the list of Best Free PCL Viewer Software For Windows. These software come with various useful tools, like zoom, that you can use while viewing PCL files. In this list of freeware PCL viewer, I have included one open source PCL viewer as well.

Standard PCL viewer tools are provided by these software to Zoom in, Zoom out, set page width, fit to page, go to previous page, go to next page, and do more. Apart from these standard tools, you will also find various common and distinct tools in the mentioned PCL reader software. Options to Print PCL files, Find text, and Multiple PCL opener support are some of the common features. Some of the distinct features that you will find in these PCL viewer freeware are: in built file browser, PCL converter, send PCL as email, change interface skin, and more.

Go through this list and get to know the differences between these free PCL reader software. You will also get to know how to open PCL files using these software. It will help you figure which PCL viewer will suit your need the most.

My favorite PCL Viewer Software:

I like OpenPCL Viewer the most, as its open source, free, and really easy to use. You can open multiple PCL files and arrange them to view according to your choice.

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OpenPCL Viewer

OpenPCL Viewer is an open source and free PCL viewer software for Windows. It lets you view single PCL file as well as view multiple PCL files at a time on its neat interface.

When you open PCL files, they open in multiple windows. The PCL reader window displays contents of the file on its interface. A page tree is available on the panel available on the left side of the interface. Here, you will find the pages of the loaded PCL file. Click on a page number to quickly navigate to it.

There’s a tool bar on the main interface where you will find PCL document viewing tools. These tools let you show/hide tree, zoom in/out, change interface look, set multiple windows as tiles/cascade, close all windows, and more. You can either use the Zoom in or Zoom out buttons or use the Zoom slider to adjust the view of PCL file according to your choice. Next and Forward buttons to switch between pages of PCL files are also available.

You can also print PCL files using this free PCL reader software.

If you want to change how the interface looks, you can choose from 6 different available themes.

For each of the above mentioned tools, there are shortcut keys or hotkeys available, making PCL viewing easy for you.

The best thing about this free PCL viewer software is that its an open source utility, and also lets you read PCL files pretty easily. The viewer tools are easy to access, and you can customize it to view multiple files easily and according to your choice. The option to change interface skin is an added advantage.

CoolUtils PCL Viewer

CoolUtils PCL Viewer is a free PCL viewer software that lets you view and manage PCL files. It has a sleek interface with in-built file explorer. The file explorer makes it easy to browse and read PCL files from the folder its located in.

Double clicking on a PCL file opens a separate PCL viewer window. Here you will not find many viewing options except zoom in, zoom out, view actual size of document, fit document to width, and view whole page. To navigate, buttons to go to next and previous pages or files are available. Once you are done viewing a file, you can close the PCL viewer window. Remember, you cannot minimize the viewer window, and will have to close it to exit.

Another good option provided by this viewer is that, you can set various thumbnail sizes while browsing files. The thumbnail sizes available are: 256×256, 128×128, 96×96, and 64×64. Also, you can arrange files in the browser according to name or date.

In addition, you can cut, copy, or paste files from one folder to another. Email option lets you send the selected PCL file as mail using the following email services: Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc.

PCL conversion options are also available, but only for paid version of the PCL reader software.

What I liked about this PCL viewer is that you get the ease to browse and open files pretty easily with the inbuilt file browser. It focuses more on viewing a single file at a time, so you cannot open multiple PCL files at a time, that is why I am keeping it at number 2 in this list.


FormView is another free PCL viewer that will let you open and read PCL files on your PC. It lets you open single or multiple PCL files in separate windows. You can easily zoom in and zoom out of a PCL file to view it closely. The zoom tools are available on the tool bar of this software’s interface. A rotate tool is also available that lets you rotate opened PCL document clockwise.

Apart from the viewing tools, a Find Text tool is present which lets you look for a specific text. You can also print PCL using this free PCL reader software.

For multiple PCL viewing experience, you can easily set the window views as Tile or Cascade. An option to close all windows at once is also available.

You can find the PCL converter tool in the File menu. It lets you convert PCL to BMP, TIFF, PCX, and PMF formats with various page customization options.

Its an easy to use PCL viewer software. You can easily view multiple files here. One thing that I did not like about it is that you cannot scroll an open document using scroll button; you will have to scroll manually. Not only the functionality, but the looks and interface of this PCL viewer freeware seem to be a bit oldish. This is why I have kept it at last in this list.

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