5 Best Free Personal Trainer Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free personal trainer software for Windows. If you are a fitness enthusiast or if you have just started training, these software will come in handy. There are two ways in which these fitness training software can be useful: Learning exercises and Tracking fitness progress. Some of the software can carry out both the jobs, while some can only carry out a specific job.

The free personal trainer software to learn exercise will tell you about the types of exercise and workout. One of the software lets you set goals to lose weight, gain weight, build endurance, build muscle, etc. and shows exercises accordingly. The fitness progress tracker software let you log various information regarding your body, exercises you do, and nutrition intake. You may need to enter basic, or detailed information regarding your body, exercises, and food. One of the software even lets you create daily diet plans, and save recipe. You can self analyze the regular data entered by you to track your fitness, or use of the mentioned software that provides statistical analysis of workout, nutrition intake, and body transformation.

One of the bonus software that I have added is a personal trainer software to learn yoga. It will help you learn yoga at home for free. There are various levels which include several yoga moves that you can learn with the help of video tutorials.

All of the software in the list do fantastic job at personal training. The following list will help you distinguish between the software and find the one which can be helpful for you based on your requirement.

My Favorite Personal Trainer Software:

I like Fitness Trainer the most. It provides various modules for different types of fitness goals. In these modules, you get to know about appropriate nutrition, exercises, sleep habit, and more.

You can also checkout the list of best free Gym Management Software.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer is an extremely useful personal trainer software for Windows, which provides rich training resources. Depending on your requirement, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, lose fat, build endurance, increase flexibility, etc., it provides materials. These materials will tell you what kind of food you should eat (along with nutritional values and facts), the workout you should do (cardio, weight HIT), the lifestyle to follow, along with various other important information. A tool available, also lets you calculate your BMI. Apart from physical health, this free personal trainer software also has a Mental fitness section that tells you about meditation and yoga.

There are various modules available here for Normal Body Fitness, Muscular Body, Athletes, Mental Fitness, Exercises, and Food. Under these modules, you can go to any section to know about it.

For example, if you open the Lose Weight section, a new window will open. Here, first of all, you can calculate the amount of calories you need on a daily basis, according to your body structure and exercise habits. After that, you can view the food habits you should adopt, the kind of exercise you should do, the amount of sleep you should take, and how you should track your progress.

In the similar way, other sections are explained. In these sections, only food types and exercise types are talked about. To know about the food and exercises precisely, there are separate modules available. You can know in detail about the kind of exercises mentioned. Also, you can know about various foods according to carbohydrates, fats, calories, proteins, and fibers.

Fitness Trainer is a very good software to look at if you need training tips regarding exercises, food, and more.


VirtualTrainer is an open source personal training software for PC. It stores basic information about your body, and provides fitness statistics and recommendations accordingly. It has a Training Load Calculator, which suggests training load based on weight, repetitions, and the kind of training goals you wish to achieve. You can also log your diet and workout here, everyday.

The software is pretty easy to use, as all the options are available in separate tabs. The tabs under which various options can be found are: Basic Information, Statistics and Recommendations, Training Load Calculator, Diet Log, and Workout Log.

In the Basic Information tab, you need to fill all the basic information about your body. It records your date of birth, gender, height, weight, diet ratio, body fat, measurement of various body parts, and daily activity level. Based on this information, various recommendations are displayed in the Statistics and Recommendations tab. It calculates and shows BMI, and recommendation for calorie expenditure and intake of Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats.

The Training Load Calculator is an important module, which recommends Training Load based on weight you lift, repetitions, and training goals. The training goals that you can choose from are: Maximum strength, Muscular endurance, or Muscle growth/speed-strength.

In the Diet Log and Workout Log, you can log your daily diet and workout respectively. To make entries in these fields, you need to manually add foods and exercises. For food, you can add serving quantity along with nutritional value. For exercise, you can add exercises with target muscles and exercise equipment.

All in all, this is quite a good personal trainer software to record food and exercise activity, and recommends diet and training load according to your body.

Bodybyte Nutrition & Fitness Organizer

Bodybyte Nutrition & Fitness Organizer is a perfect tool to record body state, daily food, and exercise and for assessment of overall fitness. All the records are maintained in a highly detailed manner, thus helping you keep a close eye on your fitness. These information are to be stored in separate modules.

Let us checkout this personal trainer software in details, module wise:

  • My Body: In this module, you can enter all the details about your body. In one of the sections, you need to enter your current body state parameters, while the other lets you save date referenced state of your body. Along with regular body state parameters, such as gender, age, height, body fat, lean body mass, you will have to record body part measurements, cardio info, cholesterol, blood glucose, and fitness capabilities. You also get to record daily energy requirements, set energy targets, set macro nutrient target, and more.
  • My Nutrition: This module completely takes care of your nutrition management needs. A food database is available, which has a huge list of food items. This database contains details of various food items along with detailed nutrition info. You can also add your own food item with nutrition details. Using this database, you can create daily meal plans for each day of week. In the meal plan, you can enter instructions, meal items, calculate meal totals, and do more. A Recipe section lets you add detailed recipes of meals.
  • My Exercise: This module lets you create exercise plan and record exercise history. You can create an exercise plan using this personal trainer software for multiple days. Add from various types of exercises, along with duration and repetitions.
  • My History: This module has tools to let you statistically analyze your progress. You can view intake history, body state, and exercise history according to the data entered by you. A Daily Energy Threshold calculator is available, which does comparative analysis of body weight change vs. food intake, over a period of time.
  • My Utilities: Here, you will find calculators to find out Energy expenditure, calculate Body fat, and assess fitness.

This personal fitness software is one of the best software out there, as it lets you log detailed information. On the basis of the information entered, you can carry out precise analysis of your body and the progress made.

GymGoal Lite

GymGoal Lite is a very useful personal trainer software. Just like Fitness Trainer software mentioned above, it displays various exercises for different body parts and how to do them. It also guides you for various workout schedules. You will not find any option to log food and workout information. So, this software will only come in handy if you want guidance regarding various exercises for body muscles.

The software provides two sections: Exercise and Workout.

In the Exercise section, you can look for exercises based on different body parts. A body map is available, which shows various body muscles. Click on a part to view various exercises that you can do for that area. The information about the exercise is displayed with text and pictures, making it easy for you to understand. If you want, you can favorite an exercise for quick access.

The Workout section shows exercise sets for different workout schedules. The workout schedules available are: Whole body, 2 day split, 3 day split, and 4 day split. For these workout schedules, various exercises have been provided according to the days of workout.

GymGoal Lite is a good free personal trainer software for beginners. Its suitable for people who do not know much about workouts and want to begin workout on their own.

Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga is a Windows 10 app which is a personal training software to learn yoga on PC. It has various levels of yoga moves that you can learn by watching video tutorials. In each level, there are multiple yoga moves, and you can learn each move precisely. Unfortunately, the free version only provides access to level 1, but that has more than enough moves to learn. Once you have learned all the moves, and want to proceed to the further level, you can buy its subscription for a very nominal price.

Talking about the training, level 1 has 3 sections. These sections have yoga moves for 20 minutes, 40 minutes, and 60 minutes. You can take a look at each move according to your choice. You can even skip a move or repeat a move if required.

Yoga is one of the best fitness exercise forms that you can learn using this free personal trainer software.

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